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  1. Gamergirl(OD)

    Stan Lee died

    It's a sad day for Marvel fans Stan Lee died today at age 95 rip Oldman, you gave us good heroes and it wont be the same without you in your movies cameo.
  2. Gamergirl(OD)

    What people thought about Blizzcon 2018

    Actually i think they just fucked up everything with the hope of Diablo Universe player i heard so many angry peoples talking about it last week-end at the cabinet, they might just at least said they're working on Diablo 4 or Diablo 2 Remastered, even if they dont have anything to show us like they did with The Elder Scrolls 6. A logo. And with the face reaction of Wyat Cheng when everyone booed he was totally surprised and chocked. Im pretty sure he though this mobile game would be great in his own little world mind. I think they just failed once again. And i dont know if you guys heard about it they hired some fake journalists to talk about how good is the game to calm the failure and a suposed Diablo 4 canceled annoncement at the blizzcon. Source in french ----> https://diablo3.judgehype.com/news/l-annonce-de-diablo-iv-prevue-a-l-origine-lors-de-la-blizzcon-2018-157584/
  3. Gamergirl(OD)

    Destiny 2 is Currently Free!

    Relog manually @Purplez(OD) my friend had the same problem and he got it back once again, i hope it will work for you also.
  4. Gamergirl(OD)

    Selfies time !

    So then you're a Chewbaka look a like ? @GhostDog(OD)
  5. Gamergirl(OD)

    Selfies time !

    LOL on my phone i though it was a Q-tip XD i guess i'm blind i'm actually working in a dental clinic
  6. Gamergirl(OD)

    Selfies time !

    @Sassy 😍 You look lovely ! Nice to see your face guys, is it a Q-tips with some wax on it you're holding in your hand @TypeReaL(OD) lol ?
  7. Gamergirl(OD)

    Selfies time !

    @TypeReaL(OD) let me guess who's under that mask ! Ryan Reynolds ? and i'd love to see that cap's with a speedo 😍
  8. Gamergirl(OD)

    Selfies time !

    Aight ladies and gentlemen and rabbits, it's selfies time! take some picture of you, because i wanna put a face in my mind when i'm writing to someone lol Here is mine and dont laught i'm a tiny mouse !
  9. Gamergirl(OD)

    D2 reset Lottery!!!

    even if i have 0 fg for fun lol … i say 12/12 why ? because its a friday and and blizzard usually reset in the middle of a month on a friday for every blizz game like diablo3, hots,😛
  10. Gamergirl(OD)

    Can't sleep, what do you do?

    Humm nyquilll can be purchaced without prescription as i know lol you shouldn't take old things it can contain bacteria stuck in the syrup and get you sick again or worst.
  11. Gamergirl(OD)

    Can't sleep, what do you do?

    nah takes some Benadril ( the pills ) even if you dont have allergies symptoms you'll fall asleep under 1 hour
  12. Gamergirl(OD)

    Druid Bowling!!!

    nooooooooo right when i have to work ! * Throw the PC Monitor on a customer *
  13. Gamergirl(OD)

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome on board ! @BoxToWire(OD)
  14. Gamergirl(OD)

    Hello OD

    Welcome on board ! @Kraxe(OD)
  15. Gamergirl(OD)

    GhostDog's Halloween Contest, Part 2

    I wont be able to be there due that i have to be at the dentist cabinet tomorrow on early morning for an emergercy at 5 am someone tryed to pull is own wisdom teeth with vise grips … i love my JOB. Have fun guys !