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  1. Gamergirl(OD)

    Lem + KO runes

    Hello Im trying to make a lawbreaker I need Lem and Ko . I dont know what the runes worth but i have alot of runes. I hope someone have thoses i have these runes in trade for. 🙂 Amn x 5 Dol x 3 Sol x 8
  2. Gamergirl(OD)


    Thanks for thoses beautiful words @Aerineth(OD) And yeah its ridiculous and such expensive for books. I couldn't find any used one so i had no choice to buy some new one but you know when you love something they're is no limit no matter what. @Ray(OD) Did i gave you a hug recently 😛 @TypeReaL(OD) Dont worry i'm very gentle and meticulous and i know, sometime its really hard even for us to get things done it's kinda surgerie after all but i can give you a Teddy bear to make you confortable 🤣 ( i'm kidding )
  3. Gamergirl(OD)


    It's done i'm accepted. Now i need to pay 4950 $ of books, registration and the materials … ! I guess its a welcome in for them Ha ha ha
  4. Gamergirl(OD)


    Awwww thanks @Terra Of course i will still be on the forum it's simply i wont have a computer were i'm going so i couldn't not play Diablo 2 during theses weeks but i'll have my cellphone so i can go on the forum whenever i can to chat with you guys, and i' m happy to know that i'm well apreaciated i'll miss you in the game guys. PS Do i look good i just bought that suit and im not sure of it i'm going to the University later in the day to meet them.
  5. Gamergirl(OD)


    Hello As a few knows i'm working in a dental clinic, i'm a dental hygienist and i'm actually studying to become a Dentist and i have to take a short break of Diablo only for a couple of weeks maybe a month to be focused into the books and the exams. But dont worry ill try to be active in the forums as much as i can and keep my DSL low, the departure is next friday september 21. Wish me luck ! And huge hugs for everyones 😍
  6. Gamergirl(OD)

    Free Low runes

    It's still avalable if you need thems @cuddlymace(OD) of course😊 And this is acually the assassin of my sister who joined the game a few days ago i helped her but she dont like the game so she decided to quit and i use her character kinda as a mule . The gear is kinda scrap i think on her she went for a lightning trap assassin
  7. Gamergirl(OD)

    Free Low runes

    Of Course, @Purplez(OD) , its with pleasure i like to give and share after all you guys helped me alot. So the first one who's will be connected i'll give them to him / her 😜
  8. Gamergirl(OD)

    Free Low runes

    Okie, thanks @Sassy and @Ray(OD) ❤️
  9. Gamergirl(OD)

    Free Low runes

    Hello since the mule of the clan is down i dont know where to put theses low runes and they're taking too much place for me it's with pleasure i'm giving thoses who wants it ITH x 3 ETH x 2 ELD x 1 EL x 1 NEF x 2 TIR x 3 RAL x 4
  10. Gamergirl(OD)


    Congratulation for your new job Dmon !
  11. Gamergirl(OD)

    Just saying hi

    See you soon Sassy ! 😻
  12. Gamergirl(OD)

    Create an Anime board?

    it would be great ! i love Naruto ! 😍
  13. Gamergirl(OD)

    What bow to use for my Amazon

    Oh well thanks Purplez ! how do i gain access of this account ? Do i have to wait for you to transfer to my account or is there anything specific i have to do ? I saw on your topic that we needed to be official member and i just turned today ( Yay! )
  14. Gamergirl(OD)

    What bow to use for my Amazon

    Aight ill try both of thems in the hope it works , thanks for the help guys i love this clan everyone is helping each others keep it up guys love ya :)
  15. Gamergirl(OD)

    What bow to use for my Amazon

    * after a quick google search of faith * i think ill stay with thoses 2 bows i cant afford it for the momment thanks pops