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  1. Chrisdwor(OD)

    A Tour of Bunker OverDosed

    Epic, hahaha i was wondering what u were doing when u ran through my room BAHAHAHA
  2. Chrisdwor(OD)

    LLD Level 18 Tournament. Round 2

    Bahahaha ohh whoops, well ill make a new char asap
  3. Chrisdwor(OD)

    Request a Forum Rank change!

    Master Sergeant Chrisdwor(OD) i dunno what my forum rank is
  4. Chrisdwor(OD)

    OverDosedPvP 7Days2Die public server

  5. Chrisdwor(OD)

    LLD Level 18 Tournament. Round 2

    OD-Luda Paladin/Hammers
  6. Chrisdwor(OD)

    OverDosedPvP 7Days2Die public server

    Game is awesomeeeeee and we have a awesome server!
  7. Chrisdwor(OD)

    Selfies time !

    Chrisdwor(OD) SKOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Chrisdwor(OD)

    Can't sleep, what do you do?

    HOT HOT bath and Incense.....what i do
  9. Chrisdwor(OD)

    hello everyone

  10. Chrisdwor(OD)

    New Recruit: s0ber(OD)

    Hello, have fun!
  11. Chrisdwor(OD)

    Hi Clan OD

  12. Chrisdwor(OD)


    Hello everyone!, After 10+ years of being absent i have finally got back on D2 . I am am so happy to be playing again. I absolutely enjoy playing with dedicated people. Thanks a million , if you see me in TC say whatuppppp! Happy to Help!! ADD TO FRIENDS Chrisdwor(OD)