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  1. Skribbzz(OD)

    Sympathy and Prayers to a member <3

    My condolenses brian 😣
  2. Skribbzz(OD)

    Bloodthirsty ear Contest

    Come on ray let someone ear you!!! LOL im in with my crappy sorc if someone challenges me I wont back down. I'm playing a orb sorc :D ez win for them
  3. Skribbzz(OD)

    Bloodthirsty ear Contest

    Lol i got a crappy sorc on SC all my chars r HC!!!! And i suck at dueling unless we play NL Then i got some chars to roll with 😎
  4. Skribbzz(OD)

    Iso Team to MF or Chaos//baal

    im on until about 9 tonight whoever wants to join me
  5. Skribbzz(OD)

    Iso Team to MF or Chaos//baal

    Sure that would work. Ill keep ya posted
  6. Skribbzz(OD)

    Iso Team to MF or Chaos//baal

    Hey guys im trying to organise a HC team to MF games and also chaos and baal. Let me know if you interested. Good day guys :)
  7. Skribbzz(OD)

    Winter 2019 Wisconsin / UP

    I have in the past way fun 😁. Nice pics looks like u had a good time. If i new i would of told u to go to lambeau field and take a crap on the 50 yard line and yell bear down 🤣 sry i hate the packers. The snow is beautifull cindy its the cold that sucks @snicker66(OD) hope your not packers fan lol
  8. Skribbzz(OD)

    ODD2 Meeting Recording Feb 10 2019

    Hmm i dont atm my sorc is in hell but not much gear unfortunatly :(. And my bo barb died so working on him atm. Hes just about rdy Oh well ill figure it out thx cindy
  9. Skribbzz(OD)

    ODD2 Meeting Recording Feb 10 2019

    Well i know sc everyone plays together ive been trying to get hc to do the same but some of us do play with each other and some dont. Ive been trying to figure out how to get everyone organised so we play together, as some like myself know the hc non od players and they like to play with them in private baal runs. Also ive noticed some members have made new accs to play hc because there are people that wont play with od. Any ideas on how to get everyone in od hc side playing together? Most people dont respond to my posts on hcl squad on the forums. Actually very few even look at the hcl squad posts. I mean i dont have the funds to organise a contest atm as money is tight.
  10. Skribbzz(OD)

    ODD2 Meeting Recording Feb 10 2019

    sorry ray I wasn't home I got a flat tire going to get my gf last night and forgot about the meeting my bad bro. im a listen to the recording just making a coffee. and if theres something I can add ill post it.
  11. Skribbzz(OD)

    We were meant to be friends

    @SeeD(OD) super cool of you dude 👍. Wish you and your daughter Lauren well Julie. She's a real fighter we know where she gets it from and its nice to hear those words from her brought tears to my eyes to finally hear something from her. Wish her well from me and all the best 💜
  12. Skribbzz(OD)

    Viral's Giveaway pt2!

  13. Skribbzz(OD)

    Hello there

    Welcome to OD
  14. Skribbzz(OD)

    An Ode to SWTOR

    Nice background 😁
  15. Skribbzz(OD)

    OD Chant games SC now available!

    Good to know.cindy ill let members know we got a 3k chanter. Btw 3000k is impossible lol would make it like what 3mill dmg??