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  1. Hey everyone. Sad to say but im done with OD. Its been fun i like you all but i dont wanna be a part of this no more. I just wanna play and not have to worry about voting or recruiting or promotions. I just wanna play the game with no OD tags and most importantly no drama. I had a blast with you all. Please take care of the hc squad give leadership to someone that will help it grow even more. And im also a swtor squad leader so give that to someone also. Ill be around ill join you guys on ts from time to time or in channel. Cindy, james, rick, brian, ray and the few other true OD friends i love ya guys. And julie cant forget you 😁. I wish you and your daughter all the best i wish her well. If anybody wants to keep track of me my 2 new accs r skribbzz and skribbzz1. Also cindy ill give u the gear for the hc lvl 15 inferno contest when i see you on. It's sunday the 24th. If no one shows up just do 1-50 closest number gets it. And ill give you the acc and pass for the hc mule. And dmon gave me his 2 accs so ill give you the gear from those chars for the mule accs. Have a good day all.
  2. Haha ya it got butcherd 😂
  3. So no 1 showed. Either im a make it for next sunday or im just gonna do a 1-50 pik a number and closest gets the sorc gear. Let me know what u guys wanna do
  4. Bosshogg outlawz- what up ft. Slim thug
  5. Whats this for ray?? We talking like wrestling themes??
  6. Lol 2 much 😄 i would of took $1 lol jk cindy its at least worth $1000 in purple tens. Ya cuz in canada our ten dollar bill is purple 🤣 C/o Fuzion(OD)
  7. If u do lvl to 15 b4 the contest i want those ppl to post a screenshot of there inventory and stash when they in game b4 we start. Just want a even playing field.
  8. Sure we can b4 that. But if u do that then i wanna inspect the gear of the char and charms in case anyone thinks of cheating 😉
  9. Only stuff found in game. We'll be lvling together starting at 7
  10. got deaths fathom, maras, coh nightwings veil. its a nice setup
  11. Hey guys and gals im making a contest for a sorc setup on Sc. includes a sorc torch and a infinity. rules are Simple make a lvl 15 sorc on HC and duel using Inferno Only. duel area is the moor. So come join us on Sunday march 17th at 7pm easter time. Signup now!! PS... Also includes a special EAR!!!
  12. taking the highest bid :D
  13. my pally just ht 80 gonna put his gear on and we can start doing stuff. im gonna put a team together for mf'ing. let me know who is interested
  14. Nice dude i got my paladin and bo barb lvl'd and got gear. Need a few more lvls for the gear but then we good ill be able to mf and do runs. Give me a day or 2
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