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  1. Skribbzz(OD)

    Diablo 2 Fall/Winter 2018 Reset

    All good bro i got it easier for you to focus on sc then both. But if you really want you can i got no probs with that as long as it gets done 😁
  2. Skribbzz(OD)

    Diablo 2 Fall/Winter 2018 Reset

    Yes it will 😁 GL guys i dont think ill make it since im leading the HC squad but ill attempt 2 Im a make my usual pally to run others
  3. Skribbzz(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    K so far we got Trysts(OD) Hectic(OD) Dreams(OD) and eventually Purplez(OD) will joins us 😁 glad to have ya back in Cindy you gonna have to join the hc squad soon 😄 And obviously me
  4. Skribbzz(OD)

    -- Forum Clubs! --

    Im always down for both julie 😁 cant wait till you get back to playing so we can have a drinking night with ralsha again!! Was fun and been way too long since that night/morning. Was a blast!!!
  5. Skribbzz(OD)

    PK'er Watch List

    Also theres a new guy joro forget his acc name ill get it and post it. From what i hear he usually doesnt pk he duels but doesnt mean he dont hack just beware he hostiles bots to ruin games.
  6. Skribbzz(OD)

    PK'er Watch List

    Frampton is dead rip jay 😞
  7. Skribbzz(OD)

    5th Purple Scavenger Hunt

    Gratz ray gj broski well deserved those cracked sashes r hell to find
  8. Skribbzz(OD)

    Trysts' HCL chant duels tourney!

    Maybe but like cindy said its late in the season we can try though up 2 u trysts
  9. Skribbzz(OD)

    Trysts' HCL chant duels tourney!

    Im rdy to go just let me know whats up
  10. Skribbzz(OD)

    PK'er Watch List

    Bro u know who framton is... its jay spinnythings He hacks and i would recommend staying away from him. But he usually duels im surprised he's pking. He usually hostiles bots to ruin ppls runs. But if u say he pk then i cant argue. Thx for update
  11. Skribbzz(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    Hey ladies and gentlemen. Ladder reset is coming and im trying to get a team or 2 together to lvl up and have fun. If you would like to join let me know and what character your gonna be playing. Thanks guys have fun in whatever part of the game your in and hope to see more then just the regulars 😁
  12. Skribbzz(OD)

    Trysts' HCL chant duels tourney!

    Come on guys we need more ppl signing up for this contest. It'll take about 1 hour or less to lvl your chars to 20 with my chanter. So sign up and come have fun. Hope to see you guys there.
  13. Skribbzz(OD)

    D2 reset Lottery!!!

    12//15 i sent you the fg cindy frankyyayo on jsp
  14. Skribbzz(OD)

    Ray's Barbarian Boxing Contest!

    Julie ill be there when you make that hc run to andy im curious to see your hc skills we got cindy to 77 im hoping we can do the same with you. And ray i would of been there if i wasnt working. Sry dude no 1 showed up
  15. Skribbzz(OD)

    Trysts' HCL chant duels tourney!

    Guys i got my chanter to lvl 40 lets do this we need more ppl to sign up Also if anyone needs my chanter for lvling let me know im more then happy to use her