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  1. Skribbzz(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    Will do brotha hope you having a great reset also and GL
  2. Skribbzz(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    K so team 1 Trysts(OD) Hectic(OD) Mtlkush(OD) Ammunition(OD) Hari(OD) Dnight(OD) Uninformed(OD) Next(OD) Team 2 Dreams(OD) Dmon(OD) Jibby(OD) Sovereign(OD) TieDieT(OD) RadarRick(OD) Pops(OD) Skribbzz(OD) Others Purplez(OD) TheBandit(OD) Vanity(OD) Kookiez(OD) Let me know if you agree with the teams maybe you wanna play with someone on the other team we can switch. Ill be in CHANNEL ODHC RESET TEAM from like 3-4 pm eastern time maybe earlier so we can meet in there. Glad to see all who are participating and lets have fun this ladder. Looks like a great group of guys 😁. GOOD LUCK 2 ALL!!!
  3. Skribbzz(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    Nice looks like qe filled out 2 teams ill post the 2 teams by morning so u guys can let me know if u like them or if we should switch them up
  4. Skribbzz(OD)

    Not really farewell, but...

    Ill play NL with ya if u want i got some sick chars. But i focus on Ladder so wont overly play NL but also there are a few OD members that do play NL so maybe you wanna reconsider. Up 2 u brotha if u choose not to then good luck bro in whatever you do in life and take care and will always be great to see you pop in from time to time if you choose to. Take care brotha 🤙
  5. Skribbzz(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    Heres the list so far for the hc reset teams: Trysts(OD), Hectic(OD), Dreams(OD), , Mtlkush(OD), Dmon(OD), Ammunition(OD), Jibby(OD), Hari(OD), Sovereign(OD), TieDyeT(OD), Dnight(OD), RadarRick(OD), Uninformed(OD), Skribbzz(OD). Maybe/join later Purplez(OD), Kookiez(OD), Vanity(OD)*, theBandit(OD)*. If u got * next to your name i would like to hear from you if you guys want in. Also Pops(OD) i know you where talking about rolling HC at reset the other day let me know if ya still want in. And anyone else thats might be interested we have just about 2 teams. Lets c if we can get a 3rd 😁. This season will be great for OD HC lets have fun and help each other. We a team and more then that friends. Thanks to all that signed up and hopefully get a few more b4 reset. Have a good day guys!
  6. Skribbzz(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    Your welcome to join dnight. Looks like we got 2 teams for reset. And you can play whatever character you want. Ill put you in 1 of the groups. Ill be posting the teams in a few days.
  7. Skribbzz(OD)

    Channel Suggestion for Reset

    Would be nice but a big disadvantage for hc players. As you sometimes die and gotta restart as opposed to sc where u lose a bit of xp. But still a good idea 👏 maybe make 2 separate features??
  8. Skribbzz(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    Glad to have you TiedyeT. Ill be updating the hc reset players list in a few days and with hectic we'll decide the best possible way to split the teams so we can have experienced players helping the others not so familiar with HC. Thank you to all that signed up so far and looking forward to playing with you guys.
  9. Skribbzz(OD)

    Squad of the Month

    Cool ill c if i can get it running it should work. It has in the past
  10. Skribbzz(OD)

    Squad of the Month

    I have sc: bw id play for the fun of it. Let me know
  11. Skribbzz(OD)

    Introduction Goatboy(OD)

    Welcome to OD bro. A pleasure to have met and recruited u bro 😁. Whatever you need just holler. Im always in channel. But afk sometimes just leave a msg u can add me to friends if ya want. Type /add skribbzz(OD)1 or whoever u wanna add. I put 1 cuz my main acc full so i have ya added on that acc. And as for gear we try and help each other out when we can we also have mule accs with gear on them ask and we'll try to get it for ya. Even quests ask we'll help ya. May your OD adventures be great and hope you make a lot of friends. As you've seen already we a fun chill clan. Welcome to OD 😁
  12. Skribbzz(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    You guys are welcome to join a bit later its no big deal. We'll help ya guys catch up
  13. Skribbzz(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    Theres always room glad to have ya join us 😁 ill be letting everyone know the teams soon. And you can play wtv you want we want you to feel comfortable with the char you play
  14. Skribbzz(OD)

    Reset Team - Late Start

    Im in ray i need to make a hdin to rush and help ya guys out on sc.
  15. Skribbzz(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    Welcome jibby. Glad to c u on reset. Idk how we gonna do the teams yet. If we got enough to make 2 teams well do it. If not maybe we split into 2 teams and pick up some ppl on the way. We know enough ppl on HC to help us out or fill 2nd team. Actually we pretty much know everyone on HC lol. Just waiting to c who else wants to join. Well figure it out a few days b4 reset