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  1. Skribbzz (OD)

    Hardcore Contest

    I am good sir for now 2nh hectic 3rd anxious Your doing good bro keep it upπŸ‘ Your doing good bro keep it upπŸ‘
  2. Skribbzz (OD)

    Hardcore Contest

    New leader!! Sadly its 5:30 am so he prob gonna pass me πŸ™‚ Not bad for just under 3weeks
  3. Skribbzz (OD)

    A Whole Weekend of Ironman

    Damn i work all 3 days maybe i can match at night but dont wanna inconvenience anyone. Ill play if able u know me and hc latley 🀣 love it. Been trying to boost up the hc divison. Hopefully this event helps with that. Gg bro hopefully cya on the weekend πŸ™‚ take it ez peeps. And msg me Skribbzz(OD) if interested in playing ill help with rush and lvl if u need.
  4. Skribbzz (OD)

    Hc classic sorc gear

    I got all but the tri res boots and 2 fcr rings i got 1 blue 10 but wanna get a rare with 10fcr If u find any descent 1's let me know
  5. Skribbzz (OD)

    Hc classic sorc gear

    So this is what i got Irathas set Tarnhelm Magefist 2x angelic ring The ward Ravenclaw Tearhaunch If u got any other suggestioms let me know plz
  6. Skribbzz (OD)

    Hc classic sorc gear

    Any suggestions going orb
  7. Skribbzz (OD)

    just joined OD

    U know me skribbzz(od) i rushed u earlier today. Anything u need buddy let me know or someone else gonna help if im not online. Have a good day and have fun playing with us πŸ™‚
  8. Skribbzz (OD)

    Help with recruiting

    Kk thx purplez πŸ™‚
  9. Skribbzz (OD)

    Song of the Day by Everix(OD)

    Sup guys been a while im baked as usual heres a song u might like Jimi Hendrix- Ships passing through the night. Enjoy 😁
  10. Skribbzz (OD)

    Help with recruiting

    Haha u already recruited bro but thx😁
  11. Skribbzz (OD)

    Help with recruiting

    K i dl'd the recruiter post from dabomb on to my phone but i just need to know in op sassy i rem3ber i had to answer stuff in chat. How do i ask those q's? Or is it when the person signs up it auto ask for me? Sry guys im sure its not rocket science lol but im morw of a visual guy need to do it 1 time at least
  12. Skribbzz (OD)

    Help with recruiting

    Lol sup julie sent u a pm hope all is well with u in portugal :). Ya prob is but im high all the time would like to be shown n write down the few steps not to make a mistake ;). Cya when u get back julie have fun 😁
  13. Skribbzz (OD)

    Help with recruiting

    Sry pops was playing hc with the guys yesterday and ran into connection probs last night for over 1 hour. Finally fixed it. Ill msg ya today to learn the commands for recruiting. Thx and sry again for yesterday.
  14. Skribbzz (OD)

    Hardcore Contest

    We xpansion not classicm we still in skrib parking u guys r wlecome to join we in a3 now
  15. Skribbzz (OD)

    Hardcore Contest

    A bunch of us started today we lvl 18 already 'skrib parking' is game name