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  1. Thanks Thanks, Townkill(OD) and the rest of you beautiful ladies!
  2. It was a pleasure to be recruited by you 🙂 Thanks HO(OD) It would of been nice to play on HC with you, but if you ever decide get back into hardcore anytime soon in this season or in the following seasons to come, holler at me and will game and help each other out!
  3. Thank you Miss purple. Hope to play with you soon if you play HC if not than thats fine, I can make a toon to play with you on SC
  4. Hi, My name is Nowell, aka Warfalcon(OD) I am 35yrs old. I recently joined your clan yesterday and was recruited by Miss Sassy(OD). I joined OD clan in with 1 thing in mind, to play with friendly knowledabgle/veterans/mature players. I was tired of playing solo and with strangers, so I decided to join a clan and chose clan OD. I have played with a couple of you already. and hope to play with more of you that I havent met yet on HCL. Thank you for the invitation to your clan, Hopefully I can get enough votes to become an official member of OD. BTW Shout out to Willtunip(OD) for getting my char hooked up and for the rushes!
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