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  1. so I am for those of you who don't know me (nivek(OD)) NIVEK(OD) id like to welcome more people to join the best clan on diablo 2 east and that is clan OD (hands down) I am an experienced member (master sergeant) in the clan looking for recruits <-->yes you lol and anyone whos is interested in joining or even just learning more about us so if you would very much like to join or godly crew and incredible clan mates for good conversation and much more on diablo 2 please contact me private message me however u can get ahold of me works fine NIVEK_OD@yahoo.com underscore in the middle Nivek_OD@yahoo.com is my email if all else fails (however I do not check this frequently) pls enjoy the website pls don't miss out on the OPERTUNITY ( of a life time) so much fun to be had let get you started you wont regret this decision LMK thanks your m8 NIVEK(OD)
  2. nvm I got a 14/17 no jsp but I want to make one idk know how tho also I found an 14/17 so now iso cold light druid stuff windy sorcs but ty very much sunset
  3. iso sorc torch for ladder free or for trade as of right now I can afford to pay ber for ladder storch ty all od members thanks nivek(OD)
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