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  1. Dmon(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    One of us. One of us
  2. Dmon(OD)

    For cindy

    I wasn't insulting purple.
  3. Dmon(OD)

    For cindy

    Green is my color
  4. Dmon(OD)

    For cindy

    Here ya go cindy
  5. Dmon(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    My zon is lvl 51. Not many people on when I have been on and no good runs
  6. Dmon(OD)

    HC Ladder Reset Team

    I would love to but my schedule just doesn't allow me to get on much to dedicate myself to a team.
  7. Dmon(OD)

    Trysts' HCL chant duels tourney!

    Really wish I could.
  8. Dmon(OD)

    Trysts' HCL chant duels tourney!

    We are having a house warming/engagement party on this day. I won't be able to make it
  9. Dmon(OD)

    Path of Exile Usernames

    Just made an account to try it out. DmonOD
  10. Dmon(OD)

    Haven't been in game.

    I will eventually get back on. But working 14 hours a day kinda makes that hard. I make sure to log into the website everyday but that's the most I can do right now.
  11. Dmon(OD)


    I just wanted to let everyone know. Thank you Rachelle
  12. Dmon(OD)


    So I start my new job wed night. I am going from a 7am-330pm shift to a 8pm-8am shift. This will take a little bit to adjust to. Not sure how active I will be in game until I get fully adjusted. I will also be splitting my game time with WoW
  13. Dmon(OD)

    What bow to use for my Amazon

    You will need a full member to help until your trial period is over which I believe is today.
  14. Dmon(OD)


    11/11 sorc