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  1. Anytime I'm on I will join in a group bounty run.
  2. Thanks for the help. Hari(OD) too
  3. Just sent a request. Oathkeeper#1335 is my battletag
  4. I am installing on my computer now
  5. Ok thank you. If I can I might get it for pc. Still only get one 2 days a week right now.
  6. Is most everyone on PC? I might get it if so.
  7. Is anyone on Xbox one? Or just computer
  8. I will be taking a small break from D2 and playing d3 a and monster Hunter world on Xbox one
  9. I won't make it tonight. Fiance is making me do stuff with her since we can't do anything Thursday for Valentine's day
  10. Last I knew slum and jiraiya could crush as well
  11. I can join. But I only really get on tue and wed evenings. I've got my javzon.
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