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  1. Dmon(OD)


    I just wanted to let everyone know. Thank you Rachelle
  2. Dmon(OD)


    So I start my new job wed night. I am going from a 7am-330pm shift to a 8pm-8am shift. This will take a little bit to adjust to. Not sure how active I will be in game until I get fully adjusted. I will also be splitting my game time with WoW
  3. Dmon(OD)

    What bow to use for my Amazon

    You will need a full member to help until your trial period is over which I believe is today.
  4. Dmon(OD)


    11/11 sorc
  5. Dmon(OD)


    Sin 17/10 12/17 Will update as I get more or they go
  6. Dmon(OD)

    Low sin torch for free

    It's gone
  7. Dmon(OD)

    Low sin torch for free

    I have a 13/11 sin torch if anyone wants it
  8. Dmon(OD)

    Hardcore Contest

    Got mine started today.
  9. Dmon(OD)

    Shout out to the runners

    I've had lemony join 2 of mine. Once he hever even came into the run area and the second time a few of the hdins made a wall of hammers to kill him. I only run 10-15 at a time then do a few things on my own. That way I get a change of pace before starting again. I try not to tele to where the seals will pop specifically because others tend to hit them. Even only running 7 or so at a time helps others. It doesn't matter that you are not sure top runner. Neither am I. We just run to help.
  10. Dmon(OD)

    Working on new house

    Yea but holy crap am I wore out
  11. Dmon(OD)

    Whats with the diablo community these days

    I don't run hell baal unless there is someone requesting and they can help clear wave 2. Not sure what the trick is to it.
  12. Dmon(OD)

    Working on new house

    Getting the kitchen carpet out as well
  13. Dmon(OD)

    Working on new house

    Lmao. By the time we get done it will be in pieces
  14. Dmon(OD)

    Working on new house

    This is what most of the house looks like. Before starting.
  15. Dmon(OD)

    Working on new house

    So I may not be on much in game this weekend. We are doing work on our new house. It hasn't been renovated since the 50s. Lots of work to be done.