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  1. As far as I understand, those are worth at most 200-300 fg, I do own an Enigma of Peace on West NL though. Those are worth a lot more now that Lewt is gone.
  2. I'll start with -Legit .08 Valkyrie Wing Value: Known to go for 50,000-70,000 Forum Gold That's roughly $1600-$2000 I actually owned a duped one for a few months and that ran me 300 FG! I must say, after running it on trapsin for awhile, it's kind of overrated. I actually prefer a 2/2/30 CoA -Perfect, Upped, Z-Bug, Ethereal Arreats Face I haven't seen one in person, but I remember seeing one for sale on jsp several years ago. I think it went for over 100k FG, which is $3,000 -Perfect, Z-Bug, Ethereal Sacred Armor/Archon Plate Fortitude I haven't seen this in person, but I imagine the ones that might exist are pretty much priceless There are many people nowdays who have claimed to have bought/sold items for 50-100k FG It's mind-boggling. Even if I had $10,000 to blow on something frivolous, a bunch of D2 items would still not top the list.
  3. Dreg(OD)

    Common abbreviations on D2

    Idk if it's just a west thing, but TW in a game name often meant "The Works". This meant that a character who hadn't completed any quests at all created the game. Usually chant games are made this way, but sometimes people would make them for other reasons.
  4. This clan has over 210 people playing Diablo II, but with the forum activity, I'd have guessed it had 15 or less. This isn't a complaint though, just an observation.
  5. Dreg(OD)

    A little funny incident that happened yesterday

    Idk, I ran into him later in a pub pk game. He was on a blizz sorc (Don't remember the name, was like 5 letters like IHARC or something). He and OD-SeeD are apparently acquainted.
  6. So I was halfway to 89 on din and decided why not baal for an hour-ish to hit 89. I joined the popular baal run (No OD-Baals at the time) Hamcbaals-xx. There was a pally there named Jerusalem who kept seal-rushing and after about ten runs, I got annoyed and told him off. Me: Stop seal-rushing, it rapes the xp for everyone. Him: Nobody's asking you to be in this run. --> Next run --> Me: There's little or no benefit to what you're doing, just stop [Expletive]. Him: F&%$ off A barb named Brawl chimed in Brawl: There are plenty of s&%$ runs you could ruin, why ruin the good ones? Him: No one's asking you to be in this run. Brawl: I should be saying that to you. Brawl: I would pk you until you get bored and leave, but I'm trying to level. Brawl: So Bot: *Jerusalem was s&%$listed* Me: Hey, by the way, no one's asking you to be in this run. Go away. XD *Jerusalem hostiles the party* *Jerusalem gets wrecked by party and leaves game* I enjoy moments like these. As it turns out, Brawl claims to have been in OD before.
  7. Dreg(OD)

    Dregs PvP Hammerdin

    My ladder hammerdin isn't quite up to this standard yet. I'm using -Shako -20res Maras -Hoto is 39Res -Magefists -Arach (Until I get 2/20 circ & ammy) -Torch & Anni are slightly under standard -Waterwalks are 55 life So there's definitely some improvement to be made before I'm happy with it, but I think it's good enough work with for now.
  8. Dreg(OD)

    up coming event for my smiter/charger gear need input

    I like this idea. The Iron Mans I did were only ever with 1-2 other people. It would be awesome to experience an Iron Man with 4+ people. So basically, if you wanna milk loot to the max, you stop when your xp bar is close to 11. The Iron Mans I did though, didn't work exactly like this. We all picked our own class, had a 2 hour time limit, and dueled FFA in Blood Moor when time was up. Levels were usually 14-18. 12 if you spent a lot of time in A2 shopping items. I'll never forget getting to countess first, she dropped Tal Eth, and I made Stealth. It doesn't sound like much, but being able to make any runewords at all in a 2 hour Iron Man is a big deal. Steel Flails and Nadir Full Helms were obtainable as well, with the occasional Malice Flail. I saw one Malice War Hammer made. That was wicked good.
  9. Dreg(OD)

    Dregs PvP Hammerdin

    This is my standard din. As in, I don't like dueling on a hammerdin if it isn't geared this way or better. So it's going to be fairly expensive, but not TOO expensive. The circlet and ammy are typically half the characters value. Circ & Ammy -Rare Circlet 2 Paladin skills | 20 FCR | 12+ All resistances | 15+ str or dex | 50+ mana | Ber socketed -Rare Amulet 2 Paladin skills | 20 FCR | 12+ All resistances | 15+ str or dex | 50+ mana Staple Gear -Enigma Dusk Shroud with at least 1200 def -Hoto 40 Resistances -Spirit Sacred Targe 45-Base-resistances | 35% FCR -Trang Gloves -Verdungos Belt 40 Vitality | 15% Damage Reduce -Waterwalk Boots 65 Life -SoJ & SoJ 2nd Set -Call to Arms 6 bo -Spirit Shield Random Charms -x37 Small Charms 20 life Paladin Torch 16+/16+ Anni 16+/16+ This setup makes for the following stats -125% FCR -31% + Physical Damage Reduce (Sometimes the Circlet has damage reduce and or 2 sockets for 2 Bers as well) -4.7k+ Life -10k+ Defense -1,000+ Mana -More than maxed out resistances in Hell difficulty Keep in mind, I am also a desynch guy, so my build likely reflects that. Most people like to run 9 lifer pcomb GC's, but I find the extra 6k damage to be nearly redundant. The way i see it is, if you're not good enough to get 1 more hammer to hit them, then you're probably not good enough to reliably hit the opponent at all. Either you can hit your opponent consistently or you can't. There's really no in-between and so there's little need to do more damage. I know this partly because I have often dueled high-level duelers on a level 30 hammerdin that does 1.5k. The fact that I won occasionally meant, to me, that my hammer damage wasn't that relevant, but rather that my skill was more relevant. So I run a 4.7k life build with 12k damage, instead of a 4k life build with 18k damage. Even a full set of 45 life pcombs will barely get you 4.3k life with this setup. But if you're reading to get an idea of how to build a good hammerdin, then you're not likely to have that to work with.
  10. Okay, so on the first ladder of the 1.13 Patch (Seems about a decade ago), I met a guy in chat that introduced himself as Jared and that he was the leader of Grim clan and said he'd like me to join his clan. He promised we'd have some of the first Hell Chaos runs and they did deliver on that. My sorc (Masquelched) was #11 on the ladder at one point. So all was good for the first couple months of ladder. Time went by though, and I discovered that Grim clan as whole was all about BM PvP and using mods. Not only that, but in our GM private duels with eachother, I came to the conclusion that these guys were terrible at dueling without mods. I beat them 4 against 1 on my hammerdin. The more I got to know Jared, the more I realized he was an unhinged idiot. The whole pub scene back then had nothing but disparaging things to say about Grim (Because they were BM and sucked, so for good reason) and simply having a Grim tag on my character automatically meant that I was getting shade and ridicule thrown at me from everyone. One day, in a pub game, we were teamed up 4 Grims vs the game and of course the other Grim guys were modding. I got fed up, left their party, hostiled them, and helped the other 3 guys kill and BM the hell out of them. That was my resignation from the clan. I had no good reasons to stay in such a bad-mannered and embarrassingly bad clan. Towards the very last days of that ladder, the events of the screenshots below unfolded. Story goes that Jareds co-leader and girlfriend cheated on him with Dustin (Evil-Monster) and Jared has hated him ever since. Dustin also just happened to be a thorn in his side on D2 as well, as he PK'd him daily. I'm sharing some screenshots of a hilarious conversation with Jared, Dustin, me, and a few others. Some of the things Jared said in these are still quotable on West Classic to this day, including "Idc if you S/S this for the FBI CIA Police" and "I was beaten and trained all my life with combat skills that are now illegal in the US military". Dustin also used the screenshot snippet of "I hate you more than anyone I've ever hated in my life" as his D2jsp signature. In this conversation TheMetalChurch: Me Grim-Kill: Jared Evil-Monster: Dustin Khalsas_Blade, Quizer_Cannibal, and SugaWolf pimpin' were friends of Dustins. (Quizer is the most well-known clan on West Classic). Keep in mind that these conversations have to be read bottom to top, since it's the message log. Disclaimer! Obscene language used
  11. Dreg(OD)

    Whats with the diablo community these days

    The trick is a well-geared merc. But not everyone can afford Fortitude and an 800+ dmg insight or ebotd warpike. I can't really take a side to give accurate input on this one, due to lack of context. I'd have to know what exactly "berating" was to him and how exactly he went about asking "why run if you can't clear?". Wording is key and either one or even both could have been in the wrong here. However, in general, if I was to start a baal run... for free and at my expense... and some random clanmate came in and condescended me for not doing so well, I'd feel pretty bad-mannered. Instead of condescension, you could ask if he needs help or if he wants you to help. You could even politely say something like "I'm going to be honest, you should probably work on getting better gear before running baals". "Why run if you can't clear?" DOES come off as pretty condescending. I think you should have at least chosen your words more kindly.
  12. Dreg(OD)

    I stopped being poor, and so can you!

    Yeah see, I've been messing around with this for the last couple hours. I'm feeling like I've wasted all of my time and effort. I've made a sorc like this before a few times, but only on classic. It was a LOT easier to glitch MF mephisto on classic than expansion. Here's what I'm working with Lvl 67 sorc -Occy -Lidless (Um'd) -Shako (Um'd) -Tals Belt -Tals Ammy -2 rand FCR rings -War Travs -Magefist -Twitch (FHR/Block) No torch, no anni, but a lot of rand life & res charms totaling +187 life, +54% LR, +20% CR, and +41% FR. My res in hell are 31FR, 13CR, 64LR So, not good gear, but still decent for the purpose. I want bonuses from Tals set, so using that instead of Rising Sun. Why? Because you can usually avoid the bulk of the council members anyways by tele'ing into the side room. Thus far, I have done 5 runs and managed to avoid them every time. Still though, I used all 3 of my respec's to try and find something that works well and can't. Mephisto does not die quickly, no matter what I go for. So far, Meteor + Fireball work best, but even with that, his Blizz wrecks me and even trying to play peek-a-boo on the other side of the room and kite him doesn't work either. It's not level either, because fireball, mastery, and meteor are max. Meteor does 13k and Fireball does 6k. It's not enough though. It takes roughly 5 minutes of peekaboo kiting before he finally goes down and I die an average of 2 times fighting him each run. All I'm saying is, while you could do this without gear or with bad gear, it's not very practical (as far as time consumption goes) as a run unless you've got some pretty nice gear, bo, and level 80 (70 to 80 in NM Baals take a LONG TIME). I'm going to hit 71 for Um'd Tal armor, which will pretty much max out my res, but I still don't see this run getting that much easier after that. I also plan on getting a mouse for my laptop (Right click is broken) so I can bo her with boer as well. Still, while she'll tank fine, it's still going to take a long time to kill meph. I kind of wish I hadn't invested into this.
  13. Dreg(OD)

    Nymathin and Merica's Poetry Contest

    Imma do an AB AB I wanna share a true story About my old D2 grudge I know it's petty and it's sorry But try not to judge When I was just a noob Playing classic each day SoJ'in' mageplates with the cube Wasting my life away I had some friends of my friend Josh, @FF7(OD) They were BM and were bad They'd be NK'ing me Years later, they had quit But I had never let up The one I hated played a bit So I had my din shut him up A decade later, told 'em that I'll take you three against me They made excuses, dodged me flat Knowing noob-me was history So now I've played and now I've learned More than all of them now I swear if they all return I'm knockin' all their pride down Here's to the future I foresee I hope to duel in OD So @ MooMoo & DBZ We'll duel... when I'm ready 🙂
  14. Trying to finish budget uber smiter up, this is the last piece needed.