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    <3 Valentine's Day Contest <3

    Oh @Ray(OD) im gonna tell you whut
  2. Moist(OD)

    Chess tournament Saturday!

    Looking to get people together for a fun chess tourny, going to be round robin. If anyone is interested please post below! I'll find a good website for us to use and all play! cheers!
  3. So I got to thinking, and as many of you know I love the mod for diablo called “plugY” which is a Solo player mod to allow for unlimited storage, as well as be able to change players difficulty, ect. Theirs a lot of advantages of playing on plugy vs bnet, as you can change your “drop chances” as well as farm 1 spot over and over without r/ding. But B-net has a better advantage, more than one player. So here’s a contest from 1/21/2019-2/22/2019 11:59pm, the “Solo Self Found(SSF)” challenge. Here are the rules: 1. If they are not SSF tagged, you cannot take or trade with them(AKA only trade with ourselves, aka no botted items) 2. You are not allowed to be in a public game, period. Avoid the public like the plague. Due note you are allowed to team up with other SSF people to do baal runs, chaos runs, mf together, ect.(No public chaos/baal games) 3. You are not allowed to rush anyone. (You are allowed to rush for a socket quest, but character is not usable in SSF challenge) 4. You MUST start at level one, no items muled, nothing. Like a ladder reset. Party up, do the walk together, or do it by yourself. A SS of the time made/character name are required for each entry. 5. You are allowed to kill a Dclone if he spawns in your game, although the rules apply – you are not allowed to ask anyone not in SSF to help you. 6. No jsp allowed. 7. You are allowed to give away gear to new SSF people(if its SSF to SSF) 8. Will ask about how we can do “runs” for this – (ie SSF-Baal1), it’s for only OD-SSF players, so it might confuse public, will update Here is how to win: The winner will be given to the player with the best gear, based off drop chance. “Example of MrLamma vs Teo” https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1S5Ozka2aXzPItzQ3RUjxHS4HtJbKXvz_Of-wPpFmCDI/edit#gid=2 Here is the prize: It was hard to come up with a prize for a SSF challenge as it would be ironic to “Give FG” or “XXX item” to the winner. But as of now the prize pool is; 500fg + 3%bk Note: This will be SCL
  4. Moist(OD)

    SSF Challenge 1/21/2019-2/22/2019

    Lets do this boys
  5. Moist(OD)

    SSF Challenge 1/21/2019-2/22/2019

    This is on Bnet.. We will not be using any mods of any kind, just under the rules of "SSF"
  6. Moist(OD)

    Member Behind the Mic Suggestions

    Or you can have a spin off of behind the mic called Behind ill tell u whut! Where ray gets interviewed by a hillbilly
  7. Moist(OD)

    Member Behind the Mic Suggestions

    DO POPS!!!!! @PoPs(OD)
  8. Moist(OD)

    D2 on Chromebook?

    Have you tried downloading it via a usb and then launching it on the chrome book?
  9. Moist(OD)

    Your (OD) Account!

    I litterly changed my name from aCuddlyMace to Moist because it was to troll @Sassy but i think it back fired because no one calls me moist, everyone still calls me cuddlah, and there is no going back now. You've won this time, but this is not the last you have heard from Cuddlah, err i mean Most!
  10. Moist(OD)


    There once was a girl Who loved the color purple She has a heart as pure as a pearl You could even say a magnificent angel Now you might question what the hell is the message? It's a simple solution to bind the two in marriage I'm here for a sigions belt a simple post of the word purple just to change the way she felt the same as if I pet a turtle @Purplez(OD)
  11. Moist(OD)

    Introduction Venom88(OD)

    Welcome to the clan mate!
  12. Moist(OD)

    Anyone wanna go for 99 :D

    I plan on running cbaals runs till the day I die. Rubbin up some exp, so fried pimpin with that sorc, souls making me cry Legit 99 you say? if so I may I'll tele you up, and let you slay Countless and countless deaths, must not delay I'm only one man, in a 8 cbaal raid Dont worry, pops always gets me paid Thousands of runs Ray hitting me costantly with dashing puns Team speak is where i lay sliding my jsp digits, making easy pay A spirit on the right an ancient pledge on the left a mere lore on the cap my imbued belt making me fat random bling on my fingers no sweat, no wringer blue boots and blue gloves is what I love, and what holds me above a fcr ammy shoved into my fanny finally the chest i left it for last only the final, the best a stealth from the distant past
  13. Moist(OD)

    Reset Team Names

    Rayleen, and i'd like to change my name to Rayy(OD) or $a$$y(OD)
  14. Moist(OD)

    For the love of tacos

    I love the recipe idea and i'll give it a shot but; I'm not sure if this is implied but, homemade corn tortia's over the hot flame is the best choice for this... Also have have you tried using skirt steak instead of beef? Regardless im going to cool this next tuesday for sure!
  15. Moist(OD)

    MBTM Interview #11 Suggestions

    ill tell you whut
  16. Moist(OD)


    I never judge a book by its cover. 🙂
  17. Moist(OD)


    Now that sounds like some major feels ._.
  18. Moist(OD)


    That's a real nice poem! I'm not an expert on poems, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying them! What book did you buy?
  19. Moist(OD)

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    I worked at walmart, night shift. twice. The horros ive seen.
  20. Moist(OD)

    Cuddlys poetry contest

    Hello all! Cuddly here to host his first contest with the prize being a full hdin, including; random hoto, hoz, shako, enigma, war travs, trang gloves, arach belt, two bks or two 30%nagels, a random cta and pally shield, as well as a 25+ maras. Here are the rules: 1)one od member has to be in the peom 2)has to be your own words and d2 related 3)Can be a rap, but lets keep it clean! Judges will be selected shortly. All peoms MUST be submitted at 11:59pm on Monday the 1st of august. Happy writing yall!
  21. Moist(OD)

    Cuddlys poetry contest

    After careful consideration the winning of the poetry contest is.. Drum roll.... Gamergirl! Thank you all for participating in the event i wish I could give you a prize for participating but i appeciated all the thought and creativity! Tomarrow ill be on and off in d2, but i will be checking my inbox on here! Let me know the time gamergirl, and congrats on winning!
  22. Moist(OD)

    Cuddlys poetry contest

    Will post soon!
  23. Moist(OD)

    Cuddlys poetry contest

    On phone right now, ill edit it when i get home. Thanks for letting me know!
  24. Moist(OD)

    What bow to use for my Amazon

    6xel bow
  25. Moist(OD)

    Free Low runes

    Bin all the rals. Went through about 8 yesterday need to resupply if its still possible! Also what gear are you rocking...?