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  1. Moist(OD)


    I never judge a book by its cover. 🙂
  2. Moist(OD)


    Now that sounds like some major feels ._.
  3. Moist(OD)


    That's a real nice poem! I'm not an expert on poems, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying them! What book did you buy?
  4. Moist(OD)

    Mr_kons tournament !!

    The temperatures were dropping. The cold bitter wind of the world stone’s keep were hollowing into the night, unmeasured in strength. Cold to the touch, a cystalsword swirled in the hands of the sorceress. “Just one more run…” Summoning the power of the blade she shouted at the top of her lungs, ingesting the powers, feeling her blood warm up, even in the harshest of climates. The sound of wind rushing past her as she switched to her orb and monarch shield, flashes of monsters pass her as she teleports, gaining speed and momentum passing. This could be the last one… OD-Bruiser (Flinn(OD)) Joined our world. Diablo’s Minions grow stronger. OD-Rayla (Ray(OD))Joined our world. Diablo’s Minions grow stronger. OD-Seel(Seed(OD)) Joined our world. Diablo’s Minions grow stronger. OD-Zoez(Zoey(OD)) Joined our world. Diablo’s Minions grow stronger. OD-SexyKon(MR_Kon(OD)) Joined our world. Diablo’s Minions grow stronger. OD-iLoveBoobs (Deadbeat(OD)) Joined our world. Diablo’s Minions grow stronger. OD-Hect(Hectic(OD)Joined our world. Diablo’s Minions grow stronger. OD-Pops(Pops(od)) Joined our world. Diablo’s Minions grow stronger. The thousand spam of invite notifications block the sorceress’s view as she teleports, getting stuck on a wall teleporting over and over. Once the spam quiet’s down and the smell of processed meat fades away she begins to teleport again, this time with urgency. The red mark in the map shows she is getting closer, eventually passing into door that dwells, world stone keep level 3. The sorceress hears the laugh of a madman and a lightning bolt shoots out of the thin air, barley missing here as she began to teleport again. A timer clicks in her chains of armor, 40seconds in this world, and still she has not reached the gates of hell, the dreaded Throne room. But atlas after exploring the entire level she arises to see the red mark, the quick tell of the abyss called the throne room, and upon stepping in, she see’s madness. Teleporting in a straight line, over walls and barriers she flings herself into the throne room, there awaits the demon called baal, and his guards protecting the throne room. The dolls began suiciding and exploding, throwing the sorceress off balance and into critical health. Ruj chugged. Vipers slither and pounce, knocking her into the wall. Ruj chugged. What seemed like the entire population of a small town’s worth of people were the souls in the room, burning souls. Lighting and explosions rumbled and shook the walls. Lighting crashing into the sides of the throne room chipping at it’s already crumbling structure. The sorceress rushed to the safest corner and opened her tomb of teleports and ripped one out. Threw it on the ground and watched as a breach in the world opened in front of her. Not one, but seven hero’s immerged from the portal attacking and clearing the throne room. But, the hunkiest of all hero’s immerged from the portal last, a large barbarian, dual wielding two large sticks, enchanted by Akara herself, shouting. The tattoo across his chest read “Carl.” “CARLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!” Yelled OD-Moist “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Replied OD-Bruister as he shouted his chant to buff the party With the room being cleared baal looked at us from his throne and shouted. More waves of minions appeared, but atlas the hero’s fought them bravely. Baal retreated into his keep and the hero’s followed. Attacking and slicing, using elemental powers and magical hammers, finally baal screamed one last time. The room began to shake violently and items began to drop from the corpse of baal. A unique ring and a unique sacred armor dropped. OD-Rayla reached down and grabbed the ring and armor. Took out her tomb of identification and gasped! The one illicit 3% BK and Tyrials might! The shaking stopped, and all was at peace. The group of heros looked around. “Channel clan OD to follow runs” – OD-Moist “Next game is ODBaals100”
  5. Moist(OD)

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    I worked at walmart, night shift. twice. The horros ive seen.
  6. Moist(OD)

    Cuddlys poetry contest

    After careful consideration the winning of the poetry contest is.. Drum roll.... Gamergirl! Thank you all for participating in the event i wish I could give you a prize for participating but i appeciated all the thought and creativity! Tomarrow ill be on and off in d2, but i will be checking my inbox on here! Let me know the time gamergirl, and congrats on winning!
  7. Moist(OD)

    Cuddlys poetry contest

    Will post soon!
  8. Moist(OD)

    Hectic's Classic Contest!

    Mmmm i'm drenched by this challenge. 🙂 Let's go racin boys
  9. Moist(OD)

    Cuddlys poetry contest

    On phone right now, ill edit it when i get home. Thanks for letting me know!
  10. Moist(OD)

    Cuddlys poetry contest

    Hello all! Cuddly here to host his first contest with the prize being a full hdin, including; random hoto, hoz, shako, enigma, war travs, trang gloves, arach belt, two bks or two 30%nagels, a random cta and pally shield, as well as a 25+ maras. Here are the rules: 1)one od member has to be in the peom 2)has to be your own words and d2 related 3)Can be a rap, but lets keep it clean! Judges will be selected shortly. All peoms MUST be submitted at 11:59pm on Monday the 1st of august. Happy writing yall!
  11. Moist(OD)

    What bow to use for my Amazon

    6xel bow
  12. Moist(OD)

    Free Low runes

    Bin all the rals. Went through about 8 yesterday need to resupply if its still possible! Also what gear are you rocking...?
  13. Moist(OD)

    just joined OD

    If i(OD) isnt in one of my runs is it even happening? Welcome to the clan, love seeing you active and playing man!
  14. Moist(OD)

    HI, im shrimpshark

    What? Im confused^ Welcome! Try stopping by the TS sometime! We have alot of active members on there as well as in game. If not you can always find active runs and events going on! Have fun and good luck!
  15. Moist(OD)


    Thought i would join in on the fun!