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  1. Hectic(OD)

    On game

    it is really seeming so. We need more people that play past the first two months of ladder lol. I guess this is what JSP and bots have done to the game.. When we starting the Diablo Immortal div? lmao
  2. thanks for the help top get me started @Hari(OD)
  3. TinOfAug#1454 just started a toon named Hectic. figured id join in on some fun. Haven't opened this game in some time.
  4. love this idea! Ill have my son that weekend but will still try and grind as much as possible 🙂
  5. if u guys are wanting to be in the contest i had wanted you to let me know accounts and names.
  6. hows it going with everyoines chars? got mine to 85.
  7. Im going to be the worlds best Pokemon Master!
  8. no problem at all! it wasnt a requirement just a suggestion. GL and HF! Glad you joined
  9. Just start now! one day wont make a difference in a month long contest! GL Everyone! and no Cindy i don't require a screen shot as i hope everyone posting the name and account will be honest about it being a new char. I will be looking through ladder to check on things like that.
  10. Okay so kind of short notice on the start date but for the month of April there will be a levelling contest in HCL. 1st place 300fg 2nd place 100fg Ill check winners on ladder May 1 and give prizes accordingly. Im going to make a fresh toon with a Game of Thrones related name seeing as the show is starting soon. Hope you join me! Good Luck and try not to die to many times 😛 Post name and account to join in on the fun!
  11. Just left work. See you guys in just over an hour!
  12. this all looks great. but like i said before, groups wont be to important till around act 3. so people can start playing with people that show up and wait for others that havent. We are all a very friendly and helpful bunch so im sure catching people up that show up a couple hours late will be easy. We are all in this for the long haul and its going to take a group effort to get us there. Im super pumped for this reset! Finally have a solid group to stick it out with. See everyone at reset! Ill be home at around 4pm CST ready to go for the weekend. Oh and also. Lets not forget to share items between our two groups as well 🙂❤️
  13. no man everyone is welcome. we will do whats needed to make sure everyone wanting to play HCL has a place on a team.
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