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  1. Anxious(OD)

    Reset Team Names

    Im down with my brotha Sundown
  2. Anxious(OD)

    Multiple Accounts

    Ah okay, I didnt know if Sandboxie was legit so i just open it in seperate accounts lol, but if it's legit i will get that set up, thanks!
  3. Anxious(OD)

    Multiple Accounts

    How do you have multiple accounts? Do you use multiple PCs?
  4. Anxious(OD)

    New Member Here

    Hello Clan OD, as of today im an actual member of Clan OD, I mostly played Diablo 2, but recently I have started playing D3 a lot more, if anyone wants to add me, i'll do the same. Gallows#11390 (BattleTag)