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  1. I guess I should have specified that haha. I've been playing a lot of Diablo 2.. I do play Diablo 3, but that's mostly on PS4. Beyond that I play around with Overwatch, CS:GO, Smite, and once a week I have promised my nephew to play fortnite with him(though I don't necessarily enjoy that one).
  2. Hey everyone, I guess it's time I introduce myself. I'm OrngCharlie, I've just recently joined OD and I've gotta say I've been enjoying myself having a group of people to play with. I currently reside near Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania, and I'm involved in the technical side of family entertainment centers for work. I was recruited by Smith(OD), and I have something to admit to you all. My name isn't Charlie at all! 😱😱😱 My real name is Tyler, I've been using the name Charlie online since a kid and I plan on sticking with it forever. Excited to get to know everyone here, and thanks for welcoming me into OD!
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