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  1. Altreg01(OD)

    Connect issues in the last couple of days?

    And some of us are completely unaffected. Both my keys are old 16 character ones exchanged for the new 26 character ones right when I started playing again earlier this summer. Blizzard works in mysterious ways
  2. Altreg01(OD)

    Free torches

    Lets set a time, my work hours suck so I dont play evenings much as Im usually up by 3:30am EST, usually afternoons EST or mornings a lot on my days off which are random and varied
  3. Altreg01(OD)

    Free torches

    Im half assed farming keys, they are yours when I ever get enough, have 3 or 4 now. May hit you up for a barb torch if I ever get my barb crushed or grushed and leveled
  4. Altreg01(OD)

    D2 channel Runs Bot

    And I have to be in tomorrow at 5 am and up at 3:30. We shall connect soon I promise. ~Steve Thanks Purplez, Once added Ill do a few trial runs during early morning hours to acclimate myself to the bot and commands when traffic is low
  5. Altreg01(OD)

    D2 channel Runs Bot

    Hello, after finally getting my hammer up to sufficient levels/gear Im interested in being able to run public games using our games bots. Any special priveledges or whatnot required? Ive never used one so dont even know the commands besides seeing some of our runners type .login or .logout before or after runs. After wasting a month on D3 with last reset Im pretty done there. Also hope to get a lit sorc up to be able to run Baals, but will need a Crush from @snicker66(OD) 🙂 first so now just some Chaos runs. If there's anything I need to know or to prove Im trustworthy etc please let me know. Steve
  6. Altreg01(OD)

    Ghosty(OD) says Hi!

    Welcome, did a few Chaos with you. Enjoy OD, I find it to be a great group of people although some are a little odd 😉
  7. Altreg01(OD)

    Any Old School D2 still around?

    Any old time players here back from the old IRC days? Gamersvault, Dcloneirc and the third just referred to as "Net"? Back in the old days when walks were plenty and unided Annis were all of 80 FG. Just checking to see if any players are around, specifically from GamersVault when I was USEast owner. Had a ton of old friends from there until it all imploded and would love to connect with any that happened to have landed here at OD. ~Steve
  8. Altreg01(OD)

    D2 for a spell

    Got a pretty good start. Found a decent hammer setup on JSP and also scored a rough, long, but successful Crush there too and was able to hitch a ride on @GhostDog(OD) chaos train for a while and get some needed levels. Thanks for your help, Im getting there
  9. Altreg01(OD)

    Multiple Accounts

    Im one of the 2 PC people, my work desktop and work laptop, I hate playing windowed and swapping between windows. Besides, 2 mice and 2 monitors adds a degree of difficulty
  10. Altreg01(OD)

    D2 for a spell

    As always, the D3 season has run its course and after a few weeks Im bored to death. Ill be headed back in time to D2 for a while. I thought after a nice 10 vacation at the beach I'd want to play D3 again, and when I got on this morning I had no desire 😞 and could only think about playing some D2. Got some gear and a Crush today, so for a while at least Ill be on D2. Cheers
  11. Altreg01(OD)

    ISO Gear

    Got a Pally Crushed, next time we are both free Ill get a Sorc done. Thanks
  12. Altreg01(OD)

    ISO Gear

    Prefer a pally, been many years since Ive played a hammer
  13. Altreg01(OD)

    ISO Gear

    Thanks, but unfortunately I have to be at work at 5am EST, Ill be long in bed by the time you get home. Lets see how this plays out, I think I want to acquire my gear first so I know what class to use so I may still be needing in the upcoming days
  14. Altreg01(OD)

    ISO Gear

    Started the season/ladder on D3 since they both started at the same time and D3 is way easier to get started on, played until I burned out and now hunger some D2 fun. ISO either a full or relatively full hammer or light sorc. Rather give my JSP gold to an OD member before I look and buy on JSP from others. If anybody has anything let me know, will be booting D2 shortly and begging for a Crush or Grush 🙂
  15. Altreg01(OD)

    New PL Method?

    Up until as late as last season, every powelevel I have gotten has been to run multuiple rifts at Torment VI. This season once I got my Wizard to a decent place I wanted to start my speed farming WoL monk so I hit the Hardcore Poweleveling group and requested a powerlevel. Had a guy respond right away, we went to act 1, from there he took the cemetary WP and walked to the covered bridge at the start of the Fields of Misery. He then requested us to tele to him on the bridge and then cleared the Fields in a matter of minutes and had me boosted to well over level 50, 2 more quick Fields runs and I was 70. Tested it myself last night, we had a member RIP, so I offered a PL, and after the first Fields run he was level 62, and not even half way through the second he was at 70. Not sure how new this is, maybe most of you know it, I surely didnt, but if you dont its fast as hell and sure beats multiple rifts for boosting other players.