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  1. Got a D2 acrylic piece cut finally, need some help from @Purplez(OD) and/or other Generals to make a contest up, I can make a few of these, but need help from the Officers with contest rules and give aways. Unfortunately I will only be able to ship in the US and I will need your name and address too if you win. Steve
  2. Posts like this always make me smile. 🙂
  3. Messing this this graphic, maybe a Diablo Christmas ornament 🙂
  4. Yes I can use vectors in both the laser and the CNC
  5. No, mostly wood and acrylics Hey you!! WB!!! Order I just finished. Just shy of 2 feet in diameter
  6. Hey all you ODers, Besides having a full time gig as a lumber guy at Lowe's I also own my own small wood shop/sign making biz. About 2 weeks ago I ordered a new laser and last week my K40 laser machine finally arrived and it also coincided with a rash of college kids leaving Lowe's. So besides more unwanted hours at work I also got a new super toy to play with. With those 2 things happened at the same time I have been hurting for free time to just do some silly stuff like D2 or anything else (all my mules were labeled as expired but I was able to save them all). Attached are 2 of the first things I test made on the laser, and Ive been talking a bit with @Purplez(OD) about maybe sponsoring some kind of D2 event and making something silly and D2 related for the winner. Im still hurting for free time, but will try and get on more and into Clan OD channel. ~Steve
  7. Ill duel you, you will kick my ass, wont solve your issues but it will make you feel better
  8. 10 or is my limit, but I do feel bad when there is a new member in my run at level ~30ish trying to get up there and my game is falling apart at the seams At my stage of life Im way past the getting mad at juvenile crap like this, if he bothered to pick them up he has 3 or 4 of my ears, I dont even respond to his going hostile and continue my game until he gets me.
  9. Ill admit Im not much of a runner but I do have access to the run bot. After about 7 or so runs Im completely out of the zone, fingers and brain on 2 different pages. I also get unlucky and get the lemony dude PKing my runs or a summoner clogging the whole screen with his dozen summons or some idiot popping the portals and then Im teleporting to my death. Hats off to you guys for the jobs you do and thanks for letting me leech your runs.
  10. What I ended up with...thnx Thanks for that advice, went with the more vanilla set up of Pride/Efort/Andy's
  11. Whats ideal merc for WW barb? In a stroke of luck an old friend hooked me up with some WW gear, no armor so Im still wearing an old enigma which is ok for now even though my resists blow in hell with anni and torch. Not sure where to head with merc, seen a few different things on old pages not sure what todays merc is. Gave my eth Andy's to a new clan mate a few weeks ago so Im starting naked with the merc. Do have 700 FG I can blow on JSP though
  12. I got him chaos'd to level 63ish, still usefull as Bumper so if anybody is doing a clan Grush I can bump it, hes currently sporting all gear that dropped while chaosing him and a Myth like suggested above
  13. Thanks, all looks pretty cheap and easy, gonna muck around and maybe make something useful or not. How much is pizza on JSP?
  14. Just had a Barb Crushed (thanks @MineNotYour(OD)) and trying to decide what to do with him. Mostly a BO Barb I guess, I was smart enough to make this one on a different accout from my main, so looking for some other usefulness as he tags along on my other runs. Not looking for anything too expensive, I will probably hit up @Mr_kon(od) for a torch and try my luck at an anni on JSP. Any suggestions welcomed as Ive made exactly one Barb in my D2 career and it was about 10 years ago and he too was just a singer. ~Cheers, Steve
  15. With so much happening in the clan channel and TS/Discord good old fashioned forums are on the decline. Being deaf I dont use the chat apps, Im more of a forums guy but yes most threads here are hardly seen or replied to. Gotta roll with the changes
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