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  1. I would be glad to roll a barb for Rat Runs! I will be glad to join you.
  2. Count me in. I am going to do a necro for pushing/rat runs, and then a DH for farming. I am in the CST (Central Standard Time) zone. I will be starting as soon as we can log in! Ready to level up!
  3. Hey everyone and thanks for the clan invite. So about me: Online Profile I only play Diablo 3 and the occasional game my son makes me play with him, minecraft. I have played all 3 Diablo games since their launch and have wasted... uh... enjoyed many hours with this game. I just like to play, doesn't matter if I am doing bounties, rifts, or GRs. I even like to gear others up, doesn't matter as long as I am playing. This season, I main a support barb, either rat runs or pull barb. Farm with my DH, and play Necro if I can't get a spot in Rat Runs on my zbarb. Offline I am proud father of 2 boys and a lovely cajun french wife. I have worked in the I.T. field my entire career, after a few years in the Army Special Forces. I am very busy with work during the day, so I like to cook to clear my head and also play D3. I look forward to gaming with everyone and chatting on Discord. Hit me up anytime for a group.
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