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  1. Poltergiest

    Combat End of Season Slow Down

    I am always up for a challenge!
  2. Poltergiest

    Season Reset Teams!

    I would be glad to roll a barb for Rat Runs! I will be glad to join you.
  3. Poltergiest

    Season Reset Teams!

    Count me in. I am going to do a necro for pushing/rat runs, and then a DH for farming. I am in the CST (Central Standard Time) zone. I will be starting as soon as we can log in! Ready to level up!
  4. Poltergiest


    5th SFG
  5. Poltergiest


    Hey everyone and thanks for the clan invite. So about me: Online Profile I only play Diablo 3 and the occasional game my son makes me play with him, minecraft. I have played all 3 Diablo games since their launch and have wasted... uh... enjoyed many hours with this game. I just like to play, doesn't matter if I am doing bounties, rifts, or GRs. I even like to gear others up, doesn't matter as long as I am playing. This season, I main a support barb, either rat runs or pull barb. Farm with my DH, and play Necro if I can't get a spot in Rat Runs on my zbarb. Offline I am proud father of 2 boys and a lovely cajun french wife. I have worked in the I.T. field my entire career, after a few years in the Army Special Forces. I am very busy with work during the day, so I like to cook to clear my head and also play D3. I look forward to gaming with everyone and chatting on Discord. Hit me up anytime for a group.