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  1. NeloAngelo(OD)

    Reset team

    OD-WhiteFang the Fury Druid is ready to go!
  2. NeloAngelo(OD)

    Clan OD Member Locations

  3. NeloAngelo(OD)


    Confucius say man who stand on toilet is high on pot. Confucius say baseball is wrong. Man with four balls cannot walk. Confucius say man who walk through turnstile sideways going to Bangkok. Confucius say secretary is not permanent fixture until screwed on top of desk.
  4. NeloAngelo(OD)

    Coffeebean Support post!

    Not sure what genre you like to read, but check out the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind.
  5. NeloAngelo(OD)

    Ode of the pedal washer

    Every day, I wash pedal Pedal so dirty, not so shiny metal Must wash pedal clean Me and my pedal washing team Bucket and brush full of water To scrub pedal clean while day get hotter Once pedal clean it make me so happy Now all pedal clean, time to take nappy.
  6. NeloAngelo(OD)

    Hey Cranky(OD) here

    Such a provocative look... rawr... lmao.
  7. NeloAngelo(OD)

    New D2 recruit

    Welcome to the clan bud. Happy to have you.