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    Leaving OD 😭

    It is with great regret that I have decided to actually leave clan ODd2 division its somthing I have been thinking about for a while now and it's a hard one because I have so many friends here that it makes it rough to do.. but lately the last few months have kinda opened my eyes to some things that I just truely dont care for I have been seeing alot of favoritism and clicks kinda forming and only members that are besties with other certain members are moving up in the OD world while I have noticed other members that want to move up meet the requirements to move up not even get a kick of attention becuase some members are either to afraid or dont wanna go against the click and in turn members that are meeting requirements wanting to move forward get kinda put on the back burners and it's really quite harsh to see i have seen it I have listened to and have had conversations with members about it aswell even with high ranking members aswell but nothing ever comes of it ... and for this reason I am leaving I'm kinda tired of the drama that has happened in the last several months and quite soo some of he drama was completely unnecessary I will be giving away the gear deleting d2 n probably not coming back to it let me be clear I'm not flaming any one person it's just it's a issue and its honestly the reason why I'm leaving a clan like this is a family and truely care about all the members I was proudly able to help and meet ^_^ loves tall take care I'll probably pop by ts from time to time or forums to keep in touch if allowed to once again thank you all for letting me be a part of this family for 295 days

    Leaving OD 😭

    Yeah I'm positive I'll be back but for now I'm going to be on a break for a few months
  3. Happy birthday 😂😂


    Guide to a Classic Rush (Crush)

    anyone want free classic gear bored of my sorc on it got 2x sojs a 2 sorc res ammy goldwrap spectral shard ward frost burns just hit me up if u want the gear

    idea for a new squad

    thinking about trying to make a squad for league of legends , world of warcraft or starcraft II if anyone is intrested please feel free to post on here which one you would be intrested in so i can get an idea on what to make a squad in i enjoy all 3 and would like more people to play with

    idea for a new squad

    @MelodicRose(OD) my tag is GOSKAHAN

    January Ladder

    @Help(OD) challenge accepted lemme kno what times ur on so we can plan a time to go at it

    January Ladder

    good fights merica 3 ipa 0

    January Ladder

    @Ipa(od) i challenge thee
  10. MERICA(OD)

    January Ladder

    Sunset switching to my barb for tourney name is datboithiccc
  11. Very intresting @Ray(OD) might look into it but I also still play the reg wow so will have to see if it will mess with the real servers too much
  12. MERICA(OD)

    Brood War Night!

    Easy win strategies for all zergs rush lol
  13. MERICA(OD)

    January Ladder

    @DBZ(OD) I wants dat rematch boo
  14. MERICA(OD)

    D2 PvP Squad

    Hmmm m I tbe I should apply for dis
  15. MERICA(OD)

    January Ladder

    @DBZ(OD) I challenge theee
  16. MERICA(OD)

    Happy Christmas

    May try n sqeeze it in then idk well see what all the misses has in stock
  17. MERICA(OD)

    Do you guys respec a lot?

    Respec every day all day @DBZ(OD) right
  18. MERICA(OD)

    Next interview proposal!

    Yea give the people ach as nice for you to wander their questions n learn more bouts u
  19. MERICA(OD)

    Happy Christmas

    @Sassy you too monkey but I'm stuck in london for the holiday here till the 1st haha near southwark with the wife's family btw hate this place you all drive on the wrong side of the road hahaha =p
  20. MERICA(OD)

    Next interview proposal!

    I vote @Ray(OD) does @Ray(OD) lol Cuz merica
  21. MERICA(OD)

    January Ladder

    Yolo I'll sign up the purple purple OD-PURPLENURPLE ZON Just wont be on till 2nd cuz not in the u.s atm for holidays currently in lodon with the wife's family
  22. MERICA(OD)

    Best find so far in new Ladder?

    Perfect gores gave to dbz for uber smiter Shake gave to dbz Andy's gave to keel Treks kept for my self
  23. Waz up yall merica here who else be pumped up for reset and being a loved runner again for ladder reset I know I sure am 😃
  24. MERICA(OD)

    Reset Team Names

    I guess since yall be doing it I can aswell I'll take OD-chipper unless yall think of a better name ill let membership n sunset pick my name for reset since I'm on ur reset team lol
  25. MERICA(OD)

    Diablo 2 Fall/Winter 2018 Reset

    Up to you bud I def like paladin better but I kinda know sin aswell