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  1. Hey everyone this Saturday time still to be determined I'm going to host a druid bowl event prize for the winner of all gets a 15ED Ap enigma =] figured I'd liven up the stuff so if ur interested it will be hardcore druids lvl to 9 in 40mins then molten boulder it up in the alley between cold plains and blood moor ♡ much love yall keep up the good work

    Merica druid bowling is coming back this sat

    Lol too funny he did win almost all he druid bowls

    Best find so far in new Ladder?

    Perfect gores gave to dbz for uber smiter Shake gave to dbz Andy's gave to keel Treks kept for my self

    Merica druid bowling is coming back this sat

    5pm est time also prizes are as is 1st 15ED AP enigma 2nd 3bo cta 3rd soj

    Merica druid bowling is coming back this sat

    Yea decided to be nice haha trying to figure out a 2nd place prize aswell so that's why it's set for sat
  6. Waz up yall merica here who else be pumped up for reset and being a loved runner again for ladder reset I know I sure am 😃

    Reset Team Names

    I guess since yall be doing it I can aswell I'll take OD-chipper unless yall think of a better name ill let membership n sunset pick my name for reset since I'm on ur reset team lol

    Diablo 2 Fall/Winter 2018 Reset

    Up to you bud I def like paladin better but I kinda know sin aswell

    Diablo 2 Fall/Winter 2018 Reset

    Aldo I can run trapper or auradin if hsin taken by someone else
  10. MERICA(OD)

    Diablo 2 Fall/Winter 2018 Reset

    I'll be hdin on ur squad member if you'll have me =)

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    2. Sassy


      Ha ha ha thanks 

    3. MERICA(OD)



      well yeah i gotta get my sassy fill some how since i dont see her on when i gets on  😛

    4. Sassy


      Lol I’m busy atm mericaaaaaaa got so much going on and gaming taken a step back but I still get on ts 

  12. MERICA(OD)

    Was amazing being here with yall

    well i am posting this Because i am going to resign from clan OD i have some work coming up that will put me hardly ever on will be working 15-18 hour days and just wont have the energy to do anything after words and it is going to be a long term thing will be going at it for the next 3-5 months according to the higher ups it has been real and loved my time here def loved all the amazing people iv met here :) thank you all god bless may pop on ts from time to time to say hi to some of yall ❤️ thanks for all the love
  13. so for the next event i do ill be giving away the gear from my charger/smiter dueler i had so far im thnking of the thing below is my idea so far need input and or what yall think before the idea or something similar i want it to be ironman just not certain on if barb is solid one i wanna do don't wanna do a druid bowl again please give me your feedback event will be next weekend iron man type but instead of druid and lvl 8 you lvl to 10 as a barb and once 10 sit in town and wait same as the druid bowl thing and then go ham on each other when everyone is lvl 10 and was thinking since it was 45 mins for lvl 8 to make it about an hour for lvl 10 idk and would be 1st n 2nd places
  14. MERICA(OD)

    Ladder Reset Announcement

    bo barb
  15. MERICA(OD)

    Ladder Reset Announcement

    sadly i can only play nights :( otherwise i would roll with a team as a bo barb