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  1. MineNotYour(OD)

    From normal to hell- the journey of Morgoth(OD)

    Looking good! Keep it up!
  2. MineNotYour(OD)

    Lets say goodby to a old friend

    It is always tough to see a favorite pastime go in a different direction, You have your memories and accomplishments to reflect apon and that is something that will never change. Wish you the best going forward.
  3. MineNotYour(OD)

    The adventures of Morgoth(OD) [and intro]

    Hello Morgoth, Welcome to the clan. Interesting plan and idea you have there with posting your progress. Goodluck
  4. MineNotYour(OD)

    New Guy Here

    Welcome to Clan OD Nate and thanks for the introduction!
  5. MineNotYour(OD)

    Hello Everyone~ Intro

    Hello JR and Welcome aboard!
  6. MineNotYour(OD)


    Welcome to clan OD B and Welcome back to D2, Here is a great guide to read over you will find lots of useful info in here.
  7. MineNotYour(OD)

    Best find so far in new Ladder?

    Nice on the spec shard..dmon , Ko rune, VMagi +25, 25 nagel. Got a Pul NM hellforge.
  8. MineNotYour(OD)

    Hello everyone

    Welcome John, Hit me up if ya need anything.
  9. MineNotYour(OD)

    Hi there folks

    Welcome to Clan OD!
  10. MineNotYour(OD)

    Hi Everybody!

    Mitchell , Welcome to the clan!
  11. MineNotYour(OD)

    Hello Everyone!

    Zach, Glad you joined! welcome to the clan.
  12. MineNotYour(OD)

    What is up everyone

    Hello Other Kevin! Welcome to the family! @Sassy, @SuNSeT, @Bubblepal(OD)
  13. MineNotYour(OD)

    Introduction Venom88(OD)

    Them teeth though! The persuasion of the vampiress is reall! @v3n0m(OD) Welcome to the family!
  14. MineNotYour(OD)

    Hows everyone been . Back in OD and D2

    Hello and Welcome back, Look forward to gaming with ya!
  15. MineNotYour(OD)

    The Greatest Thread Ever

    I have to say I was laughing uncontrollably at first when I read this, But then I thought that would be a shitter!