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  1. MineNotYour(OD)

    New recruit!

    Hello and welcome to clan od. Need anything lmk
  2. MineNotYour(OD)

    A fresh new face and new recruit to join your ranks!

    Welcome to the clan!
  3. MineNotYour(OD)

    G,D&T Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerence

    Anyone work with or understand G,D&T or have Knowledge of six sigma, familiar with A.S.M.E or C.M.M Coordinate Measurement Machines, I.S.O 9001,2,3, or 4 Compliance audits in industrial standard?
  4. MineNotYour(OD)

    What is scarier

    @TypeReaL(OD)It is a fact that cockroaches do survive nuclear fallout, But it would be a bit warm for the human kind at first detonation and then the radiation would finish the rest off depending on the various levels of exposure. @Ray(OD) I vote here, Because at least I would go out laughing like a fool....
  5. MineNotYour(OD)

    What do YOU like most about OD?

    The commradery is second to none here in OD, some have mentioned that in this thred - I am amazed at how much effort and personal time some members have invested to keep OD what it is and continuing further growth. I feel it strives so well because of its structure in that it is not a form of dictatorship but rather open true democracy with the working order of every member having a voice. I have many years of gaming, but OD is my first and only clan I will ever be in, I happened too join a Clan OD run one random day and seen the members following talking about the run, each other's day, joking around with each other and general chatting....but more importantly "real people " not bots and decided to ask how I could join. So...Why I joined was to meet new people in Diablo 2. Was I in for a surprise, too date it has been the best desicion I have made in any game platform in my 20+ years of gaming. Thank you
  6. MineNotYour(OD)

    How Do I Install Another D2?

    Quintin, Thanks for the help there. Longlife(OD) speaks Traditional Chinese as a first language and English as a ESL - sometimes there is a communication issue @longlife(OD) Sandboxie can be used to play 2, 3 or 4 Diablo games simultaneously on the same computer as long as you have multiple CD keys for each sandbox. I use it too xfer for myself, other members or too fill a run for more exp. and/or Battle Order myself with a barbarian.
  7. MineNotYour(OD)


    Welcome J to the Clan! that Grush is legit - Works great.
  8. MineNotYour(OD)

    New Diablo II member - Dreg

    Welcome to the Clan! We have members who specialize in PvP , DBZ(OD), SuNSet(OD), Rich(OD) just to name a few. You can check out our PvP Squad too see members there, Best wishes.
  9. MineNotYour(OD)

    Diablo II LOD: Introduction

    I got here Justin time to welcome you to Clan OD! @Hyperdox(OD) HMU if you need anything. Peace. Oh the 0 8ers were the greaters @Townkill(OD)
  10. MineNotYour(OD)

    Thank You All

    Although this is a recognition post/thread I choose to place it here as this is the division I call home and have not ventured out of it yet! It is not intended to leave out any members what so ever it is directed at each of you. To All, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you do for Clan OD and your fellow members- It is amazing to see such a great group of people together helping each other on a daily, ever few days or as often as you can find time to login. it is truly inspiring to see. Although I may not know some of you real well I see/hear the acts in game, channel and on teamspeak the advise/assistance/willingness to help/safe xfers/rushes/runs and fast responses to any issues that arise (For you Generals and Officers) that takes place. For what it means; Great Job and Well Done. Your contributions do not go un noticed. P.S. I wouldn't be here if it was not for my great Purpley recruiter! <3 @Purplez(OD)
  11. MineNotYour(OD)

    Ghosty(OD) says Hi!

    Thank you verymuch for the Introduction, Welcome To The Clan! And best wishes starting back to your studies. @Ghosty(OD) , And oh dat pic @Townkill(OD) and the way you worded your welcome message had me Roflmao.
  12. MineNotYour(OD)

    R.I.P OD-Rae's Cow King

    Oh, RIP......I Ripped the king with my sorc also early on reset, but I make the portal with a different toon now and rejoin.
  13. MineNotYour(OD)


    YO, Welcome to Clan OD! Shout out if ya need something @Darkwolf(OD)
  14. MineNotYour(OD)


    Tough luck Ray, All the other attributes looking pretty good. F
  15. MineNotYour(OD)

    New Member Intro

    Nice too meet you, Welcome too the Clan Darrell!