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  1. Nymathin(OD)

    Mr_kons First event!

    I'd sneak in and hide all the remote controls at the bottom of the laundry hamper.
  2. Nymathin(OD)

    Nymathin and Merica's Poetry Contest

    @Dreg(OD) won first place. I accidentally clicked the wrong auto fill in name. Sorry Dreg, you won first place
  3. Nymathin(OD)

    Crush/Grush needed for Zon

    I've got bumpers, or if you already have a bumper I can do the rush. Let me know I forgot, I have a couple of characters that can bump and rush you to hell and from hell I can rush you through to act 4 with my paladin. Let me know the time
  4. Nymathin(OD)

    Nymathin and Merica's Poetry Contest

    While all of the poems were good there can be only 2 winners. And those winners are........... Pause for dramatic effect........ First Place @Dread(OD) for his poem about hard work, determination, and revenge Second Place @cuddlymace(OD) for his poem incorporating both 3% Bk Ring and popular saying from a well known OD member. Congratulations to both of you. I need both of your jsp account names and you'll need to pick which prizes from the gear that you want. As I said before the 1st place winner gets first dibs on the first line of gear, then the second place. We'll keep going back and forth like that until all gear is claimed.
  5. Nymathin(OD)

    Merica/Hectic's Apocalypse Contest!!

    Thank you @renatojcs(OD)
  6. Nymathin(OD)

    Nymathin and Merica's Poetry Contest

    you're right Merica, it does flow and it's good. That's why I wanted him to do another, he's good at it. You are going to help me judge right Merica?
  7. Nymathin(OD)

    Nymathin and Merica's Poetry Contest

    Just make another one, maybe this time don't make it like rape lyrics. I was wanting poetry not a gangsta rap battle, guess I should have specified lol
  8. Greetings ladies and gents. With the added members who have creative sides, I'd like to host a poetry contest. Sadly I can not participate in it as I'll be a judge but I will happily read and enjoy the poetry that flows from the river that is OD. There will be prizes to be had. The contest will start August the 14th and run till August the 17th. I'll see if I can rustle up some more judges to help keep it fair and we'll announce the winner on August the 18th. Four days should be plenty I think. The Rules To ensure unique content let's make the poems include OD members as per usual, at least two members please. No vulgarity or sexual content please. non OD members can enter but only OD members can win The Prizes Merica has generously offered 150fg for prizes so I'll be dividing it as 100fg for 1st place and 50fg for second place. I also have some random gear I'll be offering as well as I don't want to come empty handed to my own contest. The gear is as follows a low druid torch 2x ele skill gcs 2x puls 1x Ist Dracul's Grasp 6x 7% mf sc's Dragon Shield Seraph's Hymn That's about all the stuff I have that other's may want. Not much but it's free. We'll divide it as the first place winner gets to pick the first item, then the second place, then the first place, then the second. Each line is a prize so the 2xele skill gcs is considered one prize, ect. Lets have some fun guys and gals 🙂
  9. Nymathin(OD)

    Merica/Hectic's Apocalypse Contest!!

    My plan for surviving the zombie apocalypse. I'd seek out several members to help me survive. The first one would be Hectic as he'd be the hero of the group, the one that's great at everything with no flaws. The Gary Stu if you will. He'd be the one that would keep us all together with his thoughtful and well timed speeches. He'd be the one that came up with all the plans and keep us safe. When we did have to fight off zombies, Hectic could just kill them a hundred at a time by his intense manly stare. All the ladies would want him and all the men would want to be him. Hectic would be the super cool, super awesome, super wonderful one of the group. I can't say enough about how great Hectic is. There would be a few more I'd search out like Purple for the upbeat attitude and her keen design sense, and Ray to keep us laughing, and Mr. Kon for charming the female zombies into helping us, just the cute ones though. I'd also seek out one other and that is Merica. Merica would be almost as cool as Hectic, he could kill 99 zombies at a time with his steely gaze. Merica and Hectic would be the ones that save humanity from the zombies, the rest of us would just be along for the ride. Okay now for the plan. I'd just do whatever the powerful, wise, intelligent Hectic told me to do and I'd have faith that he'd keep us all alive and well.
  10. Nymathin(OD)

    Song of the Day by Everix(OD)

    umm Purple can you share the link to the video of what you found on google? For research purposes only. Asking for a friend.
  11. Nymathin(OD)

    Hectic's Goofy Writing Contest

    Thank you Purplez, I had a hard time getting started but once I did it just flowed out like water from a fire hose. I'm glad you liked it.
  12. Nymathin(OD)

    Hectic's Goofy Writing Contest

    making it about d2 kind of sucks but I'll try. There was once a princess who lived in a tower, but this princess was not your typical princess, this princess' name was Ray(OD). Ray(OD) wasn't locked in this tower, Ray(OD) just liked it there. One day as Ray(OD) was singing a sweet melody of "I like big butts and I can not lie" while twerking he heard a commotion outside his window so he twerked over to see what it was. Looking up from the ground at him was a little blonde sorceress named Sassy(OD) all decked out for battle. "Get down here you wanker, the lord of terror walks this earth. We gotta kill it and get me that sweet sweet anni." Sassy(OD) yelled. "Only if you think you're up for it" chimed in a little purple sorceress who loved the color purple more than anything else. I can't remember what her name was though. "Do you really think 2 sorceresses and a princess can take the lord of terror?" asked Ray(OD) "We won't be alone you bloody mug" Sassy(OD) said impatiently. "We're meeting others, now get down here!" Ray(OD) quickly got dressed and picked up his weapons and headed out the door to meet his friends. The three traveled along the road to their next destination, a head shop. There they were to meet Chknwng(OD) who loved to frequent this place. Chknwng(OD) was a paladin and the trio needed a paladin if they hoped to defeat the lord of terror and get that sweet sweet anni. They were in luck as Chknwng(OD) was in the back of the shop sampling the wears. "Chknwng(OD) get up, we got a diablo clone to defeat!" Sassy(OD) ordered in a sharp quick command. "You got a habanero bone to meet?" asked the confused Chknwng(OD). Chknwng(OD) was a bit silly sometimes but Sassy(OD) was in a hurry so she wasn't in the mood to play. "No you mug, get up before I make Ray(OD) twerk in your face wearing nothing but a g-string!" Sassy(OD) warned. This was enough to bring Chknwng(OD) to attention where he grabbed his gear and was ready to head out. "You wouldn't really have done that to me would you Ray(OD)?" Asked Chknwng(OD). "Do it? I asked her to let me lol." Chuckled Ray(OD) Now the trio turned into a quartet but there was still one more person Sassy(OD) needed to recruit. She needed a powerful, unbeatable, super sexy barb to bo the party. Who could possible fit this bill? None other than MooMoo(OD), I just hope he has one in real life because I honestly don't know and he's added so MooMoo(OD) if you don't have one, make one. Acquiring MooMoo(OD) would be a bit more difficult as he is usually very hard to find. Sassy(OD) knew where to start looking though. As a barbarian MooMoo likes to hang out with cows (for some reason) so Sassy(OD) wanted to start there, in the land of the Cow King. Into the red portal the party went, knowing that death was almost certain in the land of the bovine but to their shock, all that greeted them were the bodies of slain cattle. "We're in luck, this looks like the work of that fierce barbarian MooMoo(OD). Lets begin looking for him." Sassy(OD) told her companions. Ray(OD) spoke up "that seems like a lot of work, I have a better way. Trust me on this one." "Go ahead" said Sassy(OD). "Okay, stand back" warned Ray(OD) as he cleared his throat. He let out a very loud sound with all the strength he could muster "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Everyone looked in shock and confusion as they were trying to understand what Ray(OD) just had done. Was that really his big idea? Could he really be serious right now? They all thought to themselves. Suddenly Ray(OD)'s bovine battle cry was answered with a barbarian one "DIE YOU SPAWN OF SATAN!" came from behind them. Before they knew what was happening they were under attack by a rather large barbarian who was swinging his axes in a blind rage. Here is the infamous MooMoo(OD), we found him and thanks to Ray(OD) he's going to kill us, Sassy(OD) thought as she dodged and teleported out of range. Just as an axe was about to cleave Sassy(OD)'s skull in two, Ray(OD) sauntered up and started rubbing MooMoo(OD)'s neck from behind. MooMoo(OD) stopped short and looked around apparently seeing the party for the first time. "uhhh Hi Sassy(OD), I'm glad you're doing well, sorry about trying to split you like fire wood." MooMoo(OD) apologetically said. "enough about that, we got a diablo clone to defeat" Sassy(OD) said. "Ray(OD) how on earth did you stop him?" "Everyone knows that barbs have a weak spot just above the 2nd vertebrae if you stroke it in the right spot, it calms them down, gawd sassy(OD) I thought you knew that" Ray(OD) responded "Oh yeah, I forgot about that, now we're ready, lets get me an anni" Sassy(OD) cheerfully said. So the party was ready to defeat the newly spawned Diablo clone so it can drop an anni for Sassy(OD). We have the princess, the paladin, the barb, and two sorcs. Will be an epic battle to be sure. I just wish I could remember that sorceress's name, you know the one who loves the color purple so much and is usually very bright and happy all the time. It's killing me, it's on the tip of my tongue.... nvm, I'm sure it'll come to me eventually. So the party searched the acts 1-4, every way point, every hole, every dungeon but could not find the diablo clone so they decided to search act 5. The very first way point in act 5 they found a horrifying sight that made Sassy(OD) rage, and the little Purple loving sorc cry in sorrow. There was DBZ(OD) standing over the body of the slain Diablo clone, polishing his newly aquired 20/20/10 anni, very proud of what he did. "give me that anni, it's mine you mug" raged Sassy(OD) as she rushed him but DBZ(OD) just exited the game and wasn't seen again. Moral to the story, the early bird catches the perfect anni.
  13. Nymathin(OD)


    Fine but if your eyes melt you have no one to blame but yourself.
  14. Hello Terra.  I was just browsing the forum and ran across some guides written by you, specifically the OD guide to everything.  I immediately noticed how hard that must have been and how long it must have taken and I just wanted to say thank you for the hard work.  I hope we can work together in the future.  Please think of me if you need someone to do something, I have time and a willingness to help, use them both.    

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    2. Nymathin(OD)


      Thank you Terra I had already applied to the rules committee and look forward to taking a bigger role in the clan.  🙂

    3. Ray(OD)


      Thank you for being born.

    4. Nymathin(OD)


      No Ray(OD) thank YOU for being born.  


    1. Nymathin(OD)


      THANK YOU RAY!!!!!!!  



      P.S. Yes I just seen this as I just got onto the forum lol