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  1. Nymathin(OD)

    Purple's Halloween Contest, Saturday, 10/13

    yeah it was really early in the morning when I made that post, it wasn't until I fully awakened did I remember you're on my friends list. Sending now 🙂
  2. Nymathin(OD)

    Purple's Halloween Contest, Saturday, 10/13

    a very huge thank you to @GhostDog(OD) for that very generous donation. @Purplez(OD) I have 100fg I'd like to donate to future contests as well. Send me your JSP and I'll send it to you right away 🙂 Congratulations to the winners of this contest, it sounds like a lot of fun
  3. Nymathin(OD)

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    @SuNSeT Thank you for adding me but I changed my mind. I hope it isn't much of an inconvenience.
  4. Nymathin(OD)

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    Nymathin(OD) OD-Leonidis / Smiter
  5. Nymathin(OD)

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    I get it but I'd rather get with a captain and find out what their team needs and/or what's the best character I can use, also to be tutored in the way of pvp
  6. Nymathin(OD)

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    I'd like to get in on this, who can I talk to about how to do it?
  7. Nymathin(OD)

    Mr_kons First event!

    Thank you 😄 Remind me not to annoy some of you, I don't think I'd make it out alive lol
  8. Nymathin(OD)

    Mr_kons First event!

    you and me both @Purplez(OD)
  9. Nymathin(OD)

    Mr_kons First event!

    can i change my answer? I would go turn down their hot water heater to almost off...not quite off, just enough to give them a little warmer than cold water. They'll go nuts trying to figure out why and even if they do, it will take several hours to heat water back up.
  10. Nymathin(OD)

    Mr_kons First event!

    I'd sneak in and hide all the remote controls at the bottom of the laundry hamper.
  11. Nymathin(OD)

    Crush/Grush needed for Zon

    I've got bumpers, or if you already have a bumper I can do the rush. Let me know I forgot, I have a couple of characters that can bump and rush you to hell and from hell I can rush you through to act 4 with my paladin. Let me know the time
  12. Nymathin(OD)

    Song of the Day by Everix(OD)

    umm Purple can you share the link to the video of what you found on google? For research purposes only. Asking for a friend.
  13. Nymathin(OD)


    Fine but if your eyes melt you have no one to blame but yourself.
  14. Hello Terra.  I was just browsing the forum and ran across some guides written by you, specifically the OD guide to everything.  I immediately noticed how hard that must have been and how long it must have taken and I just wanted to say thank you for the hard work.  I hope we can work together in the future.  Please think of me if you need someone to do something, I have time and a willingness to help, use them both.    

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    2. Nymathin(OD)


      Thank you Terra I had already applied to the rules committee and look forward to taking a bigger role in the clan.  🙂

    3. Ray(OD)


      Thank you for being born.

    4. Nymathin(OD)


      No Ray(OD) thank YOU for being born.  


    1. Nymathin(OD)


      THANK YOU RAY!!!!!!!  



      P.S. Yes I just seen this as I just got onto the forum lol