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  1. Happy birthday kappa hope it a good one 🙂

  2. There is extra tips like buying mf boots/gloves from hell anya and resetting her inventory by entering pindle tp back n forth till the items u need spawn but i could go on for days so figured ide just cover the best ones i could think of at the time haha, thanks for all the extra input from others and gl to everyone! See yall at the reset
  3. Ill take a spot in a full team if you need a filler
  4. Hey so i plan to start the ladder with a blizz sorc and mf for the first month and try to get wealth, then asap im gonna make a Chaos zerk barb, so if anyone is wanting to tele baals I can clean out chaos quick for us for that phat Diablo xp! post up if this is something ude be interested in, i can usually play a few hours a day and days off usually more. Lets get some more legit OD 99s on the ladder this season 😄
  5. Nvm ill pass on this, thanks tho and gl
  6. friday is very last minute and by the looks of memberships post every1 jumped on team 1 and 2 and noone is filling up the 3rd, the higher ups should have run teams so things were organized not every1 being on 1 team haha, i guess if team 3 doesnt work out ill just have to go solo *shrug*
  7. ill play fire/cold sorc if number 3 is gonna happen, eitherwise ill just go solo i guess
  8. Kappa(OD)

    Reset Teams?

    i noticed there is 1 post about a team, last ladder there was like 3-4 ppl making teams. Is there other ppl forming groups for fri or we goin in yolo
  9. no problem, i thought it could be something fun/neat for competition amongst ourselves, be sweet if we could get a bot script for it but anything would be cool haha 🙂
  10. Idk if its possible but i think it would be cool if we had a feature in the channel .ladder and it brings up like the top 15 levels of OD members, add some friendly level competition amongst clannies.
  11. yeah there are some very good budgit smiter builds out there, djwaters has a good guide on youtube if anyones interested in going this route 7. Mf areas that dont have many immunes to your element, ex: for cold sorc ancient tunnels/ andy/ meph/ pindle "Other good areas are Mausoleum(very easy and no cold immunes) + Maggot Lair lvl 3" yeah mausleum in the blood raven area is great as well for starting out, density is a little low and spread out but if you need to start here i have found multiple good items in there, make sure to always open clickables as well - chests, graves, corpses etc (this applies to everywhere in the game)
  12. haha i would never be able to afford anything good if i did that, damn bots! lol maybe we get lucky and get a banwave again like 2 seasons ago that was a great ladder
  13. Yeah things like summon necro and stuff can clear the game on hell alot easier but kill slow and dont have access to tele other than charges, there is many other viable class options to roll on reset thats for sure, sorc is just fast for mfing bosses mainly, summon nec would be a good choice for things like pits and chaos ide imagine, potentially finding some godly drops Ultimately everyone should have fun and do what they enjoy 🙂 ima try to luck out on some andy and meph drops in the first few weeks and try to get some profitz to make my trapsin 😄
  14. Hey guys with the reset in just 8 days and my return to OD i figured ide make a post with some tips for starting up, these arent manditory and are just my opinions so if you have something to add feel free or do whatever makes you happy and play the way you have fun 🙂 1. Make a sorceress first (Blizzard) The sorceress is the most efficient ladder starting character, you have teleport and good dmg with low gear investment, Fire sorc is also viable but can do less and not as easily. Reason for blizzard stated later on in these tips. 2. Level through normal as fireball sorc with leaf staff( shop desired +skills and 2 soc from akara) and tir ral from countess. For nightmare respec into a frozen orb sorc and for hell go with ur final blizzard setup if this is what you choose 3. Get easy to obtain runewords like stealth, lore, leaf, ancients pledge, spirit, insight, rhyme, splendor etc to gain early advantages like skills, fcr, resists etc. 4. Save ur flawless topazs for making ptopazs so you can make 3ptopaz helm and 4ptopaz chest for big mf bonus early. 5. I dont reccomend using a merc early on because they die easily and screw up your positioning for early mfing, mana pots work great with no insight, but if you want to use a merc however treachery armor, tals mask and insight or obedience are great starter items there is also many other budget merc setups, even if ur a cold sorc still use nm holy freeze defensive merc it will freeze cold immunes and increase your tele survival. 6. 1pt warmth, static, tele, frozen armor These give you Mana regen, health dropper, mobility, freeze attackers/ defense. I dont reccomend trying to static bosses if your solo mfing, with this gear ull get wrecked if you stay in range of a boss and with low skills static range is basically melee, use this for pub boss kills or once you aquire a decent setup 7. Mf areas that dont have many immunes to your element, ex: for cold sorc ancient tunnels/ andy/ meph/ pindle 8. Moat trick mephisto (google if you dont know this) its a very important early mephisto strategy, for andariel just cast blizz's and keep teleing back and forth to make her walk through them, for pindle enter portal and tele to entrance and spam blizz on pindle pack, if one of his adds manage to come close or charge freeze them using ice blast which will be your shift+left click 9. My final most important tip ive discovered over the years and this is totally optional to everyone but for me its a must, sell everything decent you find asap! Your sorc with noob gear will farm these spots so easily and if you wanna build up wealth to afford to deck out a character this is the best way to go. As soon as all the bots get up and running and the prices start dropping big time your not gonna get anything for your shakos and occys etc but the bots will be raking in the high runes and godly drops so this puts you in a very bad position money wise, take as much as you can get early and fast so you can afford all the gg stuff once everything starts dropping which wont be long into the ladder. Sell a shako for 2000 fg or a high rune etc and buy it back for 1/10th cost in a few weeks kinda deal, you dont need that gear early unless you want it thats cool too but just remember as prices drop on the decent items the higher tier stuff will stay way more expensive in comparison making it harder to aquire endgame stuff. Anywho im glad to be back, i hope this helps some people and i hope to see you all at ladder reset! GL and HF 🙂 -Kappa
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