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  1. GhostDog(OD)


    If everyone is thinking alike, then someone is not thinking. --Patton Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results. -- Patton (yes, he with Sun Tsu are some of my favorite philosophers). It is difficult to lead, when one tries to see all sides and please everyone, one pleases no one. I like that our division leaders (D2 division is all I can comment on) keep a light touch. I have had troubles and boons in the past, and that consideration is given to the whole package, not to the immediate whim. All I have to add at the above points (all good, nothing I vehemently disagree with) is not to act hastily, always allow some time to pass before a decision is made. Some things require immediate decision <and they are rare but require immediate decision>, but allow time to pass on some. Don't tell people how to solve a problem, say what needs to be done and they will often surprise you with their ingenuity and fairness.
  2. I like this post ,I try to read everything (like some of the resignations are very humorous), but I have seen many disagreements are based on personality clash, or outside influences affecting the emotional makeup of the person. As we are all human (except for me, I identify as a small dog) emotion clouds reason. When we are angry, or grieving, or happy, the emotion can cloud reason. This is why I try to make a joke about everything, as humor can defuse almost any situation. Unfortunately sometimes the humor cannot overcome the person, and conflict persists. This is bad, as I have seen some "cliques" develop in the division I am most active in (Diablo2), and I try to be especially nice to those who may be shunned by some <captain purplez(OD) is a master of this, she could give a graduate course on civility, how to defuse conflict, and just being plain nice>. In conclusion (I know I talk too much, it is one of my flaws), remember we are all here to have fun, not to score "social cutting points" off of people, and try to laugh at the basic absurdity of life, as there is never enough time to laugh, love or do the good we all want to do in the end.
  3. GhostDog(OD)

    Clan Mule Inventory SC EXP ladder 2018 second season

    No criticism on anyone, just want people to know its there so it does not go to waste (theres shako, andy face, p combat charms, etc..these are desired items )
  4. GhostDog(OD)

    Clan Mule Inventory SC EXP ladder 2018 second season

    Not yet a spread sheet , just inventoried on a word doc, will create a spread sheet soon.
  5. I have yet to find an inventory for the clan mule. This disturbs my sense of order. OD-Prunes ladder exp OD-Pjewels ladder exp OD-Pjuvs ladder exp Shael-3 ITH-2 Red esence-1 46 Full rejuvs Nef-3 RAL-2 Blue essence-2 Eth-9 ORT-1 Green essence-3 OD-TypeStuff ladder exp Tal-7 Eld-1 Junk jewels-9 Shadow Killer Andariels visage Ith-2 Sol-4 jewel 11 all resist, +2dex Curses GC Amn-1 Occulus OD=Prejuv ladder exp Harlequin crest (Shako) Full rejuvs-98 Marrowwalk OD-Cotdonations LE OD=AltsThings LE Vipermagi 29 all resists Tomb reaver Immortal King armor Vampire gaze Tal rasha Armor Kuko Shakaku Snow clash Laying of hands Shaft stop Etherial Sup shadow plate Reapers Toll Tal rasha belt x3 Vampire gaze Immortal King Weapon Hand of blessed light Verdungos belt Druid Torch 18-12 Hel rune Cats Eye Eye of etlich SteelClash Raven Frost Fire facet 3-3 Immortal king belt Kiara guardian Lightsabre Goblin Toe Arkaines Valor Spectral shard 4os volgue Bartuc cut throat Plague bearer The redeemer Widowmaker Escuta temper Deaths fathom Wizardspike Various gems Od-AltDreg ladder exp OD-VoldyStuff ladder exp Immortal KIng Weapon HOZ Stealth breastplate Rare jareds stone +2 skill, +1 light 20 fcr Blackhand key Heavenly garb Angelic halo Jade talon x2 Moser's Circle Crafted necro amul et +1 curses Druid +2 Shapeshift circ Rockfleece Etherial string of ears Magnus skin Undead crown Arcannas deathwand Rare ring Twitchthroe amulet +s fire sorc, all resists Immortal King Weapon Snowclash Jalas mane +2 bow skill gauntlets P combat skill 6 dex GC x 2 Tal rsahas mask Unid sigon greaves sigon shelter Immortal king belt Tancreds weird To get any of this gear ask an officer. Moderator if this is not the right spot for this please forgive and move this post (working on an excel sheet but this is just word for now)
  6. GhostDog(OD)

    Mr_kons First event!

    You find their cell phone and text their significant other "Come over right now before I change my mind. I finally decided to do that thing you have been begging me to do."
  7. GhostDog(OD)

    Do you want to be a R&R member

    OK I can already recruit (never have but have the entire procedure written down), but usually get a recruit to talk to another recruiter while I am doing innumerable chaos runs (this attracts low members, they level, I do their ancients, never loot in the runs <OK potions cause I am cheap > etc. to present a kind face to the community). What else do I have to do ? (NOT being snarky, tell me what else I can do...:) )
  8. GhostDog(OD)


    I read resignations as life lessons. I would miss Hikato, people in power who are reasonable are treasures
  9. GhostDog(OD)

    Guide to a Classic Rush (Crush)

    I definitely will at level 80, don't know if I can do it at 68..character c rusher is OD-GhostCrusher, the account is as purple has indicated. I am getting there ..:)
  10. GhostDog(OD)

    Thanks for the hospitality

    All good things end, be well, you will be missed.
  11. GhostDog(OD)

    Community Meeting POSTPONED

    Also a link to "How to use discord for dummies" would be nice (I am the dummy in that statement.)
  12. GhostDog(OD)

    Season Reset Teams!

    My apologies, must have been tired ..:(
  13. GhostDog(OD)

    Season Reset Teams!

    I will be working on a classic rusher, so I can convert others and myself 9with sandboxie) quickly. Good luck to all !
  14. GhostDog(OD)

    The Hunt for DClone - How to Guide

    Thank you for your time effort, sled, very useful.
  15. GhostDog(OD)

    Ladder Reset Announcement

    I would like the cold sorc (doing classic rushers with disco's squad