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  1. horoxix(OD)

    New (old guy) here Altreg01(OD)

    Welcome =) Great intro
  2. horoxix(OD)

    POE Screenshots

    Looks awesome =) The only thing cool about my character is his portal effect, the rest looks silly xD
  3. horoxix(OD)

    Sérgio Aka Leonidas(OD)

    Welcome Leonidas!
  4. horoxix(OD)

    A purple keyboard!!!! OMGGGG lol

    You could just get purple tinted glasses and then everything will be purple =)
  5. horoxix(OD)

    Kudos to Horoxix!

    *wipes tear of happiness from his cheek* Thank you Purplez:) This means a lot. Hey if you can think of a connection between druids and purple im all ears haha :P
  6. horoxix(OD)

    ISO Standard Trapsin Gear

    I have LOD already on my Battlenet account, just no characters xD
  7. horoxix(OD)

    ISO Standard Trapsin Gear

    Man this makes me want to play D2 again.
  8. horoxix(OD)

    Ever had such a vivid nightmare ...

    I almost stepped on a snake during my job a few days ago. Let's just say I have a different jogging route now xD
  9. horoxix(OD)

    Hi guys this is Koolkyle23(OD)

    Welcome to OD!
  10. horoxix(OD)

    Flashback Event

    Is anyone doing the flashback event? I can't start until I get home from work but i'm stoked!
  11. horoxix(OD)

    Team Up?

    yeah I'm always down to game!
  12. horoxix(OD)

    Starcraft Broodwar Night

    Sorry I missed this! Let me know if you get back on soon!
  13. So unique and such a cool idea.
  14. horoxix(OD)

    Signatures if anyone is in need!

    Thank you!
  15. horoxix(OD)

    Team Up?

    I just recently got back to gold, after dropping on a big loss streak, and was wondering if anyone wants to play together?