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  1. Zerraf(OD)

    Season Reset Teams!

    7pm EST - 7AM EST normal time of play on days off.
  2. Zerraf(OD)

    Season Reset Teams!

    I want @mrxinu(OD) and @Solaris(OD) On my team!!
  3. Zerraf(OD)

    Twitch Streaming

    I usually try to stream everyday but when I am i stream at twitch.tv/zerrafrx come watch and enjoy the content!
  4. Zerraf(OD)

    Destiny 2 (PC) Raids

    So I have been wanting to get together with a few people and get a raid going soon so we can start completing the clan challenges and give everyone a chance to put forward to our clan engrams inside of Destiny 2. Please message me on battlenet @ ZerrafRX. I usually play late night between 5 or 6 PM EST to 7 AM EST due to my job being night based.