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  1. PochoAzul(OD)

    Join leveling group for Season 16 Start?

    I am game. I expect to be playing Barb, if that works.
  2. PochoAzul(OD)

    What do people think of upcoming season 16 set changes?

    Problem with necro is it has no oddly arranged major sets, unlike every other class. All the main necro sets have exactly six pieces (not counting the minor 2-piece Jesseth set), and they are all the same pieces--helmet/shoulder/chest/glove/legs/feet. Necro will be able to incorporate some new and interesting legendaries in place of one of their armor pieces but no main-set hybrids are possible. Necro might get some benefit by combining with non-class or crafted sets like Demon's hide--maybe some kind of weird thorns hybrid would work? Not sure. Being able to includes even one extra bit will help necro, though, to be sure.
  3. PochoAzul(OD)

    What do people think of upcoming season 16 set changes?

    I see. My experience with necro is very limited. I see your point about their enormous damage potential, and also their squishiness. How could two full sets be worn? Perhaps I misread the announcement, but I thought we would just get the usual ability to get a full set bonus from 5 pieces of a set, rather than using all six. Since, unlike every other class, necro sets all have exactly the same items, they can't even get a 6 plus 2 set bonus.
  4. PochoAzul(OD)

    What do people think of upcoming season 16 set changes?

    Why do you suppose they would buff every class massively but the Necro? That confused me especially. I haven't played them a lot (don't really like playing them that much, so far), but it seems like the folks that do like them are kinda getting shafted, at least for this season.
  5. https://us.diablo3.com/en/blog/22820656/season-16-the-season-of-grandeur-begins-118-12-18-2018 Every class except necro seems to be getting a massive power boost in some or all of their sets (except Necromancer, for some reason). I am puzzled by this, although not necessarily unhappy. Was necromancer considered overpowered vs other classes? I haven't found it so,. but I have never played necro much.
  6. PochoAzul(OD)

    Plans for New Season?

    Planning on playing Barbarian this season. Was going to play Necro (only class I never played at all) but messing around with necro for Darkening of Tristram made me decide Necro is about as much fun as a mild std.
  7. PochoAzul(OD)

    Hardcore Grouping

    I am working on an HC monk, but he is a bit of a glass cannon. At Torment V he still dies once in a while (saved by Near Death Experience) but can kill most any boss in two shots (most only take one), thanks to Legacy of nightmares and a few lucky legendary finds. As soon as I can scrape together some better damage reduction I would be happy to join you all for some bounty runs.
  8. PochoAzul(OD)

    Season Reset Teams!

    I am interested(now that I know what it is). I can start the first evening.
  9. PochoAzul(OD)

    I may cross over

    I just started playing HC a bit towards the end of the current season, and there are several other HC players, at least. I haven't tried much group HC yet (except when someone was powerleveling me and, lie an idiot, I drifted a little out of position and got killed), but I am interested. HC is kinda extra fun because of the risk involved.
  10. PochoAzul(OD)

    Season Reset Teams!

    ummmm....what is a season reset team? <--still pretty nooby
  11. PochoAzul(OD)

    Diablo 3 Build Challenge

    Don't have enough Barbarian and Wizard gear, but had some fun making a Holy Shotgun and a Punish/Shield Block/Blinding Glare build. Neither is particularly original however. Both use Punish and Block heavily and are less prevalent than the most-used punish/block build, with the Invoker set. Didn't make a Blessed Shield build yet. Other than that, I kinda drew a blank.
  12. PochoAzul(OD)

    Diablo 3 Build Challenge

    might be a fun thing to do to kick off Season 14 (whenever that is)
  13. PochoAzul(OD)

    Diablo 3 Build Challenge

    Sounds kinda fun, although complicated by people not necessarily having the items in question. Getting the needed stuff could be fin or could be a PITA, not sure.
  14. PochoAzul(OD)

    Noob questions about co-op play

    I have only played GRs co-op about five levels below my solo upper limit (except one time when I was indeed being carried), and found them too difficult to complete in time for an upgrade. We usually finished the rift (although died a lot) just not close to fast enough. I guess co-op greater Rifts are only for either (A) teams that are really working together intelligently or (B) A stronger player doing a favor for a weaker one. Otherwise there seems no benefit, since (as I understand it) the loot and gem upgrades are the same, yet the rift gets a lot harder. I would love to try a rift with a real team sometime, although I have no idea how that works, or what kind of build I should use, in that case.
  15. PochoAzul(OD)

    Division Memebers! We want your input!

    How about multiplayer greater rift clinics? Most of my experiences playing GRs with groups have been relatively unrewarding (whereas bounties with groups is really good).