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  1. Evilpapasmurf is looking for a group to play with at season start in Discord if you still have space
  2. @CompFreak(OD) I didn't think we had a teamspeak channel, we were mostly on Discord so that can go if there is one. I am happy to keep leading the squad and can look for a X.O. and sort that stuff out as soon as I can.
  3. Destiny 2 has lost interest in most people that were in the squad and playing the game, I am happy to keep running it but the members are not around anymore.
  4. Thank you, and cheers for running this Dave
  5. Last time I checked the in game clan was full so we can look into finding some space to get you in.
  6. Thank you for all your work for D3, you will be missed. Good luck for the rest of your endeavours in your life going forward.
  7. It is all Raged, he is great at bringing new people in and making them feel like OD is a place for everyone. Nice work mate
  8. D3 Division, I've had a couple of recruits make it through their trial period.
  9. Thanks for the effort Raged, can't wait for reset
  10. Sure, as long as we have fun with the grind then I have no issues with it
  11. Sure I'd like to, looking at running a wizard for the start of season. Timezone is +8 hours (Perth, Western Aus), so I will start the season at 8am on Saturday my local time. I will be available for the first 12-16 hours depending on how late I decide to go on that first day.
  12. I think this could be fun, especially if it is organised during the middle of season when people start to get bored
  13. Or group vs group. Level up new characters in a group and compete to see which group can push the furthest.
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