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  1. Xon(OD)

    OD Movie Challenge!

  2. Xon(OD)

    SSFHC Event Delve

    forgot to take level 1 ss xD
  3. Xon(OD)

    Free steam games

    YAY! NBA GAME! MY FAVORITE! Thanks bro!
  4. Xon(OD)

    I'm New!

    I appreciate the warm welcome guys. I haven't played D3 since last season i think I'm around 2000+ paragon. Right now the only thing I'm looking for in D2 is a IK Armor (chest). I have all the other pieces. Thanks again for all the help guys!
  5. Xon(OD)

    I'm New!

    Hi, I'm Xon(OD) and I just joined the clan. I'm looking forward to gaming with you guys. I just joined for D2, but i also play D3 and League of Legends.