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  1. Cynic(OD)

    New member, i brought cake! :)

    Thank you everyone.
  2. Cynic(OD)

    CRush Suggestion

    Shout out to Purpz and Disco! Possibly the fastest rush i have EVER received.
  3. Cynic(OD)

    New member, i brought cake! :)

    I got all my votes guys! Thank you to everyone! Time to celebrate. bwahahaha
  4. Cynic(OD)

    New member, i brought cake! :)

    Awesome, yeah i've read Terra's very helpful guide. Thank you Purp! Who knows, I have D3 as well but currently playing D2 and OW lol. And to everyone else, I hope to meet you all in game! Appreciate the offer! I play on LOD and Ray has rushed a character for me!
  5. Cynic(OD)

    New to OD? Want to learn how the Clan works?

    Read! Thank you for the wonderful guide Terra!
  6. Cynic(OD)

    New member, i brought cake! :)

    Wussup guys, i'm new here and you may refer to me as Cynic! I remember this clan from the early 2000's and that's insane that it's still around. I'm currently a trial member but cannot wait to become a full member so wish me luck! Blizzard-wise I currently play D2, Overwatch, and HOTS. I do play a lot of steam games though, mainly CSGO and GTAV. I'm 29 years old happily married for the past 7 years and my hobbies include PC gaming and vaping if you consider that a hobby, I also have a good interest in cars. Anything else you would like to know or if you would like to play together go ahead and hit me up! I'm always looking to make new friends.