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  1. SnipeDragon, is it too late to propose a topic? I have something I have been working on in my spare time I'd like to show you.
  2. I think real world experience is helpful and the real test too, but I could see it being a nice thing to make someone stand out and show they understand the fundamentals.
  3. If you could help me with my Paladin that would be cool. I am basically starting from scratch as a complete n00b and need any help I can get.
  4. Hey all! This forum just isn’t getting the love it needs, so I thought on my lonely Saturday evening I’d write up a few posts while I sip on some finely aged bourbon! I was thinking about a few things lately, about Overdosed and how officers or other people could help themselves stand out when they decide they want to take on more of a leadership role. This would be completely optional, but I figured that every organization likes someone who is a go getter and is really interested in the well-being of his or her group. Open University, a public distance learning university, offers some free online courses. I wanted to learn a few new things and brush up on some old skills and noticed they have some really neat courses pertaining to leadership and communication with other people. They also had some great team building courses. It struck me that Overdosed Academy could have an optional curriculum that a person might win a medal for completing, or there could be a dedicated forum post where members can upload their completion certificates (free) in the thread. This would show Generals and Commanders the members who have went the extra mile. This would also show you that these people are serious about learning real leadership skills. This has two benefits in my opinion: 1. Overdosed creates better, more prepared Officers, Generals, and Commanders. 2. These skills will be useful for our members in real life. This translates into happier, more successful lives outside of gaming. This is a small sampling of the courses: Making decisions: http://www.open.edu/openlearn/money-management/management/leadership-and-management/making-decisions/content-section-0?active-tab=description-tab Creativity and innovation: http://www.open.edu/openlearn/money-management/creativity-and-innovation/content-section-1 Leadership and followership: http://www.open.edu/openlearn/money-business/leadership-and-followership/content-section-overview If such a thing is ever considered Generals and Commanders would have the final say on a curriculum I’d imagine. Divisions could even specialize this to their advantage for inter-division leadership roles! Thoughts? Feedback?
  5. Good luck! I'm excited to see what you bring to the meetings as a presenter.
  6. Since I've been in the hospital with my mom all day and need something else to think about I was curious about how many people make one or two posts and never come back here again. I did some research with some startling findings. I know that this may not be a surprise to some, but I thought seeing the real numbers might lead to a useful discussion. Findings based from 01/01/17 to 12/31/17: 1-5 posts: 60% of new members who posted on the forums made an introductory post and replied a time or two within the same thread to never return, a few may have randomly posted elsewhere. 5-10 posts: 13.7% of new members who posted replied a few times within their introductory thread, may have made a few posts within their division, and never posted again. 10-20 posts: 10.3% of new members made their introductory post, likely replied within it, and ventured out to make more posts in other forums. Some still login, but do not post. 20-40 posts: 8% of new members made their introductory post, replied within it, ventured out to make posts in other forums, and continue to login from time to time but remain silent on the forums. Some sporadically post here and there, but not often. 40+ posts: 6.8% of new members mostly still post and continue to be active, some posting often, others less frequently but still more than the above groups. *These results do not count members who were disabled and have come back, nor do they account for members who have joined but never signed up on the forums. These results are a reason to raise your brows! If you take the first two results as pretty much the same conclusion (making a few posts and quitting) close to 80% of members are quitting or stop using the forums completely. I believe with a positive attitude and a willingness to try new things perhaps this year we can change and create a new trend with more new members posting! A few possible ideas to motivate more forum activity.. 1. Forum posting contests. Self explanatory, we can iron out the details if there is interest. 2. Above average posting receives recognition and has greater weight in the promotion process and other matters of earning more responsibility. Don't get me wrong, if this isn't something that we think is a big deal or an issue, no problem. I just know that when we recruit new people we encourage them to make an introduction post, but wouldn't it be awesome to see them continue to post too? Any other thoughts or ideas?
  7. X(OD)


    Hi! Is anyone willing to help me get started? I used to play but haven't in a really long time. I will do what I can to get items/weapons/armor on my own since I don't like to feel like im leeching off of the clan. Just need to get leveled up and warm up again so I can get back in the groove and help OD kick some butt.
  8. Hmm.. yeah I think the problem is pretty well understood at this point but as others have mentioned.. the interpretation of the 2nd amendment by many Americans and how embedded this is in our culture is going to make this a really difficult battle. The 2nd should really be amended to more accurately reflect what it was referring to which was state militias. This has been perverted over the years to mean something completely different and now anyone who would even dare try and change it probably won't get elected. Hard times are ahead for this country and there are going to be a lot more bodies before this is over.. sad as it is..
  9. X(OD)


    Hey guys, I was in the clan about a year ago. Went by Neflhiem at that time but changed names because nobody could pronounce it. Looking forward to playing some D2 again after a long break and getting more involved with the clan itself.
  10. Hey ODers, I just got back into Diablo II and I want to be more active in the clan this time around. I have been reading the forums the past few days and think it's awesome SnipeDragon is getting the community meetings back together! I remember one from a long time ago and it always seemed to be a really positive experience for the members. I had an idea and I'm curious what you guys think! I want to create the Overdosed Enlisted Consortium. What the hell is that, you may ask? It's a meeting that the enlisted members can host every month or two to brainstorm fun, innovative ideas that make the clan experience more fun and entertaining for all. This is different than a community meeting and is a little less structured, rather it's a more informal atmosphere. The purpose of this would be to give the enlisted members time to articulate their thoughts and have a clear, concise set of ideas they can present to the community leader before the meeting for preparation purposes. This also serves as informal leadership training and teamwork building skills for newer members as they progress into the Warrant Officer and Officer ranks. I think this could be a cool idea to build friendships with people outside of your main division and to experience the diversity the clan has to offer. This doesn't have to be anything crazy or demanding like making a special forum or needing to adjust teamspeak permissions. We can just send out a PM and make a forum post with a time and place, get together, have a fun chat about Overdosed. Enlisted members are strongly encouraged to join in, and higher ranks are welcome if they want to lend a hand and provide input.
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