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  1. Dubious(OD)

    Superlative Awards March 2018

    I wasn't blasting anything either. Was merely a suggestion, I'm not even taking anything super serious; someone else might however, and it may rub some people the wrong way. I've already said myself in Teamspeak that it's just an Award, such as in High School when people are voted most likely to succeed, best dressed etc, it's merely a popularity contest and nothing more. And just sayin', these remarks towards it has nothing to do with "Diablo 2 Division" It was just a general observation, and a few of us were concerned about how it may come off to others within the Clan. No one is pointing fingers at you either, Jester. I appreciate all the extra work people in OD put towards things like this, I just think it may be a good idea to be mindful that some people take things to heart by nature, and maybe discretion wouldn't be a terrible idea in some cases.
  2. Dubious(OD)

    Superlative Awards March 2018

    Agreed, I think it should be removed, or changed if necessary. May I suggest changing it to Magnanimous?
  3. Dubious(OD)

    Hello! (I'm New hehe) :D

    Welcome to OD! Allow me to paste part of my own introduction here for you to enjoy: My name starts with a "D" and ends with an "ubious". I'm a dork. When I'm not playing with my dingy, I'm birdwatching, taking long walks on the beach, and using cheesy pick-up lines to attract the ladies. "I lost my number, can I have yours?" Or my personal favorite, (ME: Did it hurt? HER: What? ME: When you fell down from heaven!) WHOA! I also like to laugh at how retardedly big Russia is. I like hitting random things with sticks. I like people who call my house, my number is 911-1496 (If you actually call this number, please feel free to punch yourself in the face. Or make an appointment with my secretary and I will personally punch you in the face.) I also like to ask random people if they've seen my lost plunger anywhere. Dance Noodle, Dance.
  4. Dubious(OD)

    How did you find out about OD?

    I've just recently started playing Diablo 2 again within the past 3 ish months or so. Was just leveling characters, doing my own thing, making my own way, I only had 2 friends on my friend's list. In these games as well as others, I kept seeing OD everywhere. In games, in chats, trist runs, baal runs, chaos runs, whatever; I was just seeing it over and over and thinking to myself: "These fuckers are EVERYWHERE" Haha. So one day I made a game asking for help killing my hell ancients. An OD member joined and again, "These guys are fuckin' everywhere" was my thought. This particular member was Beerus(OD), and he joined randomly, just to help a random out. Long story short, the willingness to take time out of whatever else he may have had going on at the moment, just to help me, some random dude he didn't know, combined with all the other OD members I had been running into elsewhere, their willingness to help, the fellowship I saw between the members; all of this made me respect OD and what it seemed to stand for, so I inquired about joining when Beerus was done helping me. I joined the channel, talked to Sassy, and have been in OD for 35 days now. I joined and never looked back, and I've no intention of ever doing so.
  5. Dubious(OD)

    Your (OD) Account!

    Dubious is a long time name I've used on multiple accounts across a variety of platforms and for many different games and websites. In fact, I've used this name for so long, people will sometimes steal it; there's been several times I've tried to use it for something new to me and it's already taken. This has also been an issue with many of the other names I've used for characters, especially in Diablo 2.
  6. Dubious(OD)


    This MAY be nothing but over the past several days, I've noticed someone in the channel that just throws me off, He is a level 1 Necromancer (Has been level 1 for several days now) with the character name "Sphtbot" At first glance, this could just be some 13 year old being cheeky however this is what I've noticed that doesn't seem right: All he ever says in chat is "Hmmm" which in itself is nothing really to look twice at, however it only seems to get said right after someone types .games into chat but it's not every time; in fact, it seems to be at a specific interval though I haven't tested it to see if it's after a certain period of time, every time. Then there's the fact that I've entered the chat multiple times a day at random times and he seems to ALWAYS be in the channel. Like I said, might be nothing. But if it is something, there's no telling what the hell he's doing/trying to do. Just a heads up either way. Damn it, I forgot to add that I have tried making small talk with this person directly (Offering rush, saying hi, etc) with no response ever.
  7. Dubious(OD)

    Newbie here

    Thanks for all the warm welcomes ladies and gents. I'm really liking it here so far, even with all the hazing. :P
  8. Dubious(OD)

    Newbie here

    But but....it's only Kirby. I dunno why it's so blown up on his face though tbh.
  9. Dubious(OD)

    Newbie here

    So rudeeee.
  10. Dubious(OD)

    Newbie here

    You just read the best introduction ever. Just go with it.