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  1. CotDaniel(OD)

    New Diablo II member - Dreg

    Welcome Man! =D Hope u got your Rush.


    happy birthday =D

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    Need a Necro torch? Just call me at game ill give u 1 :)
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    US East Ladder - ISO & FT

    @LiMeh(OD) ive got some of those items man. Ill give u for free =D Just call me today at night!
  6. CotDaniel(OD)

    Guide to a Classic Rush (Crush)

    @Purplez(OD) Im still leveling and gearing =D But i think next week ill be ready do Crush members =D
  7. CotDaniel(OD)

    The moon during daytime for Sassy!

    Trip to a place in Brazil Called MARAGOGI.
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    Just wanna say Purple is the most beautiful and important part of the clan! ❤️
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    New Recruit

    Welcome man! Call me anytime u need help =D
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    Newbie here

    Hahahahahahahahahah Welcome man! Im sure u gonna be really happy playing with ODs.
  11. CotDaniel(OD)

    PvM Trang'Oul Poison Necromancer

    I will defenetly test Trangs again!! Great build - Ilove poison necros <3
  12. CotDaniel(OD)

    What's the best thing you've found so far?

    Hahahahahaha.. But after that day, no drops at all....
  13. CotDaniel(OD)

    Just a quick hello:}

    Hey man! Welcome =D Let me know if you need any help!
  14. CotDaniel(OD)

    PVM - Hybrid Poison Necro

    Hey DarkHelmet! Thank you for reply! Indeed i Forgot to paste Gloves, Charms and Switch part of the text. Is there any way that i can edit the post? Regarding your opinios. I've tested Full Trangs and it do not work so well. It gets too dependent of corpse explosion and you can't agregate minios to shield you. However, it's an ok option for those who don't have enough for nigma, etc! It do not lack of resists. Anni + Torch + Homunculos + Maras+ Circlet (with resists) + FCR ring (with resists), will be enough! For sure Necro shines being support in runs. But i have already run with this build and it works well. Not as good as a hammerdin, of couse, but it does. The mais thing: this is a very fun build to play with. Light/Blizz sorces and Hammerdins represent like 80% od Bnet (including myself). I do like to build different chars . A little bit os creativity, you know. Otherwise it gets boring.. hahahah
  15. CotDaniel(OD)

    PVM - Hybrid Poison Necro

    PVM - Hybrid Poison Necro TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Skill point allocation. II. Stat point allocation. III. The Gear. IV The Mercenary V. Gaming guideline I. SKILL POINT ALLOCATION Poison & Bone Skills: Poison Dagger - 20 Poison Explosion - 20 Poison Nova - 20 Corpse Explosion - 1 Bone Armor - 1 Teeth - 1 Curses: 1 Amplify Damage 1 Weaken 1 Iron Maiden 1 Terror 1 Life Tap 1 Decrepify 1 Lower Resist Summoning: Raise Skeleton - 15 Skeleton Mastery - 15 Clay Golem - 1 Blood Golem - 1 Iron Golem - 5 Golem Mastery - 1 Summon Resist - 1 II. STAT POINTS ALLOCATION Stats Strength: Zero (With the right gear you should not need any stats) Dexterity: Zero (You don’t need Max Block. Your summons will just block for you) Vitality: All your Stat Points Energy: Zero (your iron Golem will do the work for you) Breakpoints Faster Cast Rate You don’t need much FCR. That’s because poison damage do not increase as fast you cast. For poison nova you need to cast it every two seconds, for example. You need FCR just enough to tele faster. 50% is enough. 0% - 15 Frames 9% - 14 Frames 18% - 13 Frames 30% - 12 Frames 48% - 11 Frames 75% - 10 Frames 125% - 9 Frames Faster Hit Recovery Your minions will not allow you to be hit often. You don’t need to concern of FHR in this build 0% - 13 Frames 5% - 12 Frames 10% - 11 Frames 16% - 10 Frames 26% - 9 Frames 39% - 8 Frames 56% - 7 Frames 86% - 6 Frames 152% - 5 Frames 377% - 4 Frames III. THE GEAR The bad part of this build is that it requires expensive items. I will give options when it is possible. However I recommend to follow the main ones. WEAPON: Death's Web: No Way to change this one. The higher the best! *Don’t forget to socket a 5/5 Poison Facet on it SHIELD: Homunculus: Probably the best Necro shiled. Its block rate will supply you for almost never been hit (combined with your minions) *Don’t forget to socket a 5/5 Poison Facet on it Cheaper Option: Trangs wing: *combined with trang belt and gloves this offers -25% enemy resist HELM: Rare Circlet: One that gives +2 necro skill, 20% fast cast, all resist/strengh and 2 open Sockets. 2x 5/5 poison facets on it. - Just Godly. Cheaper Option: Shako *Its clear how lower it is, but yet, a good helm. Don’t forget to socket a 5/5 poison facet on it ARMOR: Enigma: By far the best option. Teleport, damage reduced and strength. Make it on Superior Mage Plate, so you don’t need to spend stats on strength Good option: Bramble - Crazy 50%+ Poison skill damage. I recommend to use it if you are running with other teleporting chars. Cheaper Option: Bone Runeword. Good resists and +2 to Necro Skills BOOTS: Marrowwalks: Will boost a little bit your skeletons, and it’s not expensive. BELT: 1) Arachnid Mesh: Just the best belt for casters. Period. Cheaper Option: Trang-Oul's Girth *combined with trang belt and gloves this offers -25% enemy resist AMULET/RINGS The sets of amulet and rings will change according on how the other items will be. (Circlet can offer great strength, for exemple, same to resists. Just use Ammy + Rings to complete the lack of some of those) You have to combine the Amulet and Rings to get to 50% FCR (You have already 20% from circlet and 20% from Arach), enough strength for no stats spending, and good resists. The best Option (IMO): Amulet: Maras Caleidoscope - 2 All skills, resists and attributes. Ring 1: 10 FCR, resist and streng (life mod always welcome) Ring 2: Stone of Jordan - 1 all skill and mana boost. IV. The Mercenary Merc is very important on this build. It’s a must to have him geard up. ACT1 - Rogue Helm: Andariel Visage - Speed and Life leech Armor: Fortitude - Good resist and 300% boost on damage Bow: Faith Bow - Its fanaticism aura will give crazy damage to your skeletons. V. Gaming Guideline First of all, you will need to get an Insight runeword. Summon an Iron golem from it. It will deliver meditation aura for you. Pay attention to protect your golem. Otherwise, you will have to make Insight everytime. *Iron Golems do not die when you leave games The main gaming plan: 1 - Cast lower resist, and then Poison Nova. Just see everything melting up. 2 - Summon Skeletons util max. With Skels maxed, after casting poison nova nova, curse amplify damage and corpse explosion to finish the remaining monsters. Bosses: Boss killing is the weaker part of this build. Poison Nova will not affect them really well. Your Skelletons will do the work, but it might be slow, especially with more people in the game. Cast Amplify Damage (On Baal Decrepify will be useful) and just wait for Demons die. The good part is that bosses will keep entertained with you summons and will not pay attention to you. Almost impossible to die. Hope you have fun. This is my favorite build in D2 =D