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  1. Welcome Man! =D Hope u got your Rush.


    happy birthday =D

  3. Need a Necro torch? Just call me at game ill give u 1 :)
  4. @LiMeh(OD) ive got some of those items man. Ill give u for free =D Just call me today at night!
  5. @Purplez(OD) Im still leveling and gearing =D But i think next week ill be ready do Crush members =D
  6. Trip to a place in Brazil Called MARAGOGI.
  7. CotDaniel(OD)


    Just wanna say Purple is the most beautiful and important part of the clan! ❤️
  8. Welcome man! Call me anytime u need help =D
  9. Hahahahahahahahahah Welcome man! Im sure u gonna be really happy playing with ODs.
  10. Happy birthday man =D

  11. I will defenetly test Trangs again!! Great build - Ilove poison necros <3
  12. Hahahahahaha.. But after that day, no drops at all....
  13. Hey man! Welcome =D Let me know if you need any help!
  14. Hey DarkHelmet! Thank you for reply! Indeed i Forgot to paste Gloves, Charms and Switch part of the text. Is there any way that i can edit the post? Regarding your opinios. I've tested Full Trangs and it do not work so well. It gets too dependent of corpse explosion and you can't agregate minios to shield you. However, it's an ok option for those who don't have enough for nigma, etc! It do not lack of resists. Anni + Torch + Homunculos + Maras+ Circlet (with resists) + FCR ring (with resists), will be enough! For sure Necro shines being support in runs. But i have already run with this build and it works well. Not as good as a hammerdin, of couse, but it does. The mais thing: this is a very fun build to play with. Light/Blizz sorces and Hammerdins represent like 80% od Bnet (including myself). I do like to build different chars . A little bit os creativity, you know. Otherwise it gets boring.. hahahah
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