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  1. xjuggalox(OD)

    ladder reset

    So im thinking the name OD-Faygo for my druid to take to 99 then Logged as my sorc since i run a od acct and non od acct for kool names (kool names dont get 99ed by me just a alt acct i let kids and wife play once in a blue moon but here lately m oldest wont get off my sorc i got hahah so might be recuirting him into od this season hahaha )
  2. xjuggalox(OD)

    ladder reset

    LOL ya i have a bad habit of that every time i log onto this site or the other one it lags the crap outof me and goes to places idk how i got there haha
  3. xjuggalox(OD)

    ladder reset

    Whos with me gonna make a druid and s sorc at start
  4. xjuggalox(OD)


    That and yeah i think the school would be fun to do
  5. xjuggalox(OD)


    Purplez(OD) yai told them and have a list of names to msg LOL if need nething they have taken my pc over between the 2 of them i dont even get on to duel nemore between those 2 😞
  6. xjuggalox(OD)


    SO debating on weather or not to go back to school and get my cnas and computer programming degree for fun or not. I like the idea of helping people with my cnas and the computer programming would be super easy on my back as most of u know its well broke hahaha but idk yet what yall think. And yes I have been keeping d2 on dnd due to i have been letting my 2 boys play and mess around and and learn the game on a good toon b4 freset so they an have own accts on reset LOL dont feel like gearing 2 guys thislate in reset and both loves my blizz sorc so they been taking turns on it. and reason i go dnd is some of the people got a mouth on them like i do and they dont hear me talk like that so dont want em seeing what others say 🙂
  7. xjuggalox(OD)

    Socket items

    well the prefects are to make fg on NL to put gear on that account for people :) hehe and ill just tell u when ig et stuff on reset to put on there im not really doing nehting rest of this season but making spirits n insights
  8. xjuggalox(OD)

    Socket items

    Im gonna start making some spirit shields and weapons might do some insights as well for reset to try and brg some fg in on NL to help gear everyone Im looking for 4 os pally shields used for spirits 4 os monarchs non eth and eth 4 os eth cvs or 4 os eth cas need all to have the 4 os alrdy im gonna start collecting the runes for them including hels to keep rerolling till i get prefect once ig et a couple of them in so lmk what u got and how much u want for them or just wnana donate so be resold to gear people As for next season whenever it is i will be making a od mule account might let purple help me with it since shes got a odmule acct. I will be putting all extra gear on a mule account for people that are in need and help everyone out yes i use jsp but would rather give to other od memmebrs then sell at the start to help everyone out
  9. xjuggalox(OD)

    Non Ladder USEAST

    Who plays Non ladder USEAST and has a cold sorc set up? anyone? debating on weather selling my cold sorc on Ladder for a Nec set up On ladder but once lad resets wanna regear cold sorc so looking for someone who has a cold sorc set up on ladder
  10. xjuggalox(OD)

    D2 torchs

    no those was from the other keys i havnt done ur yet hun
  11. xjuggalox(OD)

    D2 torchs

    thank you i couldnt find it lOL half asleep still
  12. xjuggalox(OD)

    D2 torchs

    if anyoen needs these lmk dont worry bout the prices i just coppied and pasted from jsp 19/20 zon torch - 50 13/14 zon torch----5 fg 17/15 druid torch-----10 fg 14/15 nec torch------5 fg 14/16 zon---5 fg 10/14 zon torch ----5fg 15/19 druid torch----------10 fg
  13. xjuggalox(OD)

    Purple Characters on D2 Rule!

    hahaha figured ud fall in love with em
  14. xjuggalox(OD)

    Positive thoughts for Juggalo

    thank you guys just noticed this thread was in the er all night last night so thank you
  15. xjuggalox(OD)

    happy bday

    happy bday to me if anyone wants to chat today Jsp is limitedwishnos Line App Id is XJuggaloX Snap Chat xghostlyjuggalo Kik XGhostlyJuggaloX Instagraw ghostly_juggalo_ ps4 ghostly_juggalo_ xbox 1 XGhostlyJugX twitch ghostlyjuggalo1 contact me on ne of them ne time day or night i rarely sleep>