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  1. Treasure hunt interest?

    ill be in on it purplelmk ill toss some fg as well
  2. Hello

    wats up bruh
  3. my necro

    So i am either gonna sell my necro or just delete it on friday :) lol would like to sell but didnt realize jsp you cansell account anymore like you use to. so more then likely itll be deleted unless someone wants it just to goof off on and pk on since it is lvl 95
  4. Whats up

    first season back in5years
  5. Whats up

    yeah ik sweety :) i love the ocmmunity and people here in od been tech. here for ever just not od yet haha but now i am sins alrdy on sin ladder atm :) as well btw gonna try n get her lvl 88-90 today on her unless t3 necs move up wanna keep atleast 50 mil xp ahead to be safe :)
  6. Is this right spot

    Not sure where to put this at but was wondering if anyone is smart and has teamviewer that wouldnt mind helping me set up sandboxie so i can run 2 d2s
  7. Fortnite

    ghostly_juggalo_ is ps4 name my son plays fortnite
  8. Whats up

    i alrdy do love it hehe i normally wont do clans and fourms and all that to much to do and keep up with but with od i will
  9. Whats up

    heheh sassy only cause ur so pretty i joined LOL
  10. Whats up

    i play useast ladder sc cant do HC and i might get on teamspeak idk yet :)
  11. Whats up

    Sup im XjuggaloX PathofExile ranked number 2 nec atm. Now i am XjuggaloX(OD) whats up everyone