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  1. Leetvivi(OD)

    welcome! great community! if need help let me know XD
  2. Freebies <3 Ladder, SC East

    ISO Pally OR Sorc ammy :))))))))))
  3. ISO......

    hey guys IM ISO a sorc or pally on SCL so msg me :)
  4. FizzleNade(OD)

    hey disco let me no when u do a crush again i wanna make a javzon lol
  5. diablo 2 OD Clan

    hey its me FizzleNade, and im here to thank all of you that voted for me and all of the od diablo clan for being awsome and helping when i need help! i couldnt ask for a better community to be in and sorry havnt been on ts much some of you know but i did get teeth pulled this past week so been lil to sore to chat but i should be on in next day! other then that u guys are in trouble now that im here XD jk well to all a good day and some d2 play! THE ONE AND ONLY FizzleNade
  6. FizzleNade(OD)

    sorry wasnt wanting to talk yesterday since i got my wisdom tooths pulled lol was so soar yesterday but ill be on in a few Thanks everyone for the warm welcome i look forward to chating and gaming with you all!!
  7. FizzleNade(OD)

    So i thought i made a introduction when i first signed up for (OD) but must been on someones fourm as a reply but here i am today after a long monday of getting wisdom tooth pulled im back on here to say you guys are great and ive felt right at home since i first joined the runs....i just wanna say im fizzle and ive been playing d2 since early 2003 or so and after a close to a 10 year break im back at it....but anyways idk what to say lol but thanks for letting me join this community and for being AWESOME!!!!! LOOK FORWARD TO GAMING WITH YOU ALL!!!!!! FIZZLE
  8. Feeling a Little Overwhelmed

    its been awsome meeting you purple thanks for the runs and the help you have given! as to i have been playing d2 since lod came out and i was think 13 lol but now im back after 10 years lol and you and all of od been great!!! look forward to joing more runs and have good time on d2!
  9. New To OD

    Hey guys some may seen me as tos_fizzdin or tos_fizzleorb well im now in OD and Im OD-FizzBlizz lol hope to be doing hell baals soon with u guys until then im lvling