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  1. Getting Runescape off its feet.

  2. Getting Runescape off its feet.

    IM in then! :D started my account friday on osrs UnrealBigmac nice man if enough ppol wana do old school maybe ill make a account there lol
  3. Getting Runescape off its feet.

    Yeah i prefer osrs too! Maybe i ll try rs3 one day
  4. Getting Runescape off its feet.

    I miss that game!! havent play for years..i had a nice skiller account before, but i shared it with a friend and lost it somewhere in the universe.. Are you guys playing OSRS or RS3? just sad that id have to restart all overagain its sooo much time consuming :D
  5. New member, old player

  6. New member, old player

    almost 29 year old, 1 kid, 1 women, 2 dog, 3 cats, 1 fish (named spiderman) Every year i give up gaming and start having a life.. and every year i just come back to it, why not! its like 6 month of gym and healthy life, than 6 month of playing and drinking pepsi! Mainly Diablo 2.. why change a classic.. I ll see you guys around!