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  1. Indoor(OD)

    Can someone help me run Ubers?

    Hey guys, in desperate need of my long-awaited Storch. Being a weak pleb, I am unable to stand a chance alone. Anyone wanna spare a few minutes to clear out the ubers for me? Please and Thanks! Softcore, Ladder, USEast.
  2. Indoor(OD)

    Back after 10 years

    Welcome back!
  3. Indoor(OD)


    Hello Clan, I'm Indoor(OD), formally Indoormanatee. I've been around BNet for many years. Was quite active in Broodwar clans and played D2 on the side. Now I'm fully devoted to D2, and I'm excited to be a part of this community! I play just about every day, and I only keep the items which are très bon, so the rest I give away to clan-mates. Hope to enjoy helplessly slaughtering the forces of Hell with you all!