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  1. Can someone help me run Ubers?

    If you still need this I have a smiter ready to wreck some ubers.
  2. Clan OD Member Locations

    Added, and I live close to a couple members
  3. Splitzzz

    Welcome to OD. You are in good hands with Purplez(OD).
  4. "Generic member introduction"

    Welcome to OD! And you will have to battle ME as the supreme leader and destroy my plans of conquest
  5. Koopas(OD)

    Welcome to OD!
  6. FizzleNade(OD)

    Welcome to OD Fizz! Clan OD has so far been a blast. If you ever need any help feel free to ask, I offer rushes, ubers help and good MF company.
  7. Millz(OD) Whats up!

    Welcome aboard! Kids are so much fun and I cant wait for my daughters to join me in my gaming fun. If you ever need any help with rushes, ubers or just want to MF with some good company feel free to pm me or message me in game.
  8. Thank

    Welcome aboard! I to miss 1.09 bowazons and 1.08 super rare items. If you ever need assistance feel free to ask me, I can help rush and or do ubers with my smiter for you.
  9. Your (OD) Account!

    Chose Atrayas back in 1999 when playing everquest. Seemed like a unique name to use and I was right, almost 20 years later and I've only ever seen one other person use this name. The correct spelling is actually Atraya, i just added a S to the end of it.
  10. King of the Den Ironman

    sign me up Atrayas(OD) - Neebuak
  11. Druid Bowling! 1/20/18

    Sounds like great fun and would love to join in but unfortunately i work most saturdays. Maybe we can schedule some events for saturday or sunday evenings from time to time.
  12. Commanders need to be Evaluated

    Hello, I am Atrayas and am a recent recruit of Clan OD. After reading through this I thought I should share some of my thoughts and maybe help enlighten people to a few truths. First of all some of you may be saying, who is this person, he isn't qualified to give advice on leadership. Well to answer that question I'll give a quick background on myself. I have lead very successful guilds/clans in the past across multiple gaming platforms. I joined and climbed the ranks of a fairly large d2 clan back in 08 to become the sole leader after all other leaders decided to retire and held that clan together solo for over a year before it finally fizzled out. In real life I am a supervisor responsible for 83 real people on a daily basis. I lead the most successful team in our region in terms of morale, productivity and budget. So on to why I wanted to post here in the first place. I think people questioning what the leaders are doing need to take a moment and just think about what is to be a leader. Really think hard about it. Being a leader is someone that can be counted on, someone that people look up to, being the person that can solve the problem no one else can. With a community of this size this requires delegation. A good leader will solve problems daily themselves. A great leader will choose like minded individuals to delegate these tasks to so that they may be free to do more administrative tasks within there chosen field(this case the clan). So, think about what i just wrote above. Now imagine being a leader of 200 or so people. It is a daunting task, even stressful at times. Now you may be thinking, well they chose to rise up and lead. Well yes they did, but are they not still human? I think so. It is in everyone's nature to question there higher ups, to scrutinize them and to wonder what exactly do they do...my employees in real life do it. My response is generally to tell them that my job entails doing things to better the company as a whole so that they may have a job tomorrow. I think this statement fits here as well, as without the hierarchy I have seen in this clan, you would not have a clan. Simple as that. Now with all of that said, take one more moment and think about this. OD is a clan of 200ish members, yet with my short time here I have seen 0 drama except for this one thread here. That in itself is an accomplishment that not many community's can make.
  13. Atrayas(OD) Here

    I cant just stand idly by while someone else kills, gotta get in on the action.
  14. Back after 10 years

    Welcome aboard. You will like it here, very helpful group of people that hold fun and interesting conversations on TS to help pass the time as you grind away in d2.
  15. ISO Sorc Items

    ISO 35 FCR Monarch Spirit Low Storch Will pay fg