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  1. Atrayas(OD)

    New Base

  2. Atrayas(OD)

    New 7 Days to Die Server is UP!!!

    So are you guys not interested in this game anymore? Server is up and running for anyone that is. My next update should involve some new weapons added to the mix.
  3. Atrayas(OD)

    New 7 Days to Die Server is UP!!!

    Hey guys, took a small break from hosting during the holidays due to time constraints but I am back with a new PVP server for all to enjoy. Details are below. Pandemonium PVP | 4x XP | 3x Loot | Modded | Server Tools by RATS server manager. IP : Port : 41321 Zombie Difficulty is ramped up. This is not going to be an easy server. Already have a small player base of like minded people who enjoy survival and pvp. We have custom commands, vote rewards and personal teleports (up to 3 per player, 5 minute cooldown). Come check it out!
  4. Atrayas(OD)

    12/3/18 Update

    •Installed Custom UI •Installed Bigger Back Pack (120 slot) Mod •Installed Bigger Storage Boxes •Installed Bigger vehicle storage •Registered the server to a server tracker(Click link below and vote to get us to the top!) https://7daystodie-servers.com/server/83406/ If you haven't checked the new server out yet then hop on. Anyone wanting to join the 7 days to die squad need only apply, I check it daily.
  5. Atrayas(OD)

    Server Wipe 12/1/18

    You know i am. Day 2 and ive already died lol, much more of a challenge with the new changes.
  6. Atrayas(OD)

    Server Wipe 12/1/18

    Server has been wiped as of 12/1/18. I have modded some small aspects of the server in the hopes to attract more players for some pvp action. •Boosted experience gain to 2x normal exp. •Boosted loot abundance to double loot. •Increased the amount of max spawned zombies from 60 to 100. This should create a little more risk versus reward while out scavenging and doing your daily activities.\ •Increased the blood moon horde from 32 zombies per player to 64 zombies per player. Teaming up will be beneficial throughout the game but on blood moon night teaming up means you get every players zombies at one location. Again, a risk vs reward change here. •Level cap is 300. You can buy every perk in the game now at max level. Future Updates •Custom XUI (HUD), to show more information on the screen. •Bot - This will help manage events, locations, server administration and so much more. This is alpha 17 experimental build. To try out alpha 17 experimental go to your steam library and: Right click 7 days to die>Properties>Betas Tab>Select Latest Experimental drop down box>Wait for download and install>Enjoy So far this version of the game has been a solid improvement in most aspects. Huge graphics overhaul, smoother performance, overhauled AI (zombies are smart! ish..), mods for armor and weapons (nice way to make your own unique playstyle), and so much more. Server can be found by searching Overdosed Gaming in the join a game menu.
  7. Post any and all screenshots or videos of your awesome builds here to show off the amazing work you create in game!
  8. Atrayas(OD)

    New Overdosed Gaming Server

    New server is up. It is a modded server, War of the Walkers 5.3. Download the Mods installers here - https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?48537-The-7D2D-Mod-Launcher-A-Mod-Launcher-for-7-Days-to-Die IP - Port - 18803
  9. Atrayas(OD)

    A Tour of Bunker OverDosed

    Wait till we crank up the zombies per person, its gonna be crazy.
  10. Atrayas(OD)

    OverDosedPvP 7Days2Die public server

    I just updated the squad to have vanity as the executive officer. People who play 7d2d should apply for the squad.
  11. Atrayas(OD)

    OverDosedPvP 7Days2Die public server

    Should really think about mods, the game is so much better with them. Vanilla is fun for abit but gets boring pretty quickly. Modded servers have alot more longevity and allot more depth to them. Ill hop on discord in a few and we can talk.
  12. Atrayas(OD)

    OverDosedPvP 7Days2Die public server

    Ill hop on tomorrow night and see about getting botman installed for QoL improvements and for admin useage if you want to use that. It hooks through irc so you can essentially communicate to the server through botman from your phone is you wanted. Can also do some other improvements like adding recipes and like using Lua, all easy to do and i can teach.
  13. Atrayas(OD)

    A Site for All to See

    If there is more interest in 7D2D I will front the cost of a server ONCE alpha 17 is released and manage the server as a public or private server depending on the activity. If i do this it will be a professional server with botman installed for quality of life improvements for the players and managerial commands and data for the admin(s). But for obvious reasons I am not going to pay for a server that has no interest and just play alone. I still actively play and have a group of folks i play with on there server. I have approached them about overdosed and as of now they aren't all that interested in being part of a clan as they just want to relax and play a game they love. Ill continue my conversations with them around our clan but for now the interest is just to lacking for outside folks to want to join up for this particular game.
  14. Atrayas(OD)

    MBTM Interview #11 Suggestions

    Should randomly select someone in a division that isn't D2. Allot of us that do not play D2 anymore or ever lurk these forums but don't post often because of lack of interest in what we are currently playing or doing. Poe would be a good start imo as it relates to the majority of our members in terms of the game genre. The newly revived black desert online could also be a good place to allow fellow members to get some insight into a different genre and hopefully encourage our folks to try something different. Just a thought 🙂