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  1. It was said that the ending would be bitter sweet. So I would expect some notable characters to die and possibly some not so liked characters survive.
  2. Ill take a look at the code when I get home today. I am not sure how much stealthbot has updated since I last used. Might even be a pre existing plugin floating around out there. Ill look into it though. I use something similar with my bot on 7 days to die. I can control the server anytime, anywhere on my phone. Can also see all chat, everything in all players inventorys and moderate hackers and or exploiters.
  3. You can also edit the scripts in a way to add custom commands to whatever you need it to. Also you can hook stealthbot to IRC and monitor chat and moderate the channel from a phone with an IRC app. You can track leaderboards and the sort as well, similar to how the runs are tracked. Really with scripting your imagination is your limit. You just need to be careful and ensure you don't break the functionality of the bot itself, when I was learning years ago on winbot and then later stealthbot I broke it numerous times and had to start over. Trial and error though is how you learn. This old post i dug up on the forums gives a pretty accurate account of bot origins to anyone interested. I was around during those years and remember the clan wars, and had to defend and attack on occasion with my army of bots. It was a constant back and forth. Around the year 02 through 03 it was very bad on bnet and if you were affiliated with a clan no matter how peaceful you were other more aggressive clans would attack your channel for the fun of it. It is an interesting read for sure and brought back some memories for myself. He did not mention the winbot, which was used in Starcraft to artificially increase your wins, it also doubled as a channel bot, but wasn't very effective.
  4. I will be off work Wed, should be on sometime during the day and in the evening.
  5. Well Ray, I would be glad to partner with you on promoting other games of interest. Let me know what kind of plans you have and we can bounce some ideas off one another.
  6. Thank you MelodicRose. I'll try to get some time this week if the kids will allow it to get a good video of me just doing a day in the life of 7 days to day.
  7. Awesome, hope to see you there Otter, can team with me if you'd like 😎
  8. So there was 0 interest in the Ravenhearst Mod so I decided to reset and use only server side mods, meaning you don't need anything but the base game. Below are some of the settings/configs for the server. My intent with this rendition of the server is to speed up the early game to allow people to get into the pvp action quicker. Faster crafting and leveling combined with increased loot will allow players to get ahead quickly and also build a decent base early on. •PVP - Kill everyone •Drop bag only on death. •5x xp •5x Loot •10x online landclaim modifier •20x offline landclaim modifier •Increased speed on repair tools - build faster •Balanced prefab distribution mod - Better prefabs with this one, no more 30 of the same building in one spot. •Bigger cities mod - We now have sprawling cities, less of nothing, more of something. •Faster crafting mod - Based on intelligence perk •Faster vehicles mod •Improved power tools mod •Bloodmoon trickle mod - zombies will not stop coming after 3 waves now. •Many custom recipes - grass cutter, acid, beaker etc etc... •Cars respawn mod - When you wrench a car to nothing it will turn to grass, leave the grass as it is and it will respawn as a car in 15 in game days. •Scrap dukes casino coins into brass - No more so much money you cant use it, now you can scrap it down and make that precious ammo •Secured Hardened Chest mod - Custom recipe to craft a chest with 2500 hp, more protection in pvp. •Allocs Server fixes and BCManager are installed. •Botman Server manager - adds a ton of functionality for both the admin and the players. Search for the server called - Vengeance | Reset 4/5 | PVP | 5x xp | 5x Loot | Modded - or just put in the ip and port below. This is a great time for anyone that wants to try out the game or my server to begin since it is a brand new world and a brand new start for everyone. 22152
  9. Short video showcasing a pvp base build I am trying. It doubles as a horde base as well.
  10. 7 days to die : Crafting, survival, horror rpg in a voxel based world. This game revolves around a sandbox playstyle, meaning you play how you like. If you want to specialize in guns then you can. If you prefer to mine and build then go for it. If you like to farm and just survive so be it, the option is there. There alot of possibilities for a player and eventually you can be very well rounded as you progress in levels. If you want to say screw a base and live nomad style and raid other peoples bases (pvp server only), welp, thats an option too. What I enjoy most about 7DTD is the replay-ability. I have had this game for a little over a year now and I still do not find myself bored very often. Between the updates the devs put out and the modding community you can always find a fresh way to play. The random world generator expands on that as you can always create an entirely new world to explore. Also for the price, currently USD $24.99, it is well worth it for the amount of hours of enjoyment the game has given me. For the d2 community the looting aspect would probably draw your attention. This game revolves heavily around looting early game but eventually you can craft most things (after lvl 100 or so). The combat is decent as well, melee is a little sluggish but ranged and gunplay is not to bad. Pvp is also fun as well, the thrill of hunting someone down or finding a random base to raid only to break open the door to have an ak-47 in your face. Base building is by far my favorite thing to do. Building elaborate complexes or just replicating something you have seen in real life. There are alot of blocks to choose from so the options are endless on how you want to design a base. This is a voxel based world, think minecraft with much better graphics, and this game also implements structural integrity and gravity (so no floating blocks or un realistic buildings). Crafting is easy to learn but hard to master, the shear volume of items to obtain and learn what each one does can be overwhelming at first but as you play more you will become more comfortable with the system as a whole and learn to love it. Survival is also an easy mechanic to manage but also can be hard to master. You have to manage hunger, thirst, temperature regulation, negative status effects like sickness or infection, broken legs, sprained legs etc etc...But also can obtain buffs in the forms of medicines and drugs. My advice, if you enjoy FPS, rpg, survival horror and like minecraft, you will probably enjoy this game, so give it a try and join me on my server.
  11. Ravenhearst Mod Decorations All Year Round From RH favorites to all new items to modlets created by the community there is no shortage of things to decorate your base with. Cleans sets of furniture, tvs, holiday items, playable radios and record players, a working Theater Screen and video player, posters, flags, paintings and so much more with even more intended to be added we are looking to become the ultimate builders mod as well as the ultimate survival mod. Going forward we plan to release holiday themed content as well. You Wanted SP you GOT SP Thanks to @wOOkie nOOkie you will now gain 5 Skill Points every 10 levels as a boost to your perks. You can use these points just like any other and they are automatically added. So every 10 levels you have something to look forward to! Distractions Two new items found in RH are the alarm clock and the glowstick. Glowsticks come in a few colors and are loot only. They provide a ring of light around you and can be used up to 1m away from a zombie. Alarm clocks are also found and like a bomb have a "detonation" time when held in hand. Throw the alarm clock down a street or in a house and when the clock rings (5 second fuse time) the zombies in the immediate area will wander to it to check on it. Be careful though, when it stops ringing the zombies will wander away! Credits Ravenhearst has been brought to you by several amazing and talented people in this community. Without the hard work of my Development Team and Our amazing Testers this mod would not be possible. **Development Team** sinder - POI, QA, Localization Makabriel - RWG, POI, Quests, QA wookienookie - Coding Shades - Quest, QA, Test Team Lead FallenDice - QA, Test, Balance KnightRath - QA, Test While all of our Devs are also testing their work, we have a dedicated team of testers who play test to ensure the mod is working up to standards. Without them bugs and balancing issues would not be as tight as they are so please offer them some words of thanks for theoir long hours and tireless efforts. **Testing Team** Death2Gnomes Lazee WizCoke DanCapo (dscorbal) Wing Tienne Dedicated Server Links for 5.1 For anyone who wants a direct download or wishes to set up their own Dedi or Server you can use these links. They contain Multiplayer files needed to run a server only. Ravenhearst 5.1 for 17.2 Vanilla Server Files Dedicated Server Links for 5.0 for 17.1 For anyone who wants a direct download or wishes to set up their own Dedi or Server you can use these links. They contain Multiplayer files needed to run a server only. Ravenhearst Vanilla Server Files Ravenhearst 2k HD Pack Server Files Ravenhearst 4K HD Texture Pack Server Files These links always contain the latest and most current version of Ravenhearst. Link title can not be changed due to conflicts with Bluefang. To Download Single Player or Client Side ONLY Files use the following links Ravenhearst Vanilla Client/SP Files Ravenhearst 2k HD Pack Client/SP Files Ravenhearst 4K HD Texture Pack Client/SP Files ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Archived Files Looking for an older version of Ravenhearst? The link below chronicles an archived version of all major releases dating back to version 1.0. The following links will remain permanent if you would like to go back to an earlier version. These files each include all the extra files in a seperate folder like Extra Spawning, Disabled Weather etc. All links also provide the server files for each version if available. https://ravenhearst.enjin.com/archives -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD MOD USING THE LAUNCHER The best way to download and STAY updated is through the Mod Launcher. This ensures you get the latest up to date files and also offers you way more variety in not only my mod but multiple other mods too. Designed by sphereii the Mod Launcher is an essential tool for the 7 Days Mod Playing Enthusiast. Current Version: 5.1 ----------------------------------------- Contacting Me and Development Team Interaction I know a few of you have been looking for support and to have questions answered. I have been absolutely swamped with work, RL and working on RH that I do not frequently have time to be able to come here and answer all questions. Your best bet is to head over to Discord and there are a number of VERY knowledgeable players and mods, myself included, that are always around to answer questions. It is a very active and great community. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Version: 5.1 for 17.2 Current Patch Notes -Removed HD Texture Pack for Now. It may return in a future release as a modlet -Increased chances of Mayic Guns -Added Twine to more loot spots -Night Walkers will now Despawn at Daybreak -Wandering Hordes may now spawn a bit closer -Plains has been removed due to limitations on RWG by TFP -Fixed Auto Workbench Upgrading to Wood Block -Omelets are now unlocked -Boiled Cabbage now made in Survival Campfire and locked to Chef 2 -Boiled Fish now made in Survival Campfire -Chemicals Category added to blender -Fixed Uncraftable DB Shotgun -Hinges added to custom storage box -Possible Fix for Herd Glasses -Possible Fix for Shades -Possible Fix for Shift Click Grill into Survival Campfire -Katana is less insane to craft -Saplings now have Descriptions -Some blocks that had no repair options before can now be repaired (Elevators,Well) -Fixed Scavenging Time Sometimes not Sticking for Perk -Makabriel Tweaked RWG to make 17.2 feel a lot smoother and more full Mod Credits Even though Ravenhearst is written by hand and has a lot of original content, we do utilize some of the fantastic modlets that are available from this amazing community. All modlets used below are specifically balanced to utilize our mod, but you can find the original work below to use in your own games Mumphy - Zombie Textures Sirillion - SMX MainMenu Magoli - Magoli Compo Pack Mayic - Firearms Modlet Mayic - Farming Modlet Deceptive Pastry - Action Skill Modlet Xyth - Flags/Theater/Video/Books/Bats Alphado Jaki - Terrain Modifiers Dust2Death - HD Texture Pack/Vehicles/Guns sphereii - AnimationSDX/Zombie Transmogrifier/Take and Replace/Carousel Alfacinha - Decor Guppycur - Green Eyed Rads/Torches/Vehicles/Lights/Rage Khelldon - Nails/Bolts/Baby Bears KhaineGB - Bigger Backpack/Plants three08 - Powered Doors/Elevator/Storage Box Name/Neon Signs Telric - Thumper/Archaeology ------------------------------------------------------------------ Also if you have not done so check out our website https://ravenhearst.enjin.com/ We now have a work in progress Wiki which you can check out here source : https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?76822-Ravenhearst-Mod Here is a link to the 7 days to die mod launcher. This launcher is a one click installer for most mods. Very easy to use. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?48537-The-7D2D-Mod-Launcher-A-Mod-Launcher-for-7-Days-to-Die
  12. Wiped the server and am now playing with Ravenhearst overhaul for alpha 17.1 This overhaul completely changes the game into a more complex game. It is tougher and more grueling but the amount of things to do in this mod is extensive. I encourage anyone that would like to play to come on over to my server, just search for : Last Days : and you will see my server.
  13. Now i want to build that in 7 days to die...new project!!
  14. The sad thing is that they will succeed with these mobile games simply because of the popularity of mobile games in china, which is the market they are trying to tackle the hardest with these mobile games. They are going to alienate there fan base with there AAA titles for a quick cash grab elsewhere.
  15. Ill have to take some video walk through's of some of the massive complexes me and my team have built to thwart pvp base raiding efforts. Last base took us 5 days to dig out alone. You should pick up the game purplez, you might find a new addiciton =D , I did.
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