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  1. Atrayas(OD)

    Squad Cleanup 2018

    7 Days to Die Squad needs to be cleaned up. I believe I am the only active member left currently. Not sure about Hikato or Supremejester. I thought about running my own server and using that as a means to recruit. Maybe if there was more interest in the game I would.
  2. Atrayas(OD)

    Diablo II forum not as active as it should be

    Just the nature of gamer's, they want to spend there time gaming and not lurking around on forums. Through the years leading different communities myself it has always been the same story, core group of people that will use all available resources within the community then the majority who could care less and only log in when they most definitely have to.
  3. Atrayas(OD)

    Connect issues in the last couple of days?

    I had a few errors as well. Running in compatibility mode, windows xp service pack 2 fixed my issues.
  4. Should add a note that as a trapsin for sockets its most important to break the ias breakpoints. 7 frames is ideal. So 15ias/15res jewels are my go to when making a trapsin.
  5. Atrayas(OD)

    Any D3 Players

    Ok, I have been invited, just cant join until a spot opens up.
  6. Atrayas(OD)

    Any D3 Players

    Hey guys, I have been pretty silent on the forums the past few months, took a promotion at work so been busy with real life. Ive recently began playing a little d3 and looking to game with you guys. I requested to join the clan in game. Currently sitting at 700ish paragon and GR 93 solo monk. Would love to get in on the fun with you guys.
  7. Atrayas(OD)

    how would you deal with this?

    First of all, i applaud you for having the gall to say something to those women. Most people would have just ignored them and walked away, allowing them to believe they were in the right. I personally cannot stand people like that. You said it right, mind your own business. Far as the discipline goes, i see nothing wrong with spanking a child once in a awhile. I have three children and generally they get grounded because, well it just last longer and ensures they do not forget. The spankings are usually when they do something extreme that imo deserves a harsher punishment. I know as a child myself my dad was the extreme, to the point i felt something was off if I wasn't getting my ass beat, and it didn't work all of the time. I did things out of spite just to piss him off for all of the beatings i got, so it doesn't always work in his favor but he was to dumb to see that. So with my children like i said above, 99% of the time we just take stuff from them until they get the point. Far as what you did, i see nothing wrong with it and in fact would like to think that most people would encourage a parent to control there child more in a public setting. In a public setting a child thinks to himself, there are people around, I cant get in trouble when everyone is watching, so it is the parents job to ensure they never think like that, that there are always consequences to there actions.
  8. Atrayas(OD)

    How did you find out about OD?

    That is kind of ironic, since you are my recruiter. I found the clan the exact same way. Googled the sight, followed the channel for about a week then asked to join.
  9. Atrayas(OD)

    gamers lounge squad

    You are only anon to the people who do not have access to the web host. The people with that access can cross reference your ip to your main account. You're never truly anon on the web no matter how slick you think you are. But from my experience the clan is pretty open minded and these conversations can be held without worrying about retaliation from anyone.
  10. Atrayas(OD)

    Server Changes

    craft them, easy to make.
  11. Atrayas(OD)

    School shootings in the U.S.

    I for one do not understand why everyone is so fixated on the idea that solving one issue will fix the full scope of the problem...The issue is far deeper than just limiting the means to cause mass violence. There are underlying issues that are not being addressed that would also have meaningful impact on the overall violence in the US. Limiting the way in which a person can purchase a firearm is the hot topic today and yes, it can deter some but not all. There is simply to many firearms floating around that a ban will only stop people from legally buying them. Anyone can ask around and find someone willing to sell a weapon illegally. Mental health and the cost of healthcare should be the real focus. The US has astronomical health care pricing, so making government sponsored mental health facilities is next to impossible to convince our taxpayers to fund it. Until the US finds a way to make healthcare affordable to treat all types of patients and not just people that can afford it then the epidemic of mentally deranged people walking among us will not end anytime soon. Another scenario people need to understand is that if someone wants you dead, you will most likely be dead. While guns are the easiest method in todays world to kill, there are other ways that are just as effective, sometimes even more effective. Take Japan for example, very low gun violence, but look at there other violent crime statistics, they have a very high number of bladed weapon related violence. It is not as prevalent as gun violence because generally someone that uses a bladed weapon has one target in mind, were as someone using a gun has multiple targets in mind. Another example is that with the vast knowledge available in todays world, that making all types of WoD is not out of reach for anyone. All it takes is a little research and planning and anyone can mass kill while never seeing a gun. I live in a county ranked as 9th in the US for guns per capita, yet we do not see as much gun violence as our neighbors do which aren't even in the top 20. We are a collection of small towns with down to earth people with close family ties just living our lives the best we can. The people that I know that own guns have them for hunting, home protection and for sport. I rarely see open carry around here even with us having that many guns around. We never hear of kids creating mayhem here. The parents here teach children safe gun practices early on and educate them on the dangers of said guns. Now to answer some concerns about guns themselves. I for one am a strong independent. I feel the two party system has failed this country as a whole. As an independent I do not see the reason why anyone outside of our military, including the police, would ever have need for military grade weaponry. It boils down to money, as there is simply to much to be made for the arms dealers to ever give in to any type of control presented. Our top politicians are lobbied to ensure the sale of guns stays legal for profits sake. Our republican and democratic parties are to embroiled in there own agendas to understand that the people do not agree with there short sighted goals. Again, mass violence is to complicated to end with only one solution. It will take multiple avenues and years of policy, laws and enforcement to ever end the epidemic of violence in this country. Until then, be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to people, you never know who can be a killer.
  12. Atrayas(OD)

    A Site for All to See

    Join up, I have more than enough to get you off to a good start.
  13. We are seeking more survivors to help us thrive in the apocalypse. In 7 days to die we have a very harsh life. We must hunt and grow our own food or scavenge for what little remains of the old world. We must build fortifications to protect ourselves from the zombie onslaught daily. We must arm ourselves with weapons and protect ourselves from the constant threat of zombies and wildlife. We have to craft and create our own tools including electrical and power equipment later in life. For anyone that is interested please let me know and I will ensure your survival for your first go. We currently have 3 very established bases and 1 deserted castle up for grabs. We can equip players with armor, tools and weapons to help them get started. I will also gift every new player a brand new mini bike for quick travel around the world, which btw is quite large, so there is plenty of room for people to come join us. Hikato hosts an OD private server for us, the info for the server is in his original thread: Overdosed in 7 days. Come join us for great fun and comradeship. Currently myself, Vanity(OD), Hikato(OD) and SupremeJester(OD) are all active players. Ravemore(OD) pops in time to time as well.
  14. Atrayas(OD)

    Squad of the Month

    With more interest in the clan we could quite possibly look into a more professional hosting service. ATM Hikato is hosting off of his home PC, which is fine for a handful of people, but with more interest and a server that can handle 20,30 or even 50 players simultaneously, we could not only draw people already in the clan to come join us for some great fun but also open the server to the public and have an entirely new avenue for recruitment for OD. I have been researching professional hosting and the bots to help administer the server as well as researching what the public servers offer to draw new players to the game. Most servers come out fairly cheap as far as server costs go ( about 30-60 bucks per month depending on how much power ya need). The bots are also paid for bots but im am currently searching for open source bots to have a peak at the source code as I think I could possibly create a bot just for clan OD myself. Now to piggy back off of Jesters comment, we have 3 great established bases on our server currently. We have stockpiled a ton of resources to help new players get started. Things like hunger and thirst are non existent as Hikato manages a garden at his and jesters base and I manage a garden at my base. We also offer a free mini bike for new comers as the parts needed are easy to come by now for us. Vanity has the safest bunker currently to have some real fun on horde night. We have discovered at least a dozen well stocked cities to go out and loot. The list goes on but for a new player now is a good time to get in on the fun because eventually the server will need a wipe and a restart to keep the game fresh, maybe even using a modded version of the server to create an entirely new experience for people. I say now because its a great opportunity to learn as we can and will help protect and equip people since we have the resources now. If you enjoy games like minecraft, cs:go, resisidet evil, silent hill and added rpg elements then you would def enjoy this game. It is currently 24.99 on steam and stil in early alpha, meaning the developers are still adding new things to the game. Once it hits beta that means we are in the bug fixing process and new content will most likely be saved for future DLC's. Do not let early alpha scare you away though as this is already an entirely playable game with great replay-ability and an awesome modding community to boot.
  15. Atrayas(OD)

    Overdosed in 7 Days

    Just cal mine The Castle