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  1. Whats up

    Welcome to the group!!!
  2. Not to sure if this goes here

    I am a streamer also, I threw you a follow. If I see you online during my off time ill throw you a host too
  3. New To OD

    Welcome aboard. have a great time. LMK if you need an xpac chant game. I host them from time to time!
  4. Print(OD)

    Okay, I am not new to Diablo at all I joined about a week ago but failed to post here so here it is. 30+ old veteran (Marine) Served 05-09 Active 09-13 inactive Iraq tours 05-06 07-08 I dont mind helping people out but soon as slurping gets annoying I am out I stream and all my runs are normally on a 1,2,3 basis which means something great drops it is announced and everyone says 1 need 2 greed or 3 pass then it is rolled on in my stream. This is what I normally do on my streams. So if you join my runs this is what I expect. However, I try to help out guild members as much as possible. I am coming over to this clan from KoA which I have been a member since August 31, 2015 which I made it to rank King in the clan. I have already started a crusher to be able to help the guild out which is roughly around level 65 and can already crush but not as fast. But still doable if you have patience If you have any questions let me know. Thanks, Pinrt
  5. New member, old player

    Welcome Aboard!
  6. ISO Sorc Items

    I have a white Monarch that you can have