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  1. Print(OD)

    Sup Print about time you posted. See you in games Brah.
  2. TripAgez(OD) is here

    Thanks for the votes all. I look forward to making some new friends and having some fun.
  3. Uber Smiter on USEast

    Looks like this ladder is going to Rock n Roll with all the help from members. I'll be sure to get my key sets in your hands first (when i get them all). Making a smiter also may have a few questions about build, Thx for help cyas in game.
  4. Purple has invaded your forum!

    Glad to see im not the only one who played since Diablo came out . I'm sure i'll see you around hit me up when im online.
  5. TripAgez(OD) is here

    ty Sassy i appreciate it.
  6. TripAgez(OD) is here

    Hey All. Just Getting back into playing D2 again after a long break. Glad to find a clad with helps =). Thx to fungi(od) in game for his help and finding me a future spot here.