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  1. TripAgez(od)

    20/20 Pally torch

    Can You Believe It... I'm still on a rush. Time to do more Ubers Props to Sweets, without his Bo Barb and Tele Sorc would of took me all night.
  2. TripAgez(od)


    Sup Print about time you posted. See you in games Brah.
  3. TripAgez(od)

    TripAgez(OD) is here

    Thanks for the votes all. I look forward to making some new friends and having some fun.
  4. TripAgez(od)

    Uber Smiter on USEast

    Looks like this ladder is going to Rock n Roll with all the help from members. I'll be sure to get my key sets in your hands first (when i get them all). Making a smiter also may have a few questions about build, Thx for help cyas in game.
  5. TripAgez(od)

    Purple has invaded your forum!

    Glad to see im not the only one who played since Diablo came out . I'm sure i'll see you around hit me up when im online.
  6. TripAgez(od)

    TripAgez(OD) is here

    ty Sassy i appreciate it.
  7. TripAgez(od)

    TripAgez(OD) is here

    Hey All. Just Getting back into playing D2 again after a long break. Glad to find a clad with helps =). Thx to fungi(od) in game for his help and finding me a future spot here.