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  1. 2nd Purple Scavenger Hunt

    PRIZES Perfect Windforce Perfect Magefist Unid Shako Unid Andy's Unid Occy 4x Gore boots 34 war travelers Eth Upped Duriels 3x Dwarf rings Ravenfrost ring 217/20 Tal's ammy 5 nagels Winner takes all! First person to post a screen shot of their stash containing all items winz! <<<<<<<<<<RULES>>>>>>>> 1. Make a level 1 character with nothing in your stash. 2. Must have a friend with you in game to verify each other's stash and level 1 character. 3. First person to post a screen shot of their stash with ALL the items winz. 4. You cannot have a higher level come in and help you. Remember, Clan OD is all about trust and respect. 5. The person who was with you in game has to vouch that you complied with the rules. <<<<<ITEMS TO FIND>>>>>>>> 1. cracked sash 2. wirt's leg 3. 4 purple juvs any size 4. 4 ameythst any size 5. 1 yellow rare item 6. the scroll from the tree in dark woods 7. a merc of any type (means you gotta kill blood raven lol) HAPPY SCAVAGING! How to take a screenshot directions:
  2. Just joined OD!

    Hi and welcome, it's a fun community. Here's a few links to help you get started. If I can help, let me know! http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65260-overdosed-the-guide-to-everything/ http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/66572-crush-suggestion/
  3. 2nd Purple Scavenger Hunt

    Thanks ItsThyUncle! Maybe for the next scavenger hunt. XForceX won this one!
  4. Having Slow Wifi ?? This may help!

    Excellent, thanks Ocelot!
  5. a Bad Case of altitis

    I meant it in a good way :) I pick up stuff and save it to share as well. I call myself a hoarder because of so many mules like your so many alts.
  6. Hey guys Motsi00(OD) Here

    Hi and welcome to the clan! You are going to meet some fun people to game with. Be sure to check out this forum though, there's lots of useful information!
  7. We're here for you RickAstley!

    You might want to post what type of work you've done, who knows which clan member might have a contact in that area or advice!
  8. We're here for you RickAstley!

    @RickAstley(OD) pm this morning advising us of his employment search. Remember Clan OD is over 400 members strong. Networking where you least expect it can possibly produce results. Let us know where you live and what you are looking for, maybe one of your fellow clan members has a connection. Just remember we've all been there at one time. Keep your chin up!
  9. Hello i am GhostDog(OD)

    Welcome to you! Happy to have recruited you. You will find that this is a very fun community. I know that Puddin and Cogswell grushed you thanks to Vechy's bumper but let me know if you need anything else. Here's a couple of links to help you get around on the forum. http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65260-overdosed-the-guide-to-everything/ http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/66572-crush-suggestion/
  10. a Bad Case of altitis

    You are what they call an alt hoarder! lol
  11. Positive thoughts for Juggalo

    Juggalo is going through some really tough times right now. He needs all your positive thoughts! @xjuggalox(OD)
  12. A huge thank you to @SnipeDragon(OD) and @Disco for suggesting, then implementing the ability to choose a forum theme! The black looks great and more modern, plus the graphics underlying the skin. I am grateful to be able to keep the light one, only because of my eyesight, but I do appreciate the new look.
  13. Nice to meet you all

    Hi there and welcome! You've joined a fun community. Even though I don't play D3, I'll probably "see" you either here on the forums or on TS. Good luck and have fun.
  14. Ladder Reset - getting ready

    Just thought I would post some information gathered on the possible reset upcoming in May or June. We never really know when it's going to happen. Prior to the December 2017 ladder reset, we were given almost a month of advance notice, so it's not unreasonable to think an announcement might be forthcoming. Any reset generates renewed interest in D2. Clan OD already has over 200 members in D2. When the reset happens, we'll be overwhelmed with more recruits because traditionally Clan OD members get up and running very fast. Even though some members only want to level in the new ladder, maybe we can set up shifts for recruiters where the recruiter sits in channel for a designated period of time, say an hour, and they take the new recruits or people asking about Clan OD in channel be referred to that specific recruiter? I plan to maintain the ClanODMule account with start up gear and will be happy to help with rushes, etc. when I get a viable character up and running. I just thought we could start a discussion now and make plans. Here's a list of previous ladder reset dates: 01. Tuesday October 28, 2003 02. Wednesday July 7, 2004 03. Monday August 8, 2005 04. Monday June 25, 2007 05. Tuesday June 17, 2008 06. Tuesday March 23, 2010 07. Tuesday September 28, 2010 08. Monday March 28, 2011 09. Tuesday October 25, 2011 10. Wednesday May 2, 2012 11. Tuesday November 6, 2012 12. Tuesday May 14, 2013 13. Tuesday November 26, 2013 14. Tuesday May 27, 2014 15. Tuesday November 25, 2014 16. Tuesday May 26, 2015 17. Tuesday November 24, 2015 18. Tuesday May 17, 2016 19. Tuesday November 22, 2016 20. Tuesday May 30, 2017 21. Tuesday December 12, 2017 @Sassy @PoPs(OD) @DBZ(OD)
  15. Ladder Reset - getting ready

    Reset is always fun! New people, new toons, new interest. I always look forward to it.
  16. Getting Runescape off its feet.

    Good luck and hope you get it to the level you all want! Gaming is always fun no matter the game.
  17. Herniated Disc?

    Sounds really serious. I don't know anybody that's had that, although I've had several family members with back issues. Truthfully, the back is a tricky place. I know it can be extremely painful when there are problems and that pain pills only increase the problems. You need to look for forums of people who've had it and their comments to get a full over view. Good luck to whoever is contemplating this medical action. From what I've read, the microdiscectomy is the least invasive.
  18. Congratz on new division!

    Just wanted to say congratz on the new POE division!
  19. 2nd Purple Scavenger Hunt

    @Bambii(OD) and @Kimchi(OD) Of course the last item he found was the cracked sash! Who would have thought in both hunts that would be the hardest LMAO
  20. 2nd Purple Scavenger Hunt

    Verifying that I was in the game with XforceX and for a while Midnight was there. Congratz to XforceX, he winz. He will be posting a screenshot shortly.
  21. Hi I'm SoundsGood(OD)

    Hey there and welcome to the Clan. It's a fun community. I've only played a little HC so I probably won't see you much, but I am on TS and I'll probably see you in channel. Let me know if there is something I can do to help.
  22. Community Meeting 4/7/2018 8 PM CST

    Is the recording going to be posted in the thread? I'm sorry to have missed the meeting. I just got the days mixed up and signed on on Sunday in time for it to be told I had missed it. So now I'm looking for the recording. I hope to make the next one.
  23. Second introduction

    Nice post Dave. Just get back to enjoying the game and people in it. The rest will come.
  24. 2nd Purple Scavenger Hunt

    Contest is still available. Nobody has posted a screen shot yet. Good luck all!
  25. Rooster greets girl off bus

    That's so cute @crankkt(OD) Thank you for finding it and sharing it. We gotta make sure that purplechicken sees this too! To tag you just put the @ in front of their name. @Midnight087(OD)