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  1. This is the first evaluation process I've been a part of. It really helped to get to know people better and I appreciate ALL the well thought out and insightful comments made by those being evaluated. However, the one thing I don't think is fair is for people to post so many questions which require essay answers. We are all volunteer members of the Clan OD. As such our time fulfilling our roles here comes out of our personal time. If a member truly wants the answer to something specific, then that is a legit question. But expecting our volunteer leaders who already commit so much time to the clan to answer essay questions in bulk is ludicrous. Isn't there some way to stop what I think is an abuse in the evaluation process. I'm sorry if I step on any toes with my question, but it's one thing during the evaluation process that really bugged me.
  2. What's the best thing you've found so far on the new Ladder? I haven't had much luck yet, so I'd have to say spirit runes is mine.
  3. intro

    Here's the link on the forum for Discord.
  4. intro

    Welcome to Clan OD. Thanks for being so patient. We love having new people and getting to know them. Just give me a holler if I can help with anything.
  5. Treasure hunt interest?

    I was thinking about setting up a treasure hunt with a prize for the first person to find all the items. For instance, you find items such as a cracked sash, a 2 socket sword, 4 juvs, etc. just random stuff, and whoever finds it first and either screenshots their find and posts on the thread or shows it in game to an officer and gets verified, wins whatever prize I put up. What do you think?
  6. Elemental Druid GC -- free sorta <3

    Give me your best purple picture or poem and you could win this Elemental Druid GC I just rolled. G-rated please. :) I'll choose the winner by tomorrow.
  7. Smiter Service

    That's awesome Atrayas! I met a guy whose a former OD member whose doing mostly torch hunting this season. He gave me a low sin torch to pass on to an OD member who would use it. He said he would give me all his low torches to pass around to OD members. If I get any keys, I will definitely donate them to you.
  8. Free g rush in about 10 mins

    Way to go Wienis! I don't need one at the moment, but I love seeing new OD members helping out and sharing.
  9. Druid Bowling! 1/20/18

    Loads of fun! Thanks for setting this up DBZ. I made it to level 9 boooyah and was second dead lol
  10. Druid Bowling! 1/20/18

    So around 10:30 my time. I think I can make it!
  11. What's the best thing you've found so far?

    I found a level 28 Maras today in Frigid! Definitely a mfing day :)
  12. Freebies <3 Ladder, SC East

    Hit me up next time we are on together Fizzle. I have a couple on mules you could check out.
  13. Freebies <3 Ladder, SC East

    Ok new to this forum, so I posted this somewhere else on the forum but no clue where it is LMAO. Anyway, I am a hoarder. I don't like to trade, so I pick up stuff and spread it around to those in need. So if it's low-medium level, ask me and if I don't use it you can have it. I also have extra juv pots for those of you who do runs. If you find my other post, somebody should delete it.
  14. Deehoc(OD)

    Welcome to Clan OD! Was fun with you, pops and dinn in the game earlier. Let me know if I can help with anything.
  15. Leetvivi(OD)

    Yes I've chatted you with you in the channel. Welcome to OD, it's a very fun community. Just give me a shout if you need help with something.
  16. Recruiting Guide:

    OP Sassy is great to take recruits with the .def Makes the process smoother, but as I mentioned in the forum message above, I didn't find any of these messages until after I had recruited members. When you first join OD and the forum, you look at the major forums and subforums and start reading when you have time between helping people, etc. It's a lot to read. Therefore, my suggestion was for a subforum for Recruiting and all individuals beginning to perform recruiting be told about that forum during their training.
  17. Welcome To The Diablo II Division

    Wow, my bad! I never knew this post was here until today. I've recruited 5 people now and this would have been soooooooo helpful to be able to refer to. It seems to me that a lot of recruits have trouble with the overdosed.net registering process and having gone through it only once myself when I joined, their questions were hard to answer without another OD member in the channel with the answers. I realize that all Divisions have to have a section like this, however, a tiny suggestion would be to have a subforum for Recruiters where you direct people who are new to recruiting. I would also suggest that since we try to help all members get their new character up and running, perhaps Discos and others who perform classic rushes write up a small informational part so the new recruiter can explain it's availability to D2 members. Remember, not everybody knows the benefits to Crushes. I do because I used to play it, but the recruits I've talked to mostly don't know about it.
  18. intro || sup

    Hiya GHJK! Nice to meet you and welcome to Clan OD. I always like meeting and playing with new people. Just ask if you need help with anything.
  19. Just wanted some Purple :)

    Testing this part of the forum's purple content LMAO
  20. Oh hello^^

    Welcome to OD. Love meeting new people If you need help on anything, just let me know.
  21. Can someone help me run Ubers?

    I'd help you but I definitely ain't uber proof lol Good luck on your torch.
  22. What's the best thing you've found so far?

    Awesome finds everybody. I keep hearing OD-CotDaniel telling of his uber finds in whispers. That guy is so darn lucky. High runes, uniques like shadow dancers, but my best find is still the Tal ammy. Of course, I don't mf that often.
  23. Just a quick hello:}

    Hi there! I've seen you in the channel. Welcome to OD. If you need help with anything just let me know.
  24. Clan OD Member Locations

    What a cool thing to be able to see how Clan OD populates the world! Note: Even had a PURPLE marker to choose from LMAO.
  25. Druid Bowling! 1/20/18

    My character's name will be OD-PurpleBallz LMAO