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  1. Purplez(OD)

    Tyson KO Tournament

    And now thanks to Pops, the PK games will be advertised in channel!
  2. Purplez(OD)

    Enigma contest!! Come play!!

    LMAO Viral!!! too funny ... Lots of good stories for entries. I'll make the decision on Sunday.
  3. Purplez(OD)

    Leaving OD 😭

    Glad to see you are just going to take a break! Looking forward to your return.
  4. Purplez(OD)


    Heya Pep, welcome back to the Clan. If I can help with something, just whisper me on Purplez(OD). Also, we do have clan mules with some good stuff on there to help out. Nothing uber, just stuff to get you started. Here's a good guide to help you navigate the Clan.
  5. Purplez(OD)

    Enigma contest!! Come play!!

    @Voldemort(OD) decided to switch to another game and donated some runes and some D2 gear. So I made some enigmas. For this first contest, the prize will be an enigma. Tell me why you need or want an enigma, make it funny, make it serious, but bottom line have fun! Contest begins today and runs through Sunday, February 24th. Get those purple pencils sharpened and give it your best shot. Looking forward to reading your entries.
  6. Purplez(OD)

    Leaving OD 😭

    merica, I have truly enjoy gaming with you, chatting with you, spending time with you. You've hosted some great contests and are a kick in the pants. I'm sad to see you go and hope you change your mind. The Clan is like any community, you do what you feel comfortable doing whether you get an increase in rank or not. It's all about making the community a fun place to be. We all get discouraged at times, but bottom line, we joined the Clan to have fun people to play with, not for the ranks. Be safe, be happy and enjoy ...life is too short to do otherwise. ❤️
  7. Purplez(OD)

    Tyson KO Tournament

    New member that Nivek recruited, Desolace, is a returning D2 player after a 10 year absence. He said he used to PVP all the time. I told him about you guys during the grush.
  8. Purplez(OD)

    Bloodthirsty ear Contest

    Congratulations to our winner StelioKonto! Enjoy the prizes @Viral donated.
  9. Purplez(OD)

    Want to make a new character with me?

    Well we made it past Andy, through the Halls, and into the maggot lair. We got the wp for Lost and then called it quits for the night. It was fun as usual. Good group of people to play with! @Morgoth(OD) @Froggie420(OD) @Viral(OD) @merica @sobyakusho
  10. Purplez(OD)

    ISO javazon gear

    Think we got your javazon up and running last light with the gear. Good luck!
  11. Purplez(OD)

    Tyson KO Tournament

    Sadly I only killed 1 person in the ffa's last night, but it was fun!
  12. Purplez(OD)

    Diablo2 Soft Core Ladder Rushing

    Gratz Lynn! Wonderful of you to offer to do rushes. ❤️
  13. Purplez(OD)


    Looks like you found a great lot with mature trees. House is coming right along. Exciting to watch it's progress I'm sure.
  14. Purplez(OD)

    Tyson KO Tournament

    Don't faint now Kevin, I actually killed DBZ and MooMoo in the same game LMAO
  15. Purplez(OD)

    Community Meeting on Feb 17th @ 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST

    It's happening right now come on!