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  1. Purplez(OD)


    It's the end month or so of ladder season on D2, but there are many different players still around hc, classic and sc. Everybody plays at different times, but we are still here. If I can help on D2, just give me a whisper on Purplez(OD).
  2. @Triny(OD) provides a list of new ranks to @Aerineth(OD) who then updates it. So you will be on the list to be updated to Warrant Officer. 🙂
  3. Purplez(OD)

    On game

    It will be fun having you back on game, you always were the life of the party. ❤️
  4. There are always several ladder reset teams in D2 posted as the time gets nearer. In fact, last year I held a Reset Lottery for members to pick dates of when they think it will be. I plan on doing so again.
  5. It looks like a shot from an alien invading the world move. I love it!
  6. Hi Josh, I'm Cindy. Welcome to a fun gaming community. I already asked you the all important question in channel the other day lol but if there's anything I can help you with, just give me a whisper on Purplez(OD).
  7. Happy Easter to one and all! Don't eat too much chocolate... personally, I think the ears on the chocolate bunny are the best LMAO
  8. Lots of really good incentives here, way to go Hari! I will only be able to play D3 a little, so not in the competition, but I admire this contest alot! ❤️
  9. As long as you are having fun GamerGoth, that is all that matters 🙂 Alot of members make sorcs so that they can crush others without the ancient requirement, but there are several that actually play classic. Good luck!
  10. Played D3 for a little while with MooMoo and dmon yesterday til the computer shut off lol
  11. I would like to start a list of games that each of our members have played and/or are still playing. Once the list is started, then it can be expanded to have a small critique or tips or whatever the game needs, does it cost, multiple player, mobile access ... and other things that we can add. I look forward to seeing the responses.
  12. Even with the guides that are provided, some of our members still have trouble with the "console". Either at the meeting or offering console training afterwards would be great. Thanks for hosting the community meeting Ray!
  13. I just downloaded it, I'm ODPurplez lol
  14. going to tag @Melrak(OD) Good luck and welcome back Shampoo!
  15. It was fun trying a new game, thank you for advertising it Hari!
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