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  1. Purplez(OD)

    Song of the Day by Everix(OD)

    I just feel that you take the time to find these songs to share, it is the least I can do to listen to them. I have found some songs that I've really liked. And, you probably knew, that I would like this one. Great vocals.
  2. Purplez(OD)

    ODD2 Weekly Cup

    It was fun to watch Sunset, you missed out. Jared was a little ummm tipsy rofl merica fought long and hard. It was funny listening to them on TS and watching the action in game.
  3. Purplez(OD)

    Hello OD

    Hi there and welcome to the Clan! You've joined a fun filled community. If I can help on D2, just give me a whisper at Purplez(OD). Here's a couple of links to help you find your way around the forums and learn more about the Clan. http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65260-overdosed-the-guide-to-everything/ http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/67285-guide-to-a-classic-rush-crush/
  4. Purplez(OD)

    Skribbzz hc contest sept30-oct31

    There are no hc annis or torches on the clan mules, don't know about Skribbzz's and Hectic's mules.
  5. Purplez(OD)

    Song of the Day by Everix(OD)

    You sure have alot of music Everix 🙂 I didn't care for the Gold Gun Girls. The Mars Red Sky was a good one. Sorry, but Led Zeppelin has never been on my play list, just not my type.
  6. Purplez(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Ghostdog(OD) promo

    I've spent several hours talking with everyone involved in this controversial situation both on TS, in private messages, in the D2 officer's thread, and individually. Bottom line, Clan OD is based on respect. No matter how much work you do for the Clan, unless you treat each other with respect, all the work you do is nullified. This is supposed to be a fun filled community where people get to enjoy gaming with like minded individuals. Are you going to personally like everyone? No. But our common goal should be the uniting factor. I now understand that the enlisted members who negative voted saw and valued GhostDog's work on behalf of the Clan. Their issues were strictly with his demeanor and attitude toward them on TS. From the comments by GhostDog on Chkwng's pending promotion we now see that GhostDog has experienced the same type of demeanor and attitude. I wasn't present for any of these behaviors, I can only comment on what has been posted or told to me. With a community of this size, conflicts are going to arise. In reading conflict resolution solutions on the internet, this blurb seems totally appropriate in this situation. As members of a welcoming and inclusive community we all: value diversity and recognise that different people bring different perspectives, ideas, knowledge and culture and that this difference brings great strength; treat each other with courtesy and respect, challenge inequalities, and anticipate and respond positively to different needs and circumstances; respect the rights of individuals to hold different beliefs and views and to express them through appropriate contribution to discussion and academic debate; respect confidentiality and only use information we have been given for the legitimate purposes for which it is provided; communicate with each other in ways that are clear, relevant, respectful, accurate and timely, and exemplified by transparency and constructive dialogue.
  7. Purplez(OD)

    LLD Level 30 Tournament. Round 2

    I posted it!
  8. Purplez(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    Glad you are enjoying it and you are RIGHT I already did ask that one my bad lol Geeze had a brain explosion there. So here's another one. Is intelligence or wisdom more useful?
  9. Purplez(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    My two questions would be, what makes you who you are and secondly what is the most embarassing situation you've ever been in and what was the end result lol I often wonder as well why gossip and drama are so prevalent in our society today. Life is hard enough without having situations arise at work that cause hardship for no reason. Maybe it's the field I'm in, but it is disheartening at times.
  10. Purplez(OD)

    Skribbzz hc contest sept30-oct31

    Also, don't forget that MineNotYour(OD) aka Sled aka Brian has set up a clan mule for hc members. There is no inventory, but useful items are on there for those that want one of us to go through the mules with them.
  11. Purplez(OD)

    LLD Level 30 Tournament. Round 2

    Awesome! I so love tournaments and contests. It keeps the interest alive. Slum do you have the ability to post this on the front page of overdosed.net or would you like me or one of the other officers to?
  12. Purplez(OD)

    GhostDog's Halloween Contest, Part 2

    Ooopsey thanks for catching that! I edited it.
  13. Purplez(OD)

    hello everyone

    Hi Scooter and welcome to a fun filled community. If I can help on D2, just give me a whisper on Purplez(OD). Here's a couple of links that will help you find your way around. http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65260-overdosed-the-guide-to-everything/ http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/67285-guide-to-a-classic-rush-crush/
  14. GHOSTDOG'S HALLOWEEN CONTEST PART2 GhostDog liked the other Halloween contest so much he wants to sponsor another one. He will try to participate, but if he wins, of course, he won't take the prize, it will drop down to the next person. Date: Saturday, October 20, 2018, 6 pm PST or 9 pm EST Time/Place: Channel OD Event, be on time or you lose out Only necromancers will be allowed! We duel in the burial grounds which will not be cleared so you’ll have to watch out for the monsters as well as the other duelers! PRIZES: 1. One Arachnid Spider belt (SCL) will be awarded to each entrant (donated by DBZ). 2. 50 fg awarded to the most creative Halloween themed character name to be judged by Purplez! 3. First place WINZ 600 fg , Second place WINZ 350. If there are more than 8 people who enter, there will be two games. First and second place will be determined by the final duel of each game. Otherwise, the winner is the last necro standing, with second place going to the second to last necro standing. RULES: 1. You must make a brand new OD tagged HCL necro and be in Channel OD Event ON TIME, 2. You have 45 minutes from the start of the game to level up to level 9. Once you get to level 9, you wait in town. 3. If you die while leveling, you are out of the contest. 4. No leaving the game except for disconnections otherwise you are disqualified. 5. No dirty tps, remember you are a member of Clan OD and are expected to be well mannered. 6. You cannot use summoning skill. You must stay out of the burial grounds where the dueling will take place. 7. Once everybody in your game is level 9, you have 5 minutes to buy gear/mana pots before the dueling begins. 8. We will duel amongst the dead and Raven in the burial ground. You cannot leave that area. FREE FOR ALL PVP. 9. No healing pots during duels, but can use during leveling. 10. Your entry character cannot bring anything on it to the game. Depending on the number of members who sign up to participate, we will hold separate games at the same time. Monitors will be assigned to each game if necessary.
  15. Purplez(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    I hope everybody is enjoying these conversations as much as I am. You get such insights reading the answers that people provide, so I thank all of you who are responding. What two questions would you ask to get the most information about who a person truly is?