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  1. Purplez(OD)

    hello everyone

    Hi Scooter and welcome to a fun filled community. If I can help on D2, just give me a whisper on Purplez(OD). Here's a couple of links that will help you find your way around. http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65260-overdosed-the-guide-to-everything/ http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/67285-guide-to-a-classic-rush-crush/
  2. GHOSTDOG'S HALLOWEEN CONTEST PART2 GhostDog liked the other Halloween contest so much he wants to sponsor another one. He will try to participate, but if he wins, of course, he won't take the prize, it will drop down to the next person. Date: Saturday, October 20, 2018, 6 pm PST or 9 pm PST Time/Place: Channel OD Event, be on time or you lose out Only necromancers will be allowed! We duel in the burial grounds which will not be cleared so you’ll have to watch out for the monsters as well as the other duelers! PRIZES: 1. One Arachnid Spider belt (SCL) will be awarded to each entrant (donated by DBZ). 2. 50 fg awarded to the most creative Halloween themed character name to be judged by Purplez! 3. First place WINZ 600 fg , Second place WINZ 350. If there are more than 8 people who enter, there will be two games. First and second place will be determined by the final duel of each game. Otherwise, the winner is the last necro standing, with second place going to the second to last necro standing. RULES: 1. You must make a brand new OD tagged HCL necro and be in Channel OD Event ON TIME, 2. You have 45 minutes from the start of the game to level up to level 9. Once you get to level 9, you wait in town. 3. If you die while leveling, you are out of the contest. 4. No leaving the game except for disconnections otherwise you are disqualified. 5. No dirty tps, remember you are a member of Clan OD and are expected to be well mannered. 6. You cannot use summoning skill. You must stay out of the burial grounds where the dueling will take place. 7. Once everybody in your game is level 9, you have 5 minutes to buy gear/mana pots before the dueling begins. 8. We will duel amongst the dead and Raven in the burial ground. You cannot leave that area. FREE FOR ALL PVP. 9. No healing pots during duels, but can use during leveling. 10. Your entry character cannot bring anything on it to the game. Depending on the number of members who sign up to participate, we will hold separate games at the same time. Monitors will be assigned to each game if necessary.
  3. Purplez(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    I hope everybody is enjoying these conversations as much as I am. You get such insights reading the answers that people provide, so I thank all of you who are responding. What two questions would you ask to get the most information about who a person truly is?
  4. Purplez(OD)

    Short absence from game.

    I am so sorry to hear of the hurricane loss you suffered. Thank goodness you are ok! I hope your power gets turned back on soon. Just be safe. If at all possible, there is an inactive member request on overdosed.net at https://www.overdosed.net/index.php?view=InactiveRequests Hopefully, you can navigate that from your phone! Thanks for keeping us updated.
  5. Purplez(OD)

    Winners - October 2018 Awards

    Clan OD is the longest standing Clan because of it's members and their contributions to keeping Clan OD great. Without the members and their contributions we wouldn't have this fun filled community to game in. A huge thank you to ALL of you who helped nominate and vote on these deserving members! I present to you, the winners of October 2018 Clan Awards. Congratulations to all the winners. AND since laughter makes our lives so much better, the final award goes to the Member Who Makes Us Laugh the Most The next Clan Awards nominations will begin in January 2019. If there is a new category you would like me to include in the awards, please private message me your suggestions!
  6. Purplez(OD)

    Song of the Day by Everix(OD)

    Ode to Betsy and Life Goes on were pretty good, not really my taste, but I could listen to them. Didn't care for Marked for Death.
  7. Purplez(OD)

    Mr_kons tournament !!

    Gratz Moist! And thank you Mr_kon for the contest!
  8. Purplez(OD)

    Purple's Halloween Contest, Saturday, 10/13

    Thanks Nymathin. I'm smooches on jsp hehe
  9. Purplez(OD)

    Purple's Halloween Contest, Saturday, 10/13

    Awesome turnout! We had 13 people join. Winner: Rich(OD) fg sent If you haven't picked up your spider belts, just give me a whisper on Purplez(OD) and I'll hook you up. Most creative name winner goes to: OD-Spooky by Anxious(OD). Please send me your JSP name for the 50 fg prize. A huge thank you to all who participated. GhostDog has donated 1,000 fg for the next contest like this one, so stay tuned for the next one!
  10. Purplez(OD)

    Purple's Halloween Contest, Saturday, 10/13

    Ready and we'll be in OD Event channel at 6 pm PST
  11. Purplez(OD)

    Purple's Halloween Contest, Saturday, 10/13

    Yay the more the merrier! It's at 6 p.m. PST or 9 p.m. EST
  12. Purplez(OD)

    My ohm + vex for ur beast

    Might want to identify if it is SCL or HCL or NL?
  13. Purplez(OD)

    Happy to join

    Hi there and welcome! You've joined a fun community full of many members to play with or help in anyway that they can. If i can help, just whisper me on Purplez(OD).
  14. Purplez(OD)

    Things that make you go hmmmmm

    I agree with that Brian. Body language adds so much to a conversation into being able to understand and not misunderstand what somebody is trying to convey. Too often people will write something either here on the forums or in a p.m. that they think is conveying their intent but it actually can it be misconstrued.
  15. Purplez(OD)


    Poems always make me feel good to thank you for sharing.