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  1. Hello, everyone ;)

    Hi there Kekedin and welcome to Clan OD. You'll find it is a very fun community. I'm always happy to help when I'm on just five me a whisper. Here's a couple of links to help you get around on the forum. http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/65260-overdosed-the-guide-to-everything/ http://forum.overdosed.net/topic/66572-crush-suggestion/
  2. BadHands FlashFiction Contest hosted by Purplez

    Woot woot, all prizes paid out. Thanks again everybody, we'll do this again. Ray read them all again on TS, mooooooooos and all lol
  3. BadHands FlashFiction Contest hosted by Purplez

    Wonderful entries by: @Ray(OD), @kappa, @midnight, @nymathin, and @ghostdog! Thank you all so very much for participating. I was very happy to host this for @badhands. The winner is: @ghostdog(OD) for 1,100 fg in prizes please provide me with your jsp name to pass out the fg. Badhands and I would like to award all the entrants 100 fg each for their entries. So Ray, kappa, midnight, nymathin please give me your JSP account names. Again Thank you all. I look forward to hearing Ray read these stories on TS. That was so much fun last time.
  4. May 22 DII Ironman Tournament

    Geeze I read it wrong lol Yes Tuesday works for me! Is that the fire ball thing like the druid bowling one? If so, yep, that works.
  5. 6 Minutes To Midnight / Pvpx6 Vs Midnight(OD)

    That's why I didn't join. My one dueling character is over level 90 lol Best of luck to the participants though!
  6. Community Meeting 4/7/2018 8 PM CST

    I'd love to attend one since I missed the last one. I also never was able to get a hold of a recording. :(
  7. May 22 DII Ironman Tournament

    Sounds like a fun contest for a Wednesday! I'd like to join and I'll be adding to your prize list as soon as I hear back from Ray! Ingame Account: Purplez(OD) Character Class: Druid Character Build: fire balls LOLZ Don't forget to put up a news post on the front page! @PoPs(OD) was kind enough to program the channel bot to advertise Badhands and Ocelot's contest, so ask him if he will advertise yours!
  8. BadHands FlashFiction Contest hosted by Purplez

    Great job GhostDog!!! I agree Julie reading these stories is so much fun. I am anticipating listening to Ray read him with his accepts and everything lol
  9. BadHands FlashFiction Contest hosted by Purplez

    *Rawr rawr* Just like a purple monster! All us Odiademians just want to make @Sassy happy and who better than our resident nut job @Ray(OD). Excellent story Nymathin, savior of the land of OD! P.S. You forgot to stick a tiny *moo* in there so when Ray reads it out loud in his deadpan voice on TS we get all hysterical with laughter LOL I mean why do you have to put commas in big numbers anyway or always use your teleport ability? It's good to just stroll along in the game right?
  10. Anime Central

    All those great smiles! Gratz it looks like a fun time.
  11. Free HCL Items NOW

    Hi everybody in HCL! @MooMoo(OD) gave me about four (4) characters of HCL stuff. Items include runes, gems, essences, charms, jewels, D2 equipment. A ton of stuff. Since I don't play HCL, I don't want it to go to waste. So if you want to some of this stuff just give me a pm and we'll set something up! Also, Aaron, aka Moomoo loves the color teal. So give him a whisper at *moomoo(OD) and tell him you love teal. It will make me laugh and bug him, but hey it's all in good fun! He'll probably never see this post so he'll be wondering why everybody is telling him they love TEAL. rofl
  12. Favorite Quotes

    "gmta" Great minds think alike!
  13. Ever had such a vivid nightmare ...

    Heck yes! *shudders* Wouldn't even notice the color I'd be so busy screaming my head off lol
  14. Blizzard outage on 5/22/18

    1 day ago (Edited) Hi All, We will be upgrading the classic servers on the 22nd. Expected downtime is around an hour. Specific Changes & Improvements New accounts will expire after 10 days instead of 2 to align with Diablo II character expiration Enforce account purge after 90 days inactivity (with 7 day grace period) Bug Fixes Fixed issues with clan service (Warcraft III) https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20764366307
  15. Herniated Disc?

    Ouch that sounds so painful not to mention scarey as hell to me, the airborne jump, LOL because I'm terrified of heights. I'll send warm thoughts your way for the surgery and the recovery! I hope it solves all the issues or you.