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  1. Purplez(OD) / smooches@jsp Is it Saturday or Sunday? You have Sunday but the date is Saturday lmao
  2. I definitely am NOT calling him Supreme Champion LMAO Gratz on a successful event Execution 🙂
  3. I respect your decision Frank, but I would like to suggest that you just take a break. You have been a valuable member of the officer and leadership of D2. Sometimes there is drama and feelings get hurt. In the end, you know that we all do our best which is all anybody can ask of us. I have and will continue to value your friendship and all that you have brought to the Clan. That's why, like I suggested to merica, take a break. Gather a new perspective, and realize that you are a valuable part of the Clan. ❤️
  4. This is always a favorite contest and exciting to watch the daily results. Way to go Sunset!
  5. Thanks to all that played, it was a fun contest. First place: MooMoo - 100 fg Second place: Froggie420 - beast
  6. Nice contest! I'll donate 100 fg toward the prize, what's your jsp? Do you have to duel on OD tagged accounts?
  7. Woot Nivek! You write an awesome introduction.
  8. Thanks for catching that Frostyloops! I've edited to reflect Saturday, March 16 at 5 pm EST>
  9. Well we have enough streamers, members who make videos, and members who take alot of screenshots. Perhaps if @MelodicRose(OD) or @v3n0m(OD) sent a clan wide pm to drum up interest or asked on TS or in channel for D2 member contributions, they would get some submission. You could start beating the bushes and make a "utube" squad haha I agree with Sunset, that anything that gets the Clan OD name out in the gaming world only benefits the clan. I know that Tris and Lindsey advertise Clan OD in their streaming with logos and such.
  10. At level 38 I think, in nightmare now and just moved into act 2. Fun group to play with.
  11. ROFL that made me laugh too!
  12. Have fun! That last thing people want to think about when on vacation is gaming. Just for informational purposes, there is an "inactive" or IA request on overdosed.net, under your console, administration, IA request. That way you don't DSL out when you are gone!
  13. Yay I can read it LOL That explains it, my theme is white ❤️
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