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    Tripped(OD) intro

    hah awesome sounds good man :D currently havin troubles with my sti atm though, ac compressor is takin a poo on me. whining like crazy sounds super charged now instead of turbo'ed xD
  2. Tripped(OD)

    Tripped(OD) intro

    Hey guys, i never got around to doing my intro when i joined but better late than never. So my names Justin, from Ohio and ive been playin d2 on and off since early 2000s. Just got back into it right before ladder and said fuck this im waiting for ladder reset so im not wasting my time. So i started a little late after the reset around December 16th. Im 26 years young and love pc gaming and workin on cars. I just bought a 2006 sti like 2 month ago and i love it :D. Havent had much free time to play some pc because of work and car stuff lol but now that work has slown down some i dont have to work much overtime and have a lot more time to play some d2. Back for a while and would love to meet some more of you guys and glad to be apart of the OD clan!