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  1. Free Clan Classic Rushes

    ty ty ty I've had like 18 chars rushed now! You guys ROCK!!!
  2. Back after 10 years

    Welcome back! It has been a pleasure gaming with you!
  3. Winter Awards 2018 Part 1

    Voted! Had to guess on a few, though...lolz God job to everyone that was nominated
  4. What's the best thing you've found so far?

    Gul rune so far...hey, wheres my "A" to change colors?
  5. Purple has invaded your forum!

    Congrats on getting 2 more votes than you needed Welcome aboard!!!
  6. Melrak(OD) is here

    Yeah, how do you do that? Mine just says "Active Level 01"
  7. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Happy Birthday, Jesus!!!
  8. Purple has invaded your forum!

    lolz....soooooooo FUN!!!
  9. Melrak(OD) is here

    Welcome! Sounds like you have a lot of fun! LOVE IT!!! Merry Christmas!
  10. Purple has invaded your forum!

    Welcome Purplez!! I'm Brit, you should see me around quite a bit...just joined myself like a week & a half ago. Merry Christmas!!
  11. Ghostfaced(OD) intro

    Such a lovely place. We're livin' it up...
  12. Tripped(OD) intro

  13. [RESOLVED]Trouble with password

    I think I pm'd you...lolz
  14. [RESOLVED]Trouble with password

    Hiyaz I am still having trouble logging onto site. That first pw reset worked, but now, nothing Help! Thanks, Brittney