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    dota 2, diablo 2 classic, lego and stuff.
  1. kimzera(OD)

    LOD cdkey

    o i got it thxx
  2. kimzera(OD)

    LOD cdkey

    anyone have a lod cd key to trade for fg?
  3. kimzera(OD)

    key banned?

    now im good i can log in again, thanks XD
  4. kimzera(OD)

    key banned?

    hi guys, my cd key just got disabled dont know why... its only me with this problem?
  5. kimzera(OD)

    new recruit

    ty all
  6. kimzera(OD)

    new recruit

    Hey im kim, male. ahaha i play d2 for a loong time, just wanna play d2 classic and have fun with u guys, i was 93 sorc once in classic.. no bots just hard lvling XD hope we lvl hard.