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  1. RickAstley(OD)

    Reset team

    Sorry ive been so Mia but im here for reset! did we ever get anything for classic? lol im assuming probably not but idk as i havent been here ><
  2. RickAstley(OD)

    We're here for you RickAstley!

    Thanks :P well im currently moving, so ill be in the twin cities area in Minnesota, and i dont have any college degree so at this point entry level stuff, ive always wanted to work with computers, but without a degree that most likely wont happen
  3. RickAstley(OD)

    CRush Suggestion

    Also <--- OfficerNaughty@jsp ill see a pm on jsp faster than i will on the forums/site but yes a great idea ive crushed a lot of people that have no idea how a crush works or what it is
  4. RickAstley(OD)

    Free Clan Classic Rushes

    Anything to help everyone around :P
  5. Im currently GN1 dont play that much, but i enjoy the game when i have people to enjoy it with me :P RickAstley is my Steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/rickastley1798/
  6. RickAstley(OD)

    New kid in town...

    it is not! but you should check out my new song from 2012 "Lights Out" im a saint
  7. RickAstley(OD)

    New kid in town...

    its definitely not crap, my song from 1987 is golden!
  8. RickAstley(OD)

    New kid in town...

    Just joined, i have been playing D2 on and off as we all do forever, no one ever quits this game.... we just take a break and come back. I wont complain ive been playing D2 for roughly 14 years. Looking forward to the reset tomorrow but then again i wont be able to play until thursday night cuz of work. Happy to have a family to play with though!