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    Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    how did you know my name.
  2. griswold(OD)

    Main Voice Communication Platform for Community

    I only like discord better because of the name. Lets all be fair and say we play in the name of discord and chaos. If OD chooses only the loyal will follow. dis·cord ˈdiskôrd/ noun 1. disagreement between people. a prosperous family who showed no signs of discord, or as POPS says...GET OFF MY LAWN
  3. griswold(OD)

    for all the Classic players!!!!

    I would be down but im already too invested in the scl reset
  4. griswold(OD)

    Griswold(OD) Why is it overdosed?

    You are correct Steve, it is mostly a matter of preference. D3 didn't do horrible in terms of graphics and toons but nonetheless I am way bigger of a fan of D2. My post wasn't meant to question the origin, but more to explain why I like the idea so much. "As in Why did I choose to join up?" Really do appreciate your welcoming words brother!
  5. griswold(OD)

    Griswold(OD) Why is it overdosed?

    Hey fellow clan members! I just wanted to post something so you all can get to know me and so we can start out by being totally awesome. Why is clan OD so tight for people playing Diablo 2? Previously all of my gaming was a solo event. Bot up until you get to a high enough level to actually start doing shit in the game. That experience drove me away from diablo for YEARS. With clan members starting teams and having open forum discussions the game feels like a new place. Weirdly sentimental attachments to old school gaming combined with a lack of excitement about D3 always bring me back here. With such a large community it feels like we should be doing something to get the game we all really want and deserve. While D3 pays homage to D2 and D1 in a lot of ways it just isn't the same game. We've been following blizzard for years, and they can't give us something truly exciting to play. SC2 is the best remake of a classic game, because it stayed true to the things that made the original gameplay amazing but invoked a new community of dedicated players. So what now. With D3 sucking eggs our only option is to bring back the vicious D2 community. Maybe, just maybe with enough support and good ideas we can influence blizzard to either remaster the game (professionally as opposed to some third party private bs) or show them where they went right and that in fact it was so right that we still play, for some of us more than 15 years after the release. Thanks for the recruit Boydbrooks(OD)