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    Duhhh Alien all of them, i have all of them
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    play D2, Costume Builder, last costume made Grid-Alien from Alien VS Predator, have plans on building a new Head to make it look more like the Original Alien, maybe a Functional Mouth

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  1. BayButcher(OD)

    Reset costume event

    nice pic of a Doggy in a costume,,,lol even tho mine Cannot be bought in a store or on E-bay or any store for that matter,,, its all hand Built with about 100 man hours to build all hand crafted, The head alone has 200+ sheet metal screws in it,,lol that is allot of Screwing,,,,lol,,, just saying,,,lol Congrats to Purplzz maybe ill make a Purple Alien,,,lol
  2. BayButcher(OD)

    Bit rusty

    aww i missed it,,,lol
  3. BayButcher(OD)

    Reset Team - Late Start

    hey Ray after reset i want to make a classic Sorc for rushing, i want to keep her in classic
  4. BayButcher(OD)

    Reset costume event

    Caution do not feed the Animals,,,lol
  5. BayButcher(OD)

    Halloween Costumes, made By Myself

    i have done so many costumes, starting with costumes that require Make-up, to Costume that require No make-up, some of them i have gone back and redone, new face, new head, tho my Alien costume will be 1 of those costumes i will keep redoing and adding more to it, i will redo Arms, and Tail, this year i made a new Head and re-did Chest Plate 1. me as a Cheerleader, with some make-up 2. me as Alice in Wonderland 3. me as Laura Ingalls 4. me as a cheerleader again 5. me as a Froggie Cheerleader 6 & 7. Sully -Alice in Wonderland 8. Sully- Alice in wonderland ( head Remade & new eyes ) 9 & 10. Teddy Bear Japan School Girl Uniform 11 & 12. My Monster from the movie "The Village " 13 & 14. my "The Village " Monster/ Head and Claws re-done 15 & 16. Grid Aliens, from Alien vs Predator 17 & 18 & 19. New Alien Head/ more Teeth/Chest Plate my The Village Monster and Alien costume have gotten First place the last the last 4 years at The skating rink and a Friends Annual Halloween Party just a note, the Alien Costume Monster has No Eyes, the first 1 i made 15 & 16 you can see where i can see from right above where the Teeth are, the Second 1 is in same place, 17 & 18 & 19 but it was made to look like the rest of the Head, the 3 Strips above Teeth are a Dark Welders Visor cut into strips to match Curvature of Alien Head, this year i did add a Battery Operated Fan in the back of Head , i just weighted the Hear to find out how much it weighs it is 9 pounds, i hope yall enjoy my Photos
  6. BayButcher(OD)

    [RESOLVED]Ghostdog(OD) promo

    i was told that i need to be more active in the Forum and in the Voting Process did i neg vote you, YES did i follow suit, NO after i have read the comments made, and i stand firm with my negative Vote You can not handle Constructive Criticism
  7. BayButcher(OD)

    How to take Screen Shots

    i never understood how to take a S/S using D2 files, but i have found another way, not sure how you do this with a Mac, but here how i do with my windows XP and Windows 7 First, find the screen shot you want Second, push PrtScn/SysRg or Print Screen, button on KeyBoard that button is above the numbers buttons Third, push the Windows button, be sure you in town so you dont Die while making your Screen shot. go to town,,lol you can do this without exiting the game Forth, after pushing the Windows button, click start icon, then open your PAINT tool and Paste your screen shot, after you edit/resize it, click Save as a ( J.peg ) Fifth, now you can share it as much as you want this is the easiest way i know without having to Download any program or go to a other site to change the Size, paint tool should already be in computer i hope this helps you make it easier, i still have problems Navigating my Computer, witch is why i dont like making a change to my computer
  8. BayButcher(OD)

    A purple keyboard!!!! OMGGGG lol

    so you like Purple,,,lol i like Pink, Purple, Black, Gray, and White,,, what is Pink Purple Black Gray and White ??? no guess ?? Go look up Muddy Girl Camo, i love this Camo so much i have a Rifle bag, Pistol bag, 1 sweatshirt, 1 Jacket, 3 x Shorts i made myself, yes i can Sew, also a Comforter Set for my bed, and 1 knife, oh and to top it all off a AR-15-22 rifle dipped in Muddy Girl Camo,,,lol
  9. BayButcher(OD)

    ISO Ohm or Lo

    i will try Kurast, so far last week i had found a sur, traded that got a ohm, a cham trade that got a vex pul,,,lol
  10. BayButcher(OD)

    ISO Ohm or Lo

    i am looking for a Ohm to roll into a Lo, i currently have Ohm Vex Pul, i have only been trying to upgrade runes to make a Lo for about 3 to 4 weeks now, im not finding much of anything of real Value,,, having no bot's to Follow isnt helping much,,,lol, the good news is after i get a Lo all the gear im wearing can go to the Next Chara ( Trap sin ),,,,lol any Help would be Greatly Appreciated
  11. BayButcher(OD)

    Recycling Character Name's plus a few new names

    sure go ahead and move, it is D2 related, i get confused on where i am suppose to post anything, not use to site yet now i feel dumb,,,lol, i looked past the OD clan posting area, and saw destiny, then Diablo 2 Area
  12. Hey Clan (OD) i dont know how many people Recycle there Char name's, but i bet it's allot,,,lol when starting a new Clan, you find out name's you think might be Cool or Funny name may already be taken, i went to Name my first Assassin on Clan and it was already Taken, imagine that (( OD-Die )), so i had to stop and thing, and remembered a name i heard from a Video So She got the Name OD-BadBadBunny, she is Double Bad,,,LMAO now i get to wait for some 1 to know where the name came from,,,lol My Account name if some dont know is from the TV show Dexter and not the Cartoon,,,lol My last account when i was in KoA was BayHarbrButcher, i did want a name but it is already taken Froggiee , but then again he is now one of my Best Friends
  13. BayButcher(OD)

    Super old School OD member hoping to return

    Welcome back, im new, but i am moving from Clan KoA to (OD)
  14. BayButcher(OD)

    Griswold(OD) Why is it overdosed?

    Diablo 3 can suck my Left $@&# ,,,lol,, the problem with D3 was they took out the Personalization and freedom you had in Diablo 2
  15. BayButcher(OD)

    Congratulations are in Order

    i just read this post , im glad you kicked Cancers butt, but Froggie is Right you can Quite Smoking, im going on 15 years on being on Anti-Depressants, i dont tell many people, back in 2001 i almost took my life, then i found Diablo 2 and i could go and play a game and Kill Monsters, and not get Arrested,,,lol a few years went by and i met this Cool dude in a Clan called KoA and a name of a item i like,,,, Frog's,, so i can say a Game and a Friendship Saved my Life,, anyway like i was saying you can Quite Smoking, my goal for the End of the Year is to also Quite Smoking, 38 years and i think i can do it this time,,, that and i see my Shrink on Monday im hoping he can give me a Scrip for a helper to take Edge Off <3