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    United States
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    Duhhh Alien all of them, i have all of them
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    Daft Punk
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    Lord of the Rings
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    Dexter, super hero movies

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    play D2, Costume Builder, last costume made Grid-Alien from Alien VS Predator, have plans on building a new Head to make it look more like the Original Alien, maybe a Functional Mouth
  1. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    PoPs(OD) thank you for adding me, but i dont think im ready to be on a team, i wont be able to start ladder until Wed morning, to be fair you can replace my name with some 1 else i like to play game but i also like to walk allot,,, am i just to old ?,,lol or is it old school ?
  2. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    im not sure that is for me :(
  3. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    i hate to ask, what is purpose of teams and what do i do as a team member, all this stuff in new to me i am a lil confused with it all,,lol
  4. Super old School OD member hoping to return

    Welcome back, im new, but i am moving from Clan KoA to (OD)
  5. Griswold(OD) Why is it overdosed?

    Diablo 3 can suck my Left $@&# ,,,lol,, the problem with D3 was they took out the Personalization and freedom you had in Diablo 2
  6. Congratulations are in Order

    i just read this post , im glad you kicked Cancers butt, but Froggie is Right you can Quite Smoking, im going on 15 years on being on Anti-Depressants, i dont tell many people, back in 2001 i almost took my life, then i found Diablo 2 and i could go and play a game and Kill Monsters, and not get Arrested,,,lol a few years went by and i met this Cool dude in a Clan called KoA and a name of a item i like,,,, Frog's,, so i can say a Game and a Friendship Saved my Life,, anyway like i was saying you can Quite Smoking, my goal for the End of the Year is to also Quite Smoking, 38 years and i think i can do it this time,,, that and i see my Shrink on Monday im hoping he can give me a Scrip for a helper to take Edge Off <3
  7. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to (OD)
  8. TeamSpeak Help!

    wow i must be really old im reading about Team Speak, i have never used or enable my Skype,,,lol i guess its that thing you talk into a headset with Mic and talk to people while playing a game,,,lol
  9. Hello Clan(OD)

    you know i will,,,lol
  10. Hello Clan(OD)

    Hello i am new to Clan(OD) i am a long time player of Diablo 2 since 2001, i only play Diablo 2 , i have not found another computer game i like,, i did play Diablo 3 for about 6 months and went back to Diablo 2, i am moving to Clan (OD) from Clan KoA, i have been a active KoA for more than 6 years, i think,, maybe longer,,lol, i went by account BayHarbrButcher, i usually play daily mostly in the evening and most mornings (Thur & Sat ) usually no play, after re-set ill be on everyday unless i get sick,,lol Forum posting are not my Strongest point, i have a D2JSP account i hardly ever use account there is TombRaider2008, i have 1 Buddy from KoA that is like a Real Brother to me, and long time Friend Froggie420(OD) and we both Like Frog's,,,lol i hope i can help People in Clan(OD), that is what we Did in KoA, i alway build a CS Jav Zon every season, last season i didnt get her last 2 parts :( ps, i play sc east Ladder