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  1. Another one(Intro)

    Hell ya man! Hope to see ya around the channel! Hop on teamspeak sometime and we'll see if we can upgrade some gear for ya
  2. Is Starcraft still a thing in OD?

    Diablo 2 is the bulk of OD members atm. The rest are spread out amongst league of legends, heroes of the storm, overwatch, star wars, and the community. On a side note, I'd love to play if you'd teach me how. I never played any of the starcrafts!
  3. Glad to be here

    Goodluck! Lmk if you need anything in game See ya around the channel!
  4. diablo 2 installer

    C//programs 86//diablo2?
  5. Generic Introduction

    See ya around the channel man!
  6. March Nominations!

    Nominations are closed now eh?
  7. Change in Diablo 3 Leadership

    Goodluck with your real life endeavours brotha
  8. CRush Suggestion

    Helps having a couple sorcs in game :P anytime man
  9. The new guy

    Welcome to the clan man, hope to see ya around the channel!
  10. Disco protects OD from the perils of pk'rs

    @Mj3(OD) I ear'd your fanboy and his pal tonight for ya brotha lmk if you want his ear <3
  11. I am the defender of the good Destroyer of the evil I am the one who knocks Thug lyfe is a hard lyfe It aint easy being sleezy Mess with the best get shot in the chest etc
  12. Monthly Trivia Competition

    Hey hey, just an update. Due to server side restrictions, its tough to have the trivia bot up without it being muted uber quick. So OD trivia will not be a thing in the backup channel for the foreseeable future (atleast from my end) If PoPs wants to keep it up from his end again feel free to, and I will pay out the monthly prizes. But its just so inconvenient :(
  13. R.I.P OD-Sitch

    Made him chicken ez-pz 1 nado Trash character who just hot tp pk's This isn't even on HC lmao, what a turd
  14. New member, i brought cake! :)

    Sup man! Glad to have ya in the clan. Looking forward to seeing ya around the channel, lmk if you need a classic rush to get an OD tagged char up and running!
  15. Starcraft Broodwar Night

    teach me papi