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  1. Resetting Elite Squad

    Looking forward to getting HC elite this season
  2. new recruit

    Hey man! See ya around the channel!
  3. Ladder Reset progress

    Worst reset of my life lmao
  4. Ladder Reset Teams Updated

    Looking forward to see how fast everyone goes!
  5. mouse?

    Price Range? Logitech m720 triathlon is decent and mid range priced
  6. New kid in town...

    Nice to meet ya man! See ya around the channel!
  7. End of Season Druid Bowling

    Congrats to Boydbrooks on the win.
  8. End of Season Druid Bowling

    Happening in 45mins
  9. End of Season Druid Bowling

    Happening tomorrow Last chance to sign up!
  10. Autumn Award Winners

    A little late, but I can make these tags for the winners :) If anyone is interested in having one made please shoot me a message
  11. Need a GFX hand?

    I like making text
  12. HCL Rules of Engagement & Screen Shots

    DBZ is king of PvP I'll get ya next season!
  13. End of Season Druid Bowling

    Tourney will be Sunday 2pm EST Should take about 1 hour. FG will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place ISO a few more people! Maybe winner can get the win a clan tournament medal??
  14. Is there where all the cool kids hang?

    Thanks friends All done the trial period and passed with flying colors Youre now stuck with me muahaha