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  1. If you guys love the "Hip-Hop Culture" I lived and breathe it everyday growing up as a kid in the 90's. Hip-Hop was from 1973-2006. Hip-Hop = High Infinite Power - Healing Our People Rap = Rhythm & Poetry My favorite Emcee's of All-Time & Duo...NaS & AZ. Nas "iLLmatic AZ "Doe or Die
  2. -emcee-

    Getting Kicked or Banned

    Well, i still have this problems...even though I'm safe added :(
  3. -emcee-

    New Member Clock(OD)

    Nice to meet you Sassy....sorry for late reply was at work lol :)
  4. -emcee-

    Getting Kicked or Banned

    Lol...ok, I understand now. At first I thought someone didn't like me...
  5. Ok, every time I come to the US@East Channel: Clan OD I'm able to sit and chat for awhile then its like, someone comes along and kicks me out or am I just not being supported due to being a SC: Remastered gamer?
  6. -emcee-

    New Member Clock(OD)

    Hello, everyone I'm Clock(OD) I joined overdosed back in 2001 my graduation year of high school when Chobo(OD) & Vanessa(OD) & etc were leaders of the clan. Back during those days we played a lot of broodwar which originally set the platform for the clan ( In my opinion ). However, I'm glad to be back gaming playing Starcraft and being in the Best Clan Ever Made!!! Starcraft: Remastered US@East sCvPrObEdRoNe
  7. -emcee-

    sc remastered

    Anyone playing Starcraft: Remastered I'm "scvprobedrone" on east
  8. Looking Foward to Join Clan (OD)

  9. I wish to join Clan (OD) Community, however; its hard to contact anyone and I can't register on the main page. Can someone please help me? 

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    2. DarkHelmet


      Try the pm icon in upper right of page if Type hasn’t already done so :)

    3. TypeReaL(OD)


      already fixed ^^

    4. DarkHelmet