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  1. Pillywínks(OD)

    Ossus Storyline

    once again i now have all the datacrons lol
  2. Pillywínks(OD)

    Ossus Storyline

    lol nvm i had to go to my ship's mission terminal and pick up the Ossus quest
  3. Pillywínks(OD)

    Ossus Storyline

    lol i asked cause the story line had not appeared like the knights storyline and i'm also stuck with a quest on iokath, makes me wonder if i need to finish that to get Ossus? i'm on the Empire side and no others ever comes on i assume you all play alliance?
  4. Pillywínks(OD)

    Ossus Storyline

    hey do i have to be a subscriber to do the Ossus storyline?
  5. Pillywínks(OD)

    Late Season Arrivals

    i would like to thank "Dagus" for helping me power level and get some paragon levels as well, you're awesome!
  6. Pillywínks(OD)

    Status Check For Remaining WoW Players

    with the W.o.W. part of the clan not even a thing anymore i'm at a lose as to where to post this inquiry, but i figured i'll try one last effort to find anyone still playing W.o.W., either from the old division/squad or just someone that still plays the game. i play on the "Ghostlands" Server as Horde and on the "Stormrage" Server as Alliance. i'm interested in running dungeons, old content for transmogs or achievements, mount runs or just in general helping each other with whatever needs done (quest, leveling etc.). if interested you can message me on the forums or in-game, my Battletag is "Demandred#1961".
  7. Pillywínks(OD)

    need guild on wow

    sry it's late i know but on discord or in game?
  8. Pillywínks(OD)

    need guild on wow

    yeah on ghostlands server horde and stormrage server for alliance
  9. Pillywínks(OD)

    need guild on wow

    yeah that new Silvermoon server guild doesn't answer anyone on the forums, i play on Ghostlands server
  10. Pillywínks(OD)

    Welcome to the Wow Squad

    i still play wow but on the Ghostlands server for the horde and Stormrage server for the alliance.
  11. Pillywínks(OD)


    come this tuesday on the "Ghostlands" server, i'll be taking those alliance scum to school. who all still play and on what server and faction?
  12. Pillywínks(OD)

    New And Returning Players!

    i've just invited my gf to both the imperial and republic guilds, Trebor and Råñd are her toon names, and she's in OD under the name Sudal
  13. well most are on the star Forge server lol that explains why i never see anyone on i play on the shadowlands server, i've been in the guild on the imperial side for a while.
  14. Pillywínks(OD)

    Revival of Community Meetings

    a public forum that is open to all opinions and a following willing to discuss any issue like mature adults is something anybody should be willing to get involved in, however, i have run into walls with this point having the opinion i voiced crapped on. the other person not willing to see any other opinion but the one that they tell you is right. i truly hope to see myself proven wrong about this and look forward to a fresh line of thinking.
  15. Pillywínks(OD)

    The Journey to Antorus Heroic

    calling me an idiot for using a macro was completely inappropriate, cause it was your opinion, not fact