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  1. NekTheSheep

    OD Movie Challenge!

    im actually feeling so bad about this :(
  2. NekTheSheep

    need guild on wow

    hey thats so mean, im just bad at keeping focused on stuff 😭
  3. NekTheSheep

    Concern over Sassy(OD)

    why is there always someone after my ass!!! smh 🤔
  4. NekTheSheep

    Welcome to the Wow Squad

    Thanks mate I'll do my best xD
  5. NekTheSheep

    Welcome to the Wow Squad

    Welcome to the WoW Squad of our Beloved Overdosed Gaming clan. Squad Leadership: Squad Leader : Nekrath (OD) In-Game Information For invites please poke meh. (heres my battle.tag: SkyIsHere#2838 and my discord is Nek Nek#2718 (more likely to reply on discord) but feel free to also poke me on the website ^-^) Guild Name : We are going for The Loveble Losers (up to debate) Server : Silvermoon Alliance/Horde : Horde Events: TBD If you feel interested in joining us do not be shy we will welcome you with open arms and hopefully we can have tons of fun while we leave our mark in azeroth! 😛
  6. NekTheSheep

    1v1 PvP tournament

    im betting on the healer has seen bellow those things are broken in pvp
  7. NekTheSheep

    1v1 PvP tournament

  8. NekTheSheep

    1v1 PvP tournament

    Omaia Mou Shindeiru!!
  9. NekTheSheep

    Battle.net User name list

    SkyIsHere#2838 add me and invite me anytime :D